Pach-Attack! - Are Nintendo’s Projections Serious?

Michael Pachter analyzes the possibility of Wii U reaching its sales expectations.

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yellowgerbil1658d ago

Nintendo will eventually go the route of sega. They lack the other departments of Sony and Ms to carry them through costly mistakes and failures.

jameson123451658d ago

Except, you know money. And efficient operation styles. Heck, they even made a profit off the gamecube, and we know how well that system sold.

jameson123451658d ago

Plus, they just had two of the highest selling consoles ever last generation. Sega had several failing consoles in a row and we almost bankrupt when they went third party.

Also, because of these other departments in Sony and Microsoft (which now aren't making near as much money for their companies as they used to) they actually have less leeway than Nintendo to make mistakes. If the playstation and xbox brands start costing them money, they have already been giving indications that they would cut them loose.

TheLastVoiceOFsanity1658d ago

were you even born before sega became a 3rd party developer?

yellowgerbil1658d ago

unlike you I've lived through Atari, magnavox, NeoGeo, and Sega all dying. As for the other replies, Nintendo is failing miserably, and have far less leeway than you are all giving them credit for. Where both Sony and MS have a good move into the future with other ventures (Vita Tv if released worldwide alone is enough to give sony a huge boost) Nintendo only has portable gaming to keep it afloat, and we all know portable gaming is going to be going the way of the dodo in a few short years. Why get a gameboy when you can get a Iphone or tablet, hell you can even emulate Nintendo games on them)

Chrischi19881657d ago

yeah, that is why Microsoft is already considering to sell the whole Xbox business. Really, maybe you guys should get your facts right. Microsoft is losing a lot of money and sony just started to get some, but Nintendo made money on everything, except the Wii U, for the time being, so maybe, do some thinking and research, before acting like a news snob.

BullyMangler1658d ago

lol Nintendo can afford to make mistakes < fact

but if sony is gonna be copying nintendo and call that "competition" maybe sony should stick to making appliances . (:

11eleven111658d ago

Check this out
To underestimate Nintendo is like underestimate The Beatles, or Michael Jordan, or the USS Enterprise.

fonger081658d ago

Seriously, look at Microsoft or Sony's gaming revenues then tell me who's more likely to go 3rd party. Nintendo will make money on the wii u faster than the Xbox one or the Ps4 both which stand to have losses per system sold. I mean I can't even tell you the last time the xbox gaming division posted a decent profit even with xbox live subscriptions. And Sony as a whole... well due to some favorable foreign exchange rates and the liquidation of some capital is the only way the company as whole has posted any significant profit in the 10 years or so. Nintendo has been doing this far far longer than sony or Microsoft, while the wii u isn't exactly a commercial success, it will be turning of profit soon.

yellowgerbil1657d ago

"The last six years have been terrible for Nintendo's (NASDAQOTH: NTDOY ) shareholders. After peaking in 2007 with a market cap near $85 billion, Nintendo has steadily collapsed and has now lost over 76% of its value over the last five years."

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weekev151658d ago

How much does this man get paid to spew this crap? I really hope WiiU takes off and Nintendo smash their projections. 3d world and the bundles that have been created look like helping.

Dunban671658d ago


do you think they will sell 9 million for their fiscal year ending March 2014?

they won t come close - How is what Pach is saying crap- his prediction is an easy one to make and correct. Iwata has not come w in a few million of hitting any of his own Wii /u sales predictions yet

R00bot1658d ago

I agree, 9 million probably isn't possible. 5-6 million is possible IMO considering Mario 3D World and it's apparently large marketing campaign.

We'll see if they get anywhere near that projection.

Dunban671658d ago

So you 6 (so far) guys that clicked disagree think Nintendo is going to sell 8.5 million Wii U's between now and the end of March 2014?

The 1st 1/2 of Nintendo s fiscal year (thru September) they sold 460,000+/- Wii u s

I wish there was a way to put money on that bet

I own a Wii u by the way- bought it at launch- my son is playing Lego Marvel Superhero's on it right now. I generally like the Wii U but am disappointed in Nintendo s effort to sell/market it, make games for it, get 3rd party support and generally making it better.

deafdani1658d ago

I think you misunderstood Nintendo's projections a bit. They're not aiming to sell 9 million Wii U's between now and the end of march, 2014. They're hoping to reach that number by then in LIFETIME sales (that is, including all the consoles they've sold since launch, which, to date, amounts to almost 4 million, I think).

The first thing is impossible. The second is not, although I still believe it to be very unlikely.

weekev151657d ago

I think selling 5 mil is a possibilty over the holiday season, however I agree its ambitious. There are more people I know buying a wiiu when 3d world than at launch last year (although I know my market research of 20-30 people isnt conclusive)

The biggest thing Nintendo could do is make mums and dads aware of WiiUs existence. Invade x factor adverts, the champions league and thanksgiving football in the US.

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bigbearsack1658d ago

Mario 3d party is going to boost the Wii U.

for we are many1658d ago

I wonder why Pachter and other "analysts" and fanboys do Not talk about this for example:

But what do you know?! It's just Nintendo and NOT one of those multi-trillion, monopolizing companies or those with media studios and news sites. They make their games internally and NOT just go throw endless money at 3rd party studios to get exclusive games or even Exclusive DLC.

RPGrinder1658d ago (Edited 1658d ago )

Nintendo will easily reach wii u and 3ds.

When was patcher right about nintendo?

and even if they dont who cares

FYI I love it how the questioner ignored the 3ds projections which are insanely high and reachable?

slant vs nintendo

andibandit1658d ago

and even if they dont who cares

I dunno, maybe the shareholders.....

RPGrinder1658d ago

Who know nothing about gaming

Dunban671658d ago

As an owner of a Wii U I care how many they sell- the worse the Wi U does the fewer 3rd party games we will get

The worse the Wii U does the less money Nintendo will invest in more games for it

The worse the Wii u does the less money Nintendo will invest in making improvements to the consoles software, to the W=E sop and to Mii Verse- So yes it does matter

One more thing- the worse the Wii U does the higher the chance Nintendo will one day be selling their games on ipads and the like- which I hope does not happen

JackieCruise691658d ago

Although their sales projections probably wont be met; Patcher needs to just shut up.

I think he gets a hard-on when the opportunity to shit on Nintendo arises.

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