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Submitted by Abriael 823d ago | image

Here’s an Uncomfortably Close Comparison Between the PS4′s DualShock 4 and the Xbox One Controller

With the outset of the new generation, the battle between the PS4 and the Xbox One camps has never been this harsh, but for once, let’s give a look to the two consoles, or at least their controllers, set into a loving platform-bridging embrace. (PS4, Xbox One)

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tdogchristy90  +   823d ago
From what I can see in the photos, the shape, length, and thickness/roundness of the handle portion is very similar. As someone who is switching to ps4 I'm happy to see such a similarity to my usual 360 control in the hand holding department. Anyone else see what I'm seeing there?
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Abriael  +   823d ago
Yeah, they're more similar than one would think in general shape.
AgentSmithPS4  +   823d ago
When viewed from the right angle one looks like a kid's toy and the other like an adult toy ;).
guitarded77  +   823d ago
I have a DS4 and an XBOX 360 controller. I think people migrating from 360 to PS4 will be happy with the DS4 controller. The triggers are like 360 triggers in feel, but wider and even more comfortable. The main grips are much bigger than the DS3's, and feel great for long play periods. However, my two gripes for the DS4 are I wished they had cut away a little more where player's index fingertips rest, and I do kinda miss the "start" and "select" buttons after all these years. Trivial things, but that's my opinion.
tanis_halfelven  +   823d ago
DS4 is much sleeker looking imo. the 6 days until i get my hands on one will feel like an eternity
inveni0  +   823d ago
Yeah, the PS4 controller is sooo similar to the 360 controller that I find myself sometimes reaching up for the left thumbstick.
Jeedai Infidel  +   823d ago
AgentSmithPS4, that's what all the rumble is for ;)
minimur12  +   823d ago
I prefer the matte plastic rather than the shiny one, dunno why.
mikeslemonade  +   823d ago
Matte finish in black is better looking. The glossy look looks better on lighter colors like white.


I rest my index fingers on the triggers when I play since most games the triggers are used for more twitch and primary movements.

If you are familiar with the 360 games they usually make the triggers the primary buttons and the bumpers are secondary. However on PS3 the R1 and R2 buttons evenly distributed between games.

Because the triggers are better this time around for PS4 then the triggers will be used a lot more in games. And could those triggers on the PS4 be the most realistic "trigger" to a gun too any console to date!?
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UltimateMaster  +   822d ago
Fanboys will still disagree! lol.
Snookies12  +   823d ago
Quite similar indeed. I'm cool with it, looks like a great controller shape overall for both. I can't fully judge until I've handled both myself though.
Abriael  +   823d ago
I did. Though I have to say they "feel" quite different. It's not even the position of the sticks. I've become a natural at switching by now lol. I believe it's more a matter of materials though, more than shape.
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Lwhit6  +   823d ago
I have handled both myself and I can honestly say that the DS4 destroys the 360 controller. It lays naturally in your hands and the buttons are crisp and the triggers and sticks are silky smooth.
Another thing I noticed is when you pull any trigger or push any button, your hands (my hands are large) are situated in a position perfectly to counterbalance or counteract the pressure securing the controllers position and preventing it from moving when force is applied to the button.

The way you grip the DS4 also leaves your whole thumb free allowing for greater range of motion (more comfortable range of motion too).
LOVED the controller. (Played with it on my PC for a week before returning it)
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DOMination-  +   823d ago
Why did you return it if it was so great? Did the sticks break?
moparful99  +   823d ago
The Dualshock 4 has a very natural feel to it. It's definitely the best controller Sony has ever made from a tactile perspective.
Abriael  +   823d ago
Agreed, and the material of the bottom really feel awesome. It's grippy but feels really really pleasant.
Boody-Bandit  +   823d ago
I have a DS4. Been using it the past week on my PS3 and PC. It feels a lot different now with the widen grips, material on the back and around the grips, thumb sticks are shorter, have more tension and concaved design feels so much better. The triggers are fantastic as well.

Overall I'm very impressed with the DS4. Sony knocked it out of the park with these changes. I can't wait to use it with an actual PS4 game.
5 days to go!

As far as MS controller to the DS4. I don't think you will miss a beat making the transition. I preferred the 360 controller to the DS3. Now I prefer the DS4 over all the others.
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Nodoze  +   823d ago
You can use DS4 with PS3??
Yo Mama  +   823d ago
Yes, you sure can. Some games controls may not be supported 100%, though most are.
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andibandit  +   822d ago
Subjective, true, subjective, subjective, subjective and subjective
N8  +   823d ago
You can buy the ps4 controller now. I love it.
RyuCloudStrife  +   823d ago
I like that PS4 has more curves for the handles xbox controller looks flat
Trekster_Gamer  +   823d ago
The Xb1 controller is more comfortable, better designed, more features and beats the ps4 in just about every way!
Boody-Bandit  +   823d ago
Subjective, subjective, factually incorrect, subjective.
ratchet426  +   823d ago
Your personal opinion on comfort and design aside, how does the X1 controller have "more features" than the DS4? What features specifically does it have over the DS4, because I count the touchpad and share button as two features the X1 controller lacks.
n4rc  +   823d ago
Off the top of my head.. WiFi direct and rumble in the triggers.
ziggurcat  +   823d ago

how does a controller beat an entire system?

fanboy delusions at its best.
majedx9  +   823d ago
More features?? What ..AAA batt?
Baka-akaB  +   822d ago
Wifi direct is not a pad feature in the way we usually mean ... it's just another way for the console of using the controller wireless . Wifi direct will be a real avantage for other things ... but lt's not pretend it's something magical for our current and future pads

Other than that it's touch/share combo vs trigger rumble . Both should just have add all three imo , but that's life
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Playstationologist  +   822d ago
Damn son, you getting your bubbles assassinated
caperjim  +   823d ago
You wont be disappointed with the DS4 controller. I use to hate the Sony controller. It was too small and the sticks sucked. I've been using the DS4 gamepad for a week and love it! It feels natural like there is nothing in your hands.
Mosiac77  +   823d ago
I got the DS4 And I'm in love with it. I hope the xbox one controller is as good. To tell you the truth I think the xbox one controller's triggers seems cheaply made, but I hope I'm wrong.
Tzuno  +   823d ago
well in the end they realized that the ms one is the best and they designed their close to the ms one.
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boneso82  +   822d ago
What about the people switching from a DS3 to Xbox controller... Oh, wait...
Visiblemarc  +   822d ago
One major improvement in the triggers of the DS4, right away, is that while they have a better curvature, like the 360, they also have more width and comfort. They avoid that thing where the 360 triggers can kind of pinch your skin in the space between the trigger and the body opening of the controller. Not sure if they fixed this for xb1.
r1sh12  +   822d ago
yea.. I reckon whats actually happened here, is both MS and Sony have seen what gamers like about the controllers - tried to emulate that without infringing patents hence the similarity in looks.
Whats on the inside is another story.

I do really like the look of the xbox controller though (Excluding the AAA battery nonsense).
theDivision  +   822d ago
As someone who is also switching from 360 to PS4 I also agree am glad to know the feel will be similar. I also am excited to see what can be done with the touchpad.
moparful99  +   823d ago
Both look to be very well made and designed controllers.. I had the luxury of holding a new Dualshock 4 this week and I must say it felt incredible. Cannot wait to use one during actual gameplay.

Haven't held an X1 controller yet so no opinion there.
Kayant  +   823d ago
Wow I never realised the triggers on the XB1 controller were so chunky & wide i don't know if I would like that personally. Also I think I would prefer the textured grip on the DS4's back.

Anyways hope to try both of them out sometime to fully judge them. Both look incredible and great improvements over their predecessors.
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GarrusVakarian  +   823d ago
I never noticed that either....why the F are the X1 triggers shaped so weird? Its like they are the same as the 360 shape but with a slope going outward from the part you press. Doesn't look comfortable at all.
Abriael  +   823d ago
It's the fact that they have rumble motors inside. I think they're already as miniaturized as it's humanly possible. They do feel good though, lots of space to grip.

What I don't like much, on the other hand, are the bumpers.
ZBlacktt  +   823d ago
DS4 is a complete and total overhaul. So it will be a whole new experience for the gamers. I loved everything about it when I used it.
rezzah  +   823d ago
I like the design of the shoulder buttons on the DS4 over the Xbox1 controller.

I can't really perceive the amount of control for both analogs but the design of the edges for the xbox1 controller is better. Gives a better grip for edge pushing.
Funantic1  +   823d ago
I held the PS4 controller myself and it feels almost just like the PS3 controller. It's still not better than the 360 controller. The DS4 does have better handles than the DS3. Other than that you won't feel any other difference. I know because the PS4 station and PS3 station were set up right beside each other. I was going back and forth comparing both controllers. There's very little difference. The analog sticks are in the same position. They say they improved the stick's resistance but I couldn't tell. Most of the differences are in the appearance of the DS4 like the blue light, touchpad, and mini speaker. They still want to be as good as the 360 controller heh? Not yet. Maybe on the PS5. And I seriously doubt the DS4 will be able to touch the X1 controller.....seriously. :-|
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Kayant  +   823d ago
Yet every single impression of the DS4 from everyone else disagrees with you I wonder why....
BattleTorn  +   822d ago
Correction, everyone has said the DS4 is the most improved.

I've played with both. And TBH the symmetrical thumbsticks still felt like a strain on my left thumb
Kayant  +   822d ago
I only said what I did because Funantic1 is a crazed fanboy.

If you prefer the non-symmetrical layout of the XB1 controller then great. I personally don't care what layout the analogs are as long as the controller is comfortable/triggers work well & it looks to be fixed with DS4 with it being larger & having wider spacing/lower analogs sticks.
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DigitalRaptor  +   823d ago
It's weird how your impressions of the DS4 are the polar opposite of pretty much all other previews and hands-on impressions. Or maybe it's not weird, considering you comment history.

You are about as credible as the NSA telling you they don't spy on people.
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Nocando  +   823d ago
So I guess you will dictate what he likes or dislikes? Typical....
DigitalRaptor  +   823d ago
Ah, of course Nocando, if you weren't such an apologist fanboy of the XB1, you would have done your research to know that what he is stating about the DualShock 4 is lie, after lie, after lie. The makeup of a controller is not down to opinion when it comes to ergonomics, form factor and function.

What is typical that you jump on the fanboy accusation bandwagon to downplay the fact that your friend here is telling fibs about the controller he claims he has used.
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strickers  +   823d ago
Utter bollocks.
Hicken  +   823d ago
That's nice, dear. Now go out and play in traffic.
Supermax  +   823d ago
Looks good to me I'm sure I will have no problem using them both.
fattyuk  +   823d ago
amazin how the ps4 controller actually looks next gen, with next gen features

whilst the Xbox control just looks like a fancy xbox360 controller.... that still requires battery's!!!!!
Septic  +   823d ago
DeeJayQc  +   823d ago
For me, It's à good thing... I prefer using NIMH batteries... They last longer and I always have spares on my charger ready to fire. I never have to plug my controler! Having to use AA batteries is a plus for me!
BattleTorn  +   822d ago
I couldn't disagree more.

I feel as though the X1 controller actually feels next-gen, with the significant change in feedback from the runner triggers.

Where as with the DS4, the biggest difference being the size and grip, IMO were in fact long over due.
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bornsinner  +   823d ago
that annoying blue light... sure gonna cause glare issues on tv.. the worst thing is that light is totally pointless without ps cam
Abriael  +   823d ago
It's tilted down. It does not cause any issue unless you're standing right in front of the TV.
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mixelon  +   823d ago
He makes a decent point though, the glowing Move orb often reflected quite visibly. Never caused me any problems though.
Mister_G  +   823d ago
Duct tape? ;)
mixelon  +   823d ago
Two incredible looking controllers. (Before they were revealed) I was slightly worried they'd rest on their laurels and barely change anything - maybe even use the same controllers again.. Its great to see signs of evolution in every element of both controllers.

Dem bumpers on the x1 controller. How weird are they?!

The phallic handle-nubs on the ps4 side are also weird . Both controllers took a lot more risks than i'd expected tbh.
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bornsinner  +   823d ago
ye the bumbers on xbone controllers are more responsive being thicker, quicker to tap, certainly will help with shooters when trying to shoot first
Sadist3  +   823d ago
The DS4 feels way better the the DS3, but I wouldn't necessarily say it's better than the 360. They feel about the same level of comfort. It did make a big difference playing Arkham Origins, though.
Hartsy  +   823d ago
There two side of the same coin
ajax17  +   823d ago
symmetry ftw!
CaddyLss  +   823d ago
Does anyone know if the DS4 can play on the PS3 via bluetooth?
Shakengandulf  +   822d ago
As far as i know, no.. You need the cable attached.
level 360  +   823d ago
My instant reaction when I held the XBox One control pad is the feeling of flatness straightaway. There are no contours on the outer edge like the 360's.

Believe the Sony DS4 is better with the XBox One more evolutionary.

Also the need for batteries ( *again ) for the XBox One is a big lapse I think.
GoodnessGreatness  +   823d ago
Already tried both and DS4 is better and more comfortable. The Xbox 1 controller is good too, but the D-pad still isn't that good and not as comfortable to play with.
SynestheticRoar  +   823d ago
I will compare at my friend's house. He is the anti-me. I will buy PS4, hes getting X1. I have Andriod, he has I-pad. I have Samsung TV, he has Panasonic. He comes up short on every occasion.
#17 (Edited 823d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Rattlehead20  +   823d ago
Considering Panasonic probably make the best TVs out there, espcially plasma. ;)
jc48573  +   823d ago
i'm having a hard time understanding the triggers for the xboxone. They look kinda big.
BattleTorn  +   822d ago
Have you felt them push back with the rumble yet?

Not to sound cliche - but my thought exactly were "whoa - that's next gen"
jc48573  +   822d ago
the trigger buttons kinda remind of sega controllers.
Mogwai  +   823d ago
DS4 controller is refind and smart looking, very japanese.
Xbone controller is big and dumb looking, very american.
DivineAssault  +   823d ago
The look, feel, & features of DS4 are btr to me.. xb1 controllers look basic
thatgamereviews  +   823d ago
I prefer the 360 controller to the PS3 Dualshock by a mile, however when looking at these photos the DS4 looks much more comfortable than the Xbox One controller. Maybe it's just me? Also it's much more original than the XBOne controller.
BattleTorn  +   822d ago
I think one of the biggest, most understated, achievements of the DS4 is it's finally the BIGGER ONE
Mohlest   823d ago | Spam
llMurcielagoll  +   823d ago
I have not got my hands on a DualShock 4 as of yet but I can say now that, I really loved the Xbone triggers and its pulse functionality when I attended the XboxOneTour in London.
NiteX  +   822d ago
The DS4 looks far more durable. The seems are tighter, the triggers finally look better than the Xbox's controller, and the fact that it looks more slim just looks nicer on the eyes. I never did care for that fat Xbox 1 look. Only thing I don't like about the DS4 is that stupid ugly pointless touch pad.
Ace_Pheonix  +   822d ago
Pointless? It's already acting as 5 additional buttons in KZ:SF. The user inputs are infinite with it. I'm sure it will see great uses.
wild101gab  +   822d ago
Let's all just agree that they are both great controllers and that we share an equal excitement for the next generation. No need to make smirk comments about one being "superior" to the other. Many of you are so pathetic with your closed minds. Just enjoy whatever one you are getting and just let others enjoy what they want. We want a constructive and united gaming community, not a negative polarized one.
MaximusPrime_  +   822d ago
just another 2 weeks before it gets released here in UK. I never seen PS4 or its controller in person.

I've seen pictures of them but dualshocker took one step closer.
The material on the base of PS4 controller is something i wasn't expecting. That's something i'd like to see.
Judging from above comments, it looks like Sony has made PS4 controller alot better and improved.
Looking forward to get my hand on it and the console too. I will be keeping PS3 active as some features will not be available at launch here eg Netflix and (i doubt it will happen) PlayTV.
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Grey-Huntsman  +   822d ago
I got an Xbox day one. I bought a 360 in the first 6 months. I'm committing the ultimate heresy and getting a PS4. I have handled both controllers and I like the One better, but not by a huge margin. The rumble in the triggers is nice but I am concerned about the battery draw. The PS4 bas more stiffness in their sticks than previously which is nice. Personally the dualshock felt a little floppy. Im interested in the possibility the touch surface adds. Either way I don't think a gamer can go wrong this gen.
BattleTorn  +   822d ago
While some could argue that a 'input' offers more innovation than a 'output'

IMO, I think the rumble triggers beat the touch pad - for best new feature - because they output from the triggers will be experiences more often than our seldom use of the pad.

As well as when we use the pad it's an isolated action, and by that I mean you cease everything else - while the rumble trigger are integrated into every bit of gameplay.

I also wonder whether SmartGlass can offer a similar experience to the touchpad
dunn7  +   822d ago
its like the Xbox One controller has the texture of the back of DualShock 4 controller on its thumb sticks
Picnic  +   822d ago
The Xbox One controller looks like a Cornish pasty that someone's taken a little bite out of and the triggers part looks like it's made out of a sex coat.

I've no objection to the console design itself but I think that their controllers are always designed mostly to appeal to fat hands and if you told me that a child had come up with the design for the XboxOne controller I could believe it in a second.
#29 (Edited 822d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
The_Perverted_Ninja  +   822d ago
love the shape and grip on those ps4 controllers :)
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