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Blizzard confirms Diablo III Doesn’t Support Remote Play On PS4

Matthew Berger talks Diablo 3 on PS4 and why it won't support Remote Play. (Diablo III, PS4)

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Snookies12  +   384d ago
Ahhhh, lame! Oh well, still a fun game...
abzdine  +   384d ago
yeah but doesn't every game support remote play by default?
kryteris  +   384d ago
maybe if it is digital only, then dont have to offer that. But I'm pretty damn sure they said every game will have remote play.
RedHawk02  +   384d ago
They said they will try their best to get every game to have remote play but it will ultimately be decided by the game developers.
0ut1awed  +   384d ago
It's supposedly the underlying code in PS4 games that supports remote play. So yea any game developed for the PS4 can support remote play natively.

Developers spending 10 minutes to make the second L & R bumpers usable via the rear touch pad is another story...

From my understanding that's the only reason why developers might "uncheck" the ability to have their game streamed. Unless it requires the Playstation camera of course.

Hopefully most developers won't be so lazy.
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Vitalogy  +   384d ago
I can't help to think that this might be the ps3 remote play thing all over again.

First they say "you'll be able to play via remote play" and then only a hand full (if so) will have.

I hope I'm wrong because I already ow a Vita and I would like to remote play my ps4 games.
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FamilyGuy  +   384d ago
All I'm seeing from this is hat it'll be difficult to play on the small vita screen.
Them "not supporting it" just means they aren't mapping the controls or enlarging the text.

Aren't you able to zoom in anyway while remote play via pinch/stretch on the touch screen?
dieforgame  +   384d ago
Ugh, that's lame. I don't really care about Diablo 3 in particular, but I was under the (apparently mistaken) impression that Vita remote play was a built-in feature of the PS4, and that it would be compatible with all games. To find that it's game specific is disappointing. :(

Even if graphic elements of D3 are too small to be feasible, I would have rather all games support the feature, and then it would be up to the gamer to decide whether or not it's actually playable.
805Junior805  +   384d ago
Remote play needs to be incorporated while the game is being developed. This game is a port and wouldn't support it. Sucks nonetheless
0ut1awed  +   384d ago
Nope. As I said in my comment above it has already been confirmed that ANY PS4 game has the capability of supporting remote play.

Lazy devs seems to currently be the only explainable excuse.
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TheDivine  +   383d ago
Sony said its a standard like trophies where EVERY game will support it. Either Sony lied or this guy is lying. I believe the dev with this one. And it doesn't need to be built into a game, you do it with the ps4 itself. Its basically streaming the game like the WiiU which patched in support for all wii games (see old games not built in). It doesn't or shouldn't matter if the dev wants to or not, if its standard it works with all games.

Sony is always over promising. Remote play was supposed to work with the ps3 and psp, hopefully this isn't a repeat. Not looking good though.
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black0o  +   383d ago
they said the game won't look great on small screen that's all - they cut out the vita on proposes-
Kayant  +   384d ago
“Not really. Not for the moment,” Berger said.

iirc they need remote play support to pass certification so it's not really a option.

majiebeast  +   384d ago
Yeah and it doesnt require any extra coding because its build into the PS4 they only need to give the control scheme thats it. Maybe they mean special features for remote play or something.
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Kayant  +   384d ago
Well he talks about the vita's screen being too small to effectively use your inventory.... I think they will have to add it in anyway. We will see when it launches.
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kryteris  +   384d ago
isnt the screen like 5inch and nearly 720p?
bjmartynhak  +   384d ago
I'm curious with what will happen with no support.

Will the remote play work, but there will be no button mapping for R2/L2, R3,L3?
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PlayStation_4  +   384d ago
just because he said "not for the moment" doesn't mean that it is coming, it could have been taken out of context.
GribbleGrunger  +   384d ago
This is odd. For it not to play on the Vita, Blizzard would have to actually stop it themselves because it's automatic. They would have to 'opt out' rather than 'opt in'. Let's see if there's a Vita version of Diablo 3 because if there is I think it's more to do with greed than any flimsy reason they give in this article.
RytGear  +   384d ago
I can understand that what is on the Vita screen will be too small to distinguish (ie. inventory) but surely this is something that should be up to the player? I will decide if I want to go blind playing or not.
DarkZane  +   384d ago
The only games it won't be possible to do remote play is the ones that use camera. I doubt Diablo III use it, so they'd have no choice but to put remote play.
sdozzo  +   384d ago
Wtf. All games were suppose to be remote. Watch how this will happen to more titles now.
chaosdemon09  +   384d ago
Freaking blizzard. Sony said for all publishers to have remote play. Blizzards new to the pack for sony so they figured haha we don't have to listen to sony? If I was Sony I'd tell blizzard do it again and you won't be working with us again period. Publishers while they work hard..always like to cut corners if possible. And remote play is a way to cut corners. Sony needs to nip this in the bud..before others follow.
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vallencer  +   384d ago
Why would they tell them that?? Because they don't want remote play? To be honest he's right. The screen would be entirely too small for the inventory and it's possible the controls might not handle it. The vita is missing 2 buttons from the ds4. Just because you can do remote play doesn't mean it's a good idea.
Half-Mafia  +   384d ago
I'm going to guess that Diablo 3 is coming to the Vita.
Detoxx  +   384d ago
Blizzard whyy, why you do dis?
Soldierone  +   384d ago
That just killed it for me then. The main reason I want a PS4 is for remote play.
alexkoepp  +   384d ago
Sounds like the PS180 is coming out next week, Sony can't get any of their stuff together. The Land of Overhype and Underdeliver continues it's legacy...
nikrel  +   384d ago

Please give some comparative examples with market standards to judge.

Sony seems to be over delivering compared to other consoles on the market imo.

I don't think sony ever claimed to run 120FPS.

TV's are not typically 120hz. SO for Sony to make a statement about 120fps is kinda far fetched.
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alexkoepp  +   384d ago
How about PS3 capable of 1080p120fps? Did that come anywhere near true?
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ipach  +   384d ago
hopes dashed... the single game i was most excited to remote play...
McErono  +   384d ago
calm down guys... its one man, maybe he doesn't even know that remoteplay is a built-in feature of the ps4.
airsick7  +   384d ago
It wouldn't shock me if this was due to a Vita version in the pipeline.
porkChop  +   384d ago
It's not an option, Blizzard. Remote Play on PS4 is MANDATORY unless your game requires the PS Eye or PS Move.
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stavrami  +   384d ago
this is and will be remote play it's mandatory only got to map buttons thats it .
stavrami  +   384d ago
in fact i wish these sites would stop posting what is and is not remote play .is wearing clothes to walk down the street news ?? no why because its mandatory unless you want to spend a day in the cell . remote play is on EVERY game unless it uses the camera or move. so stop trying to wind me up
ipach  +   384d ago
how does this apply for vita tv? lets hope they change their minds...
MasterChief3624  +   384d ago
Vita TV allows for gameplay from the PS Vita being displayed on a bigger television. So this has no bearing on that topic.

Unless you are talking about Blizzard giving the Vita the cold shoulder, and how that will negatively affect the Vita's exposure and acceptance in the West, guaranteeing even further that Vita TV will not be coming over here? :P
stavrami  +   384d ago
Vita tv also remotes ps4 games on to another tv in the house . So his version of remote play may well be just playing in a different room and has no intention of using vita
MasterChief3624  +   384d ago
Does Blizzard even know what Remote Play is?
Based on the way that interview is handled, I swear it seems Blizzard doesn't even know what Remote Play is nor how it works. They are treating it like the aspect ratio on Vita matters, or the power of the Vita matters... it's only a data stream, isn't it? It doesn't rely on the Vita to process stuff on its own?

And also, they claim the Vita has too small of a screen to play the game, but what about someone that has a small TV anyways? Some TVs you can still buy that would be compatible with the PS4 can get down to just over the size of a Vita screen...

I don't know. This just sounds stupid. Blizzard's not even trying.
Sadist3  +   384d ago
Maybe the developer didn't include remote play because they made TV's to play your PS4 games on.
nevin1  +   384d ago
People with Vitas that are buying PS4, test out every game for remote play.
Return_of_the_Mack  +   384d ago
Oh God no, please don't start this shit. This opens the door for ALL publishers to cop out to limit their development resources or just to be lazy.

Now I'm waiting for EA to confirm Fifa 14 won't support it so Vita owners have to buy the "legacy" aka "Fuck you" Vita edition.

Please Sony, PLEASE, mandate this.
kingPoS  +   383d ago
I'm not sure why, but I've got the feeling this was a choice.

Six months later.... Diablo 3.... on the VITA!

Gateway MT6706 2008
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