Nintendo pushing weight-loss games to women.

Nintendo's Wii gaming console introduced sedentary gamers to the idea of moving off the couch. Now Nintendo is coming out with the Wii Fit, an add-on to the gaming system designed to appeal to women looking to lose weight.

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Max Power3858d ago

nintendo is calling you fat

BrotherNick3858d ago

I think they're calling them not fit :D

JsonHenry3858d ago

I think they are trying to get their money... but I'm not a business man, so what do I know?

BrotherNick3858d ago

Sissies are people who put down others and hide under avatars.

Gam713858d ago

Brilliant comeback.

I actually laughed out loud.

BeNice3858d ago

if it includes you not so happy. I am being mean i know but i don't fell particularly apologetic to your kind anymore, I like console fanboys who are real gamers not the ones who just claim they are cos they play the games with blood and sex and swear words( because all that stuff just exudes maturity). I posted a reaply to another comment of yours on the nintendo rolling in the dough news.

iamtehpwn3857d ago

what a "horrible gaming future"

MailMan3858d ago

For male Ps3 gamers,this is GREAT NEWS,nothing like a FINE woman companion.

For male Xbot FILTH,this is IRRELEVANT,as they have CONFIRMED to PREFER OTHER males.

Jump OUT and Play B3YOND

Gam713858d ago

and that is why you have only one bubble


wiizy3858d ago

what weight loss games... wiifit is one game and it should be marketed to women as well as men.. women are gamers too at least nintendo knows that.

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The story is too old to be commented.