Battlefield 4, PS4/Vita Interconnectivity?

A lot of games for the Playstation 4 are being sent out already and that means that some players are picking up on some extra details that possibly have not been mentioned before? PS4 Interconnectivity being one of those? Could the PS4 get Commander Mode for BF4 finally?

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GentlemenRUs1591d ago (Edited 1591d ago )

Good isn't it!

I don't even have to be in the room to play my PS4 :P

DeadRabbits1591d ago

PS4, Vita & Me

I love a threesome!!!

kB01591d ago

can my ps3 join? You need me to upgrade some of your games to ps4 ones for 10$:D

Rockefellow1591d ago

Whoever wrote this needs to go back to elementary school and learn how to use question marks correctly. That's a headache to read.

BobBelcher1590d ago

re-read it after I saw this comment. Hilarious.

kidhero991590d ago

GameFAQs poll of the day today proves Sony was rigging the preorders and false hype