Nintendo to launch 'significant' TV campaign for Super Mario 3D World

A major TV campaign for Super Mario 3D World is being planned at Nintendo UK, it has been reported.

The publisher will be using TV adverts featuring the upcoming 3D platformer to promote both the game and Wii U hardware.

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PlayStation_41624d ago

It will need it. Seriously.

I really do hope the Wii U can perform very well this holiday, if anyone can pull off a good holiday it's gotta be Nintendo

Eonjay1624d ago

The game actually looks fun.

HighResHero1624d ago

I'm going to try this game. If it is a step back towards the classic Nintendo that I love and isn't full of hand-holding, I will start to consider the Wii U as a future purchase.

R00bot1624d ago

Mario games usually have less hand-holding than any other AAA games do.

mcstorm1624d ago

They should of been doing this for pikmin 3, wonderful101, sonic lost world and wind weaker too but its a step in the right direction for the big N as the wiiu is a very underrated console.