Senior Analysts Tell Nvidia to Sell Business to Someone Else

Senior Analysts from Evercore and Needham apparently told Nvidia to sell the business [Tegra] to someone else before they hurt the company further.

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HelpfulGamer1658d ago

Sell Nvidia to ARM.

If that happens, we'll probably see AMD vs ARM, to determine the chip for PS5.

codelyoko1657d ago

That would suck -.....- they are only talking about selling the tegra parts of nvidia not the whole.

deadfrag1657d ago (Edited 1657d ago )

They are not talking about selling Nvidia;the talk is to Nvidia to sell the Tegra development technology sector of the company. Arm and tegra will never get to the development power needed to go forward on new console technology if there ever going to be a new power on consoles or close systems will always be related to energy consumption,having the need of low power consumption will always put in risk what new tech can achieve before it burns.Tegra and Arm can only achive a certain degree of raw power before the chip burns and that raw power will never be enough for what we expect of new close systems like consoles 5 year from know.

kevnb1657d ago

Being in the consoles isn't really the big deal you think it is. Getting into devices like smartphones and tablets provide not only more sales but higher margins.

cyhm31121657d ago

Most analysts are incompetent, that's why they are still analysts and not CEO or even managers yet.

BBBirdistheWord1657d ago

I think you need to let Darkride66 know.
He still places a great deal of faith in analysts (when it suits his purpose).

pandehz1657d ago

Bahahaha must be an AMD employee

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