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Call of Duty: Ghosts Uses Recycled And Re-textured Maps

Eskimo Press: "The most popular Call of Duty: Ghosts map, Strikezone, is nothing more than Modern Warfare 3 map that has been re-textured and rotated. Does this warrant your attention?" (Call of Duty: Ghosts, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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TheEnigma313  +   379d ago
This is why the sales are dwindling.
Enemy  +   379d ago | Well said
Rightfully so.

Paying $60 for the same game you've been buying since 2007. Tsk tsk.
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4Sh0w  +   379d ago
Wow its not just this its a combination of things that just shows this game is the laziest installment of COD by far.

Reminds me how years ago Madden went down hill, yep looking at you EA.
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tanis_halfelven  +   379d ago
not only that, they will probably release ACTUAL maps from previous installments as dlc.

Dirtnapstor  +   379d ago
Agreed. Chaps my backside! I did notice some of the MP maps felt familiar... And now SP, similar to the previous installment controversy.
Explains the "same engine" crap.
wsoutlaw87  +   379d ago
Ya what the hell do they do for 2 years. 2 years should be more than enough time.
Mainsqueeze  +   379d ago
even though I could care less about this game, I dont know why this comes as a surprise to anyone. Its called being resourceful, pretty much any game or movie made now a-days does the same thing.
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tawak  +   379d ago
the is why few days after released they are giving it for trading ANY games at FutureShop, i got 1 yestereday after trading a game "Genji"..lolol
Hayder  +   379d ago
I agree Microsoft suck, PS4 for life!! Xbox can't even do 1080p at 60f.... oh it's not a "Microsoft bash" on N4G? Is it April 1st? I kid with love peeps.
I agree it's a lazy port from Activision but I think it's always the case when a new generation is looming. They have to hash together a game to suit both generations and they will always cut corners. Every game I'm getting for the PS4 and Xbox One are exclusives. All the others I'll play on my 360/PS3
Upbeat  +   379d ago
Where do I sign the petition?
itBourne  +   379d ago
Really? I dont think Activision's pocket books are hurting to much. This is why sales are dwindling? Its not the first time they have done this, didnt hurt the sales of previous games.

Sales are down for the same reason all other current gen sales are down, a new console cycle is coming lol.
TheEnigma313  +   379d ago
If it's because the new gen is coming explain gta v sales.
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JackBNimble  +   379d ago
GTA V is out now on current gen, and hasn't even been announced for next gen. That is the biggest reason GTAV has done so well at the end of this Gen, if it had been announced for next Gen aswell , I would be willing to bet that GTAV wouldn't have sold so many copies initially.
monkeyfox  +   379d ago
I don't think its because new gen is coming.. towards the end of a consoles cycle there is a huge installed user base. The reason for slight drop in interest is simply because it is getting stale.. period.
dennett316  +   379d ago
Why do you care so much about how much they made? I see this sort of nonsense all the time from people...."It made money, so your complaints are irrelevent".
Nope, sorry, not how it works. Appeal to authority on the basis of financial success is more than a little sad. You shouldn't care about that, ypou should care about the fact that the developers have released a shoddy, unoptimised game. And while they were doing that, they were taking the easy way out and reskinning old assets and hoping no-one would notice.
It's phenomenally lazy design, and smacks of a desperate cash grab sequel that a dev churns out while on it's last legs. Infinity Ward is a shell of it's former self, and it shows.
itBourne  +   379d ago
There is a reason they didnt announce and even denied pc/next get versions of GTA5, so sales wouldnt be hurt.

Are you fucking kidding me, I am not defending CoD at all, I hate that game more then any fucking game on the planet. It literally ruined and entire generation of shooters and is the reason why there isnt a single shooter game made for my tastes any longer.

I was simply saying consumers are dumb enough that they can do whatever the hell they want, as long as CoD is in the title. THEY HAVE RE-USED resources before! It is not the first time, so I was simply saying that is not why sales are being hurt. MW3 broke all kinds of records and had plenty of rehashed assets.
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Sledgehammer : "Mw3 is a 'COMPLETELY NEW' game, if you put Mw2 next to Mw3, you would see a HUGE difference between the two"


medman  +   379d ago
The fools who bought this trash deserve what they get.
Dan_scruggs  +   379d ago
You have a hilarious definition of the word dwindling. The game is still going to sell north of 15 million copies. Only being bested by GTA 5. A game that only comes out every 5 years. Billions will still be made and nothing will change. If that is dwindling then games like Bioshock Infinite and Last of Us that only clear about 4 million must be doing terrible.

Like it or not Call of Duty is still in a league of its own. Even if they don't live up to the highest points of sales in the series It still sits miles above the competition in terms of sales.
da_2pacalypse  +   379d ago
This same issue was present in MW3 where they used several buildings from MW2.... People who buy these games don't have the attention span to even realize this... Their sales are dwindling because people are tired of the same old thing. Good.
ferhound  +   379d ago
Yep, but what about the dog or the intelligent fish systems? xD
Killjoy3000  +   379d ago
While we're at it, let's not forget to say fuck IGN.
SaturdayNightBeaver  +   379d ago
yea i doubt people are not buying it so much , just because some textures. 90% cod players don't know what texture is..
PhoenixRising37  +   379d ago
this shouldn't come to anyone as a surprise.
twinspectre  +   379d ago
and the sad part is that people still buying this crap even on the next gen and not the standart edition but the hardned edition O.O
kB0  +   379d ago
I'm not defending them but at least ghosts looks better, some of the details are pretty ok imo:S I didn't buy the game I bought bf4 instead but the graphics really dont seem half bad, I'm seeing very smooth edges and round ones, with pretty nice lighting and reflections:S

I'm just saying.

It's still a lazy rehash but I think the engine did sort of evolve, it seems the outside team they called in did a decent job with old tech.
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timmyp53  +   379d ago
Sort of see it. Meh.
CapsLocke  +   379d ago
The same case was in MW3 iirc, they used the same buildings models.
ABeastNamedTariq  +   379d ago
If that isn't lazy.... I don't know what is.
kB0  +   379d ago
Fifa 12 and 13 for vita.
HammadTheBeast  +   379d ago
The last 20 madden games.
Consoldtobots  +   379d ago
FIFA period, I understand people who can't stand EA for I have slowly watched them destroy one of the last genres I enjoy playing that doesn't make me feel like a 12 yr old. FIFA 14 is pure and utter garbage after what had been a steady buildup in previous versions.
PR_FROM_OHIO   379d ago | Trolling | show
Becuzisaid  +   379d ago
I don't think its wrong for a developer to see that a certain map is very popular then use it as a template for a map in their next game. To me, the map overlay wasn't identical enough for me to call this just a copy and paste.
redknight80  +   379d ago
I am sure I will still have fun with this game when I get my PS4, but I am indeed glad I rented this game instead of purchasing it.
cyclindk  +   379d ago
Entire series is recycled from Modern Warfare onward...

To an extent, it was acceptable, but it got dull fast a long time ago in my opinion.
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SharnOfTheDEAD  +   379d ago
Call of duty is becoming like Dynasty Warriors
NarooN  +   379d ago
I'm a Koei Warriors fan and even Dynasty Warriors has a lot more variety with each game than CoD does.
hiptanaka  +   379d ago
Funny thing is, when people used to criticize COD games for being copy-paste, they didn't know it was LITERALLY copy-paste.
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Ghosts  +   379d ago
Talk about call of duty..wat about fifa and nba...
creized1  +   379d ago
Agreed in a certain degree on that but lets not forget they are Sports games and you cant change much. just graphics, AI and animation.

But on shooters you can do a whole lots of things, cause they dont have rules like sports games if you get what I mean. You can do whatever your imagination says.
Sadist3  +   379d ago
Call of Duty always recycled maps. They did the same thing in Modern Warfare 1 and 2.
kB0  +   379d ago
I think with 1 and 2 it was a paid optional dlc that had old maps I believe, but the new ones were truly new from what I remember.
Soc5  +   379d ago
I hate when people call developers lazy.... But damn this really looks well LAZY!!
T-Dawg6  +   379d ago
Infinity Ward really doesn't give a crap. They're so lazy. I wish treyarch would just take over the franchise.
Orange Juice  +   379d ago
I'm pretty sure this has been happening for a few years now with cod. I dont think its a dealbreaker, nobody plays this for its originality.
SHAMEonNINJAS  +   379d ago
Wow... If you are going to copy maps at least do the cod4 ones.
Codey47  +   379d ago
The original COD and COD:UO maps would suffice.
Truth  +   379d ago
I wasted soooooo many hours on TS with my clan buddies playing those two games. Man I miss the days of CoD and CoD:UO on PC.
Codey47  +   379d ago
Same here...wasted many hours of my life on those two games online.
miklo84  +   379d ago
Take notes Treyarch. Gamers are watching.
xActionBasturdx  +   379d ago
$60 glorified map pack
Codey47  +   379d ago
Not surprised...the reuse of assets to maximise profitability has always been embedded into Activisions infrastructure.
H3ADWOUND81  +   379d ago
Campaigns short as hell & multiplayer is dog shit.. Poor, very poor...
Harmy666  +   379d ago
DOG shit. Lol
NMEMEDIC  +   379d ago
I don't think IW is lazy, I mean they did lose over 50% of the staff and most of them were the creative minds behind COD. That and Activision does not let them take an extra year or two to build a better game. They should either add another studio to break up the every other year between IW and Treyarch or skip a few years and let both teams make a better game. I don't like Treyarch COD's it feels like a cheap version of MW. Lets hope Titan Fall can get everyone off of COD and force Activision to change.
metalgod88  +   379d ago
I saw a video showing that a whole animation sequence was reused from MW2. That's the essence of laziness man.

I stopped playing after MW2 because of all the hackers and cheaters on the PS3 no less. And now that I've seen how lazy and rushed they've become, there's no way I can support Activision.

1 COD game a year needs to stop. They need to stop being lazy, make a new game engine, and start from scratch. Next-Gen isn't a joke. High res textures aren't going to cut it. People want something new and fresh and Activision obviously keeps throwing the same crap at gamers every year.

Finally, people are getting tired of it. Activision can't keep doing this if people don't buy the game.
ambientFLIER  +   379d ago
Um...the layout is similar, but there are a LOT of differences and changes. You guys need to untwist your panties. Oh and btw, Dome is better.
CaddyLss  +   379d ago
Ghost and BF4 are ok on current gens but i agree the re-use of the maps is getting old and the truth is that these games are only 10 more if you go to the next gen for a reason...tan tan tan and thats because they are not true next gen games...Gasp and waits to see if this account will be banned for speaking the truth..
But on a side note they really did an ok job on the online part but i feel they keep dropping the ball...well heck i would too if you notice a wad of cash on the floor while you were playing the game.
310dodo  +   379d ago
All these COD haters who actually take the time to find all these "sins" of Activision lol.

Jesus Christ, just play the game or not.
I am 100% positive every game company recycles animations, backdrops, camera angles etc...

If COD is so god damn awful, why waste your time finding these things?
PersonMan  +   379d ago
I saw a lot of the same animations between Uncharted 2 and Uncharted 3 and nobody gives those games crap.
quenomamen  +   379d ago
Keep buying it morons, they could literally announce that next year there will be a Black Ops 3 will be 95% the same as Black Ops 1 and all the meatheads would be on N4G saying how it's the same.
jhoward585  +   379d ago
COD is a big mess.

off topic:
The next metal gear game would've turned out the same way.

If you look closely in metal gear solid 5 demos you will notice that Konami reused textures in MGSV.

The lighting was turned up very high to masked the textures so anyone wouldn't notice it.

The last few screen shots of MGSV I noticed a lot of improvement, especially the textures.
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