Microsoft Shouldn't Punish Early Xbox One Customers For Leaks

Hardcore Gamer: It's not the customer's job to police a retailer's distribution methods, or give the smallest care in the world as to when a company wants their product put on sale. Holding a customer accountable for a simple shipping error is the utter opposite of customer service.

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heliumhead20301655d ago

More clickbait XBOX flame. They can do what they want. He was punished for revealing everything about the UI and system not for targets shipping error

Silver3601655d ago

He is entitled to console because he paid for it. He is not entitled to online experience until MS is ready to release it. And he would have had both, but he started showing off download times and UI. They are working on these things until the last minute and can't afford anything damaging to be revealed in an unfinished product.

abzdine1655d ago

they should start punishing themselves for the incompetence and the BS they have been spilling since May 16th.

jmc88881655d ago (Edited 1655d ago )

Entitled? You are using the word wrong.

Are you so sure they wouldn't of banned him if he wasn't informing people about his experience?

He actually has done the best PR job for the Xbox One to date, that is until they banned him.

Everyone would have known he was using a pre-release version of the firmware/OS, and thus anything gleaned would have a big *maybe* attached to it. In fact any article that didn't say this would have been unprofessional.

He wasn't damaging anything, he was successfully promoting it. The guy was giddy.

The product will never be finished until they stop supporting it. 360 will still get dashboard updates, thus no 360 is 'finished' and on Nov 22nd, the Xbox One won't be finished. It'll just be officially released.

Again, the only thing damaging was what Microsoft CHOSE to do. They took a situation that was positive and anything negative in it had a big maybe attached, but what Microsoft did was absolutely negative and has no maybe attached.

Luckily for Microsoft they contained the damage so it was only minimal by having Major Nelson say his banning would be overturned at launch.

But it still is a net negative for Microsoft, and only because of Microsoft. But it could have been much worse.

Besides most people forget that the service ALLOWED him to log in, download the update, and start messing around with the online things.

If he wasn't allowed to do these actions, then Microsoft shouldn't of allowed him to log in with his details which obviously weren't some microsoft test login. This right here was another oversight by Microsoft in a long list of idiotic oversights.

They shouldn't ban someone who was using the service they provided, because Microsoft and Target screwed up.

He signed a ToS which cedes your rights to Microsoft. Sony and many products have a ToS. But....what do they do with that power?

Not all corporations use the power you give them in such a way. Sometimes it ebbs and flows. Right now Microsoft wants to use that authority you give them against you.

Sony is currently run by people, that for the moment, won't.

Death1655d ago


Don Mattrick was credited for the circus show that put Microsoft in the position they are in. He is no longer part of the company. As for the rest of the incompetence and BS they have endured, much is in part to people like you who still cry the sky is falling every chance they get.

Ezz20131655d ago (Edited 1655d ago )

"" He was punished for revealing everything about the UI and system not for targets shipping error ""

and yet Sony isn't going to punish any one for doing the same thing
if he bought the console and didn't sign any agreement with microsoft
then he can do what ever he want with his console

Microsoft don't have the right to ban him

Nitrowolf21655d ago (Edited 1655d ago )

Edited: Your comment changed a Bit XD

Well TBF, we usually only see banning from MS when it comes to leaks. Whenever GTA V or a COD game leaks or is released early we always get reports of MS banning a console becasue of the leaks. SOny has yet to do that, and has even come out multiple3 times stating that they won't ban for early leaks. Just saying, history shows that Sony won't

I don't think he should have been banned, even for the leaks. SDure he didn't sign a NDA, but a ToS was signed. IDK whats in it, but usually shit like what MS did is

Sitdown1655d ago

How do you know Sony won't? Because somebody in the organization said so....hypothetically?

Ezz20131655d ago (Edited 1655d ago )

well, for start
like nitrowolf2 point out
sony never done that before
why would they do that now ?!

and lol did you just said Shuhei Yoshida is just "somebody in the organization" ?!
for real ? 0_0

Shuhei Yoshida is the President of Sony's Worldwide Studios for Sony Computer Entertainment Inc
he said "No for early ban" then it's a "No for early ban"
no if or but about it

XB1_PS41655d ago

@Ezz2013 I don't get it, he did say "no for ban" for logging in. Where are you getting the part about leaking info?

mhunterjr1655d ago

They didn't punish him. The online service is in private beta until nov 22. He's not part of the beta, so he can't participate until it's open to everyone...

Your acting like they banned his account. They just temporarily blocked his xbox.

Sitdown1655d ago (Edited 1655d ago )


It's typical for people like Ezz2013 to make up stuff in order to strengthen their argument and prove their point. For instance, the question that was asked was, "If for some reason the console received before 29 in Europe and connect to the internet, Sony bans us?" And all Yoshida said was, "No" Nothing more and nothing less. And from our understanding, the xbox one console was not banned for connecting to the internet, it got banned for all the information that was released.

Second, notice how he tried to act like I said Shuhei Yoshida was "just" somebody in the organization. Even when he quoted me he could not throw in the "just", because it was not my words, but his own. And even with him explaining the position, it still does not make my statement invalid, because he is "somebody in the organization". The crazy part is that he thinks that just because Yoshida says something, that it will automatically hold up...pretty sure like most organization their are board members, etc and stockholders who can vote to go in a different direction if the President's decision might be to the detriment of the company.

Ohh, and No Ezz2013 I did not say Yoshida was just somebody in the did, and not at my request.

Death1655d ago

To be honest, I don't think Sony is smart enough to detect if someone was on the network that wasn't allowed. It took them a week to figure out their network was compromised and our data stolen.

At the same time it is easy to say they wouldn't do anything when no one has done it.

Ezz20131655d ago (Edited 1655d ago )

"""notice how he tried to act like I said Shuhei Yoshida was "just" somebody in the organization""

lol WTF ?!
that's your comment:

"""Because somebody in the organization said so""

stop your BS already
it's ppl like you who let microsoft get away with any thing
no one did comment on that other than Shu
so any one read your comment will know you are talking about him
and the way you made your comment seem like he's no body to you

all your lame rant and insults
and you didn't prove a single thing i said wrong
and answer this
did that dude sign any agreement with Microsoft ?!
do you have a prove ?!

if you don't and if he didn't
then like i said microsoft have no right to ban him even if it temporarily

also like i said and others said
sony never done that and will never do that after the bad PR Microsoft got from that
Shu said "no" then it's no
you need to sitdown and stop with your spin already

Death1655d ago

You need to have a signed NDA to be on the network pre-launch. If you do not have one on file, you are not permitted on the network and will be booted off.

You feel that since he does not have an NDA he should have full access and be free to do as he wants.

Microsoft is getting away with enforcing their rules of conduct and access to their network. I feel a little more at ease knowing they are competent enough to do this. I have absolutely no faith that anything on PSN is secure. Maybe we should ask Yoshida if anything would be done if they found someone on PSN that did not have legitimate access. I would hope they could monitor their network and prevent those that aren't supposed to be there from being there. I would feel better if he would have confirmed they have some kind of control of what goes on over PSN.

Microsoft has every right to ban someone without permission to be on their network. That is actually comforting for those of us that use it.

Deltaohio1655d ago

@Death totally agree. Someone needs to ask Yoshida that question lol get all fanboys from flaming.
He owns the xbox but he doesn't own the XBL services. He pays for access. Which requires a ToS.

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LoTuZ1655d ago

Oh. Did he sign a nondisclosure agreement?

Zuperman1655d ago

Microsoft punish you for purchasing there product 2 weeks early?

wow... That's idiotic, punish your loyal customers.

4logpc1655d ago

No but he agreed to a T&S

KonsoruMasuta1655d ago (Edited 1655d ago )

I don't why you people keep saying saying this. He didn't have to sign a NDA. You agree to the their terms when you buy their product. It's called the TOS, read it sometime.

And I agree that Microsoft shouldn't have banned him. I'm sure a cease and desist letter would have worked fine.

But they did infact have the right to ban him.

srd44841655d ago

A Microsoft spokesperson tells Engadget that the Xbox One consoles some consumers received by accident well ahead of launch on November 22nd cannot access Xbox Live until closer to launch. The statement says: "Due to a retail partner's system issue, a very small number of Xbox One consoles were shipped to consumers before the November 22 street date. We're pleased to see the initial response to Xbox One has been so positive, but given we are still putting the finishing touches on our games, UI and online services, as well as confidential partner and media agreements, these consoles units will be restricted from connecting to Xbox Live until closer to our launch date."

christocolus1655d ago


thanks for that comment..

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hello121655d ago

In fairness lot more people feel confident now in their pre-order after this leak. And, i think more people will be pre-ordering now.

They should unban him, its unacceptable to not.

heliumhead20301655d ago (Edited 1655d ago )

Nobody ever was unsure of their pre orders. You wouldn't pre order to begin with. Reality is not the Sony slight that persist on this hub.

I'm bubblesss but

@aibreeze nothing has even gone down. Xbox one has been and will continue to roll on just fine. Despite what a anon Dev says or a rumored NDA ON THIS WEBSITE.

Everybody will make a 5 word statement and spin it any kind if way despite the uber non descriptive, backtracking and non factual claims of achievement ANS confidence in SONY ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY is naive. LOOOL


ShinMaster1655d ago (Edited 1655d ago )

""the Sony slight that persist on this hub""
Ahh there it is. Blaming Sony and/or its fanbase for anything remotely negative about Microsoft on the news.

pompombrum1655d ago (Edited 1655d ago )

I think fair portion of people who have pre ordered an Xbox One have to be unsure to an extent. After everything that has gone down, to be completely sure and confident would be fairly naive.

admiralvic1655d ago

"Nobody ever was unsure of their pre orders. You wouldn't pre order to begin with. Reality is not the Sony slight that persist on this hub. "

A lot of people preordered because it's fairly risk free and it would prevent them from missing out. Go read forums and you'll see many people (Sony and M$ side) asking if they should cancel it or not. Like / believe it or not, a lot of people know they can get a great / good enough experience on many of the hard hitters (CoD, BF4, Watch Dogs, etc) and don't feel the pressure to upgrade.

JessiePinkmanYo1655d ago

KNWS-Where can you preorder EITHER console right now? You speak as if you can waltz into GameStop and do so. Just saying, since you brought up preorders. They're selling for about $700+ on eBay right now, and that number is sure to climb as the latecomers realize you can't get any otherwise and the holidays approach.

SpinalRemains1381655d ago

Well its ridiculous.

The dude buys a videogame and then he is delivered the videogame. He plays the videogame and shows off his videogame. What's the problem?

MS sucks so hard.

Gigaguy7771655d ago

Never heard of embargoes or NDAs clearly.

heliumhead20301655d ago

Thank you. I know for one that if I got my Xbox early the most you would see from me is a screenshot of the hardware on my Google plus page at most!

KUV19771655d ago (Edited 1655d ago )

Yeah, I totally hate it that I have to sign an NDA for every game and piece of hardware I buy. That dude is a consumer, not a reviewer or retailer. MS should have taken action against target but the guy never agreed to any NDA. He bought something and used it anyone would. Not his fault at all. Also his informations helped MS. He did better publicity work than they ever have. But they kinda fixed it and gave it the neccessary negative MS-spin.

CrossingEden1655d ago

Um, you do realize that it is listed in the terms of service that we are not allowed to leak info like say all of the gamer pics before a console is released.

pompombrum1655d ago

Was there even a terms of service back then for him to agree to though? He was stupid but Microsoft sure came down on him unnecessarily hard.

admiralvic1655d ago

@ aiBreeze

Most people "sign" or "agree" to the TOS at the time of purchase. You only need to agree to future ones, because it's different than the version you've agreed to.

srd44841655d ago

Chill out. His console was Banned from going ONLINE. They released a statement saying XBL is still being ironed out. He can still play on it. Just no online access right now.

KingDadXVI1655d ago

While I agree that may have been a bad PR choice it is their network. Major Nelson has also confirmed that this person will not be banned permanently. I would expect that on launch day he will be back online.

I think that what he was doing for the launch was positive but at the same time you have to remember that Sony and MS have Billions invested in these consoles and they really don't want to loose control of information about their system. Sony would have done the same thing.

Ultimately these are publicly traded companies who have to provide projections to their share holders as to how they will perform financially. Anything that seems like it may have the potential to create uncertainty about that performance, like not being able to control what this person posts about their console certainly falls into that category.

It was not necessarily what this guy was posting but a lack of knowledge or control over what may be posted.

Just imagine if either console ended up with a customer that received a console and then a smudge got on a game disk without them noticing and then they put the game in and it does not work.

I know a few people who would go right off the handle and make some nasty negative posts on the internet which could have a huge impact on the bottom line of that company.

It may seem shitty but in the end it is a wise thing to do when you have Billions riding on the line.

u got owned1655d ago

Get out of here! you are making too much sense.

KingDadXVI1655d ago

LOL. That is better than the usual responses that I get to trying to take a logical and overall view to some of the articles that are posted here. Thanks.

neocores1655d ago

Sony confirms any early consoles wont be banned

from the beach1655d ago

It's pretty obvious that Microsoft would object to someone splashing a whole bunch of previously unknown Xbox One information over the internet.

While the details were interesting I don't know if I'd have done the same thing in his position - particularly now that launch is so close anyway.

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