What to Be Thankful For About Last-Gen

Hardcore Gamer: Before you go trudging out to pick up a shiny new console in the coming weeks, take a look back and thank your lucky stars you got to experience these things. Seriously.

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fattyuk1684d ago

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0ut1awed1684d ago (Edited 1684d ago )

I loved the hell out of my PS3 and 360. We had some good times.

That said I'm thankful for building my PC two years ago. The consoles were getting pretty outdated at that point. The devs were still squeezing more and more out of the systems but it was nice to get a exponential upgrade when I did.

Although now I'm spoiled since 1080p "next gen" is already lower than the 1440p I have become accustomed to. :( First world gaming problems I guess.

Also as THamm said, MGS4 for sure. Think it's my favorite game of this last gen.

sprinterboy1684d ago

A fantastic gen to be remembered, awesome experiences with heavy rain, tlou etc, showing my snowboarding holiday photos and videos on big Tele plus base jumping off mount Blanc with go pro 1080p footage wow. Lovefilm/ Netflix/YouTube, sharing games, meeting great gamers/ now Good friends from playing XI on HOME