1UP Previews: Mass Effect - BioWare's sci-fi RPG comes to PC

1UP writes: "When games are big enough to have their own gravity well, drama tends to accumulate in orbit. That's precisely what happened with BioWare's Xbox 360 epic Mass Effect, as both the target of an insane political and mainstream media attack and as a sort of whipping boy for nitpicky gamers who focus on the sunspots instead of the star -- this gamer included. When people ask how much I loved it, I trot out my practiced litany of complaints: Why can't I directly control my party mates like I could in BioWare's Knights of the Old Republic and Baldur's Gate? The inventory system is a mess. The Halo-pandering driving scenes are crap. The conversation system isn't half the revolution people seem to think it is -- mostly because it oversimplifies morality into "push down for evil" and "push up for good." But I point these out because I care! Every criticism comes with a rider: "I really like you...I'm just saying this so next time you'll be perfect."

With the PC version of Mass Effect, BioWare's at least trying to correct some of the superficial flaws. "You'll see a number of changes within the inventory interface to take advantage of the keyboard and mouse," says project director Diarmid Clarke, acknowledging that the Xbox 360 version's mass of button presses and confusing submenus would have been a bigger mistake on the PC than on its home system. "Being able to point directly at the screen with a mouse makes menus very easy to navigate -- and we wanted to take advantage of that."

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