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A giant Xbox One just appeared downtown Montreal

A huge 40 foot Xbox One has just appeared near Ste-Catherine avenue downtown Montréal. It seems to be the same one previously seen in Vancouver. (Tag Invalid, Xbox One)

Credit url: game-focus.com
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Irishguy95  +   410d ago
Jeez MS, contributing to global warming is not going to help anyone
majiebeast  +   410d ago | Funny
Actually i think thats the new NSA base.
mochachino  +   410d ago
Lol bubbles for funny
Ezz2013  +   410d ago | Funny
Actually that's the real console
i wonder what truck will be holding the power brick though

j/k j/k
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mattdillahunty  +   410d ago
giant size? looks like it's built to actual scale.
DeadRabbits  +   410d ago
Scale 1:1

Is it actually legal to expose your xbone in public?
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amiga-man  +   410d ago
There must be a law about keeping $hit off the streets...
speed389  +   410d ago
scott182  +   410d ago
What the hell are they doing with my grandmas VHS player in Montreal. I'm calling the proper authorities, this is ridiculous... I kid.
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No FanS Land  +   410d ago
Ezz2013, montréal has about 30 kilometers of underground stores, interconnected with subway stations. the city put everyone working there out to place the power brick.
Sevir  +   410d ago
I hope MS doesn't Ban all of Canada since the console leaked before Nov 22! Lol
Killjoy3000  +   410d ago
I was coming to this same article just to make all of these jokes that are above :D
dale_denton  +   410d ago
this comment is magnificent
rambi80  +   410d ago
given the fact that many have complained about the size of the actual X1, building a larger than life one for promotion seems....counter-intuitive

Their PR department needs a head check
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Hicken  +   410d ago
Rather than any sort of check, they need pink slips.
dale_denton  +   410d ago
thats one big VCR, is that a retro nightclub building?
The_KELRaTH  +   410d ago
I think this is the version required to beat the PS4 :)
Hellsvacancy  +   410d ago
What about the Kinect camera? I guess you don't need it after all
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BOLO  +   410d ago
It's in outer space right now next to the Hubble Telescope lol.
THamm  +   410d ago
Guessing no one there noticed the X1 for sale in that region so MS had to drop a big turd for people to question it's existence
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NateCole  +   410d ago
ms hardware engineering at its best
3-4-5  +   410d ago
Derek Zoolander works for Microsoft now ?
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MajorAly  +   410d ago
A big heater appears to warm up everybody.
DonMingos  +   410d ago
Wow... watch out Canada, you received a massive Xbone early, M$ may ban the all country
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Bathyj  +   410d ago | Funny
Man, that thing must weight as much a three Xbox ones.
Ezz2013  +   410d ago
josephayal  +   410d ago
Release the Kraken!
DestinyHeroDoomlord  +   410d ago
That line will always be cool/funny ;)
georgenancy  +   410d ago
awful just plain awful
pandehz  +   410d ago
Sheeeet!!! Aliens!!!
dont touch it you might get banned (joke)
Relientk77  +   410d ago
UnHoly_One  +   410d ago
You guys really have issues.

If this was a giant PS4 everyone would be drooling over it and saying how awesome it is.

Pathetic, really.
rydamgw  +   410d ago
I agree with you i would too, Unlike the Xbone which is a huge ugly brick the PS4 is a slick piece of tech.
PFFT  +   410d ago
No not really.
georgenancy  +   410d ago
we would be drooling over it cause the ps4's design is sleeker perhaps?
DarthJay  +   410d ago
Or because you like your console in italics?
Irishguy95  +   410d ago
I actually like the design of the Xbox, my post was just a joke about the X1 running hot. However, a giant console is..well...it's retarded. To be perfectly fair it's just...doesn't appeal to me as a marketing thing. Although you're right, if it was a Sony console this site would be going mental about how awesome it is.

Imo, the Ps4 and X1 are pretty poor designs. And the X1 is only as big as the Ps3 Phat, well it's as tall, it's actually alot slimmer than the Ps3. The X1 looks an old VCR, the Ps4 looks like it belongs in the 80s too.
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thehitman  +   410d ago
You see... maybe you are right but the fact of the matter is... its an XB1 LOL.
GiggMan  +   410d ago
Lighten up lol.
Bathyj  +   410d ago
"If this was ps4" card played.
True_Samurai  +   410d ago
But wouldn't you?
Bathyj  +   410d ago
Meh. Not really. Spectacle? PR stunts? A Bathy cares not for these things.
MysticStrummer  +   410d ago
If it was PS4, my first thought would be "I understand the importance of advertising but I wish Sony would spend that money elsewhere."

Since it's XB1, my first thought is "The money for this and the other recent XB! advertising spectacles could have been put toward stronger tech in the XB1."
Phantom_Puss  +   410d ago
( •_•)>⌐■-■

....Deal with it.
rainslacker  +   410d ago
People are just having a little fun at MS expense.
DCfan  +   410d ago
My god, you people get butthurt over the slightest things.
NateCole  +   410d ago
get a sense of humor
saikorican  +   410d ago
I don't think anybody thinks that a giant version of their console is awesome. If this was a giant PS4 I'd be wondering why they thought that was a good idea.
BOLO  +   410d ago
No. Just no. M$FT's attempt at desperate advertising is indeed pathetic.
rydamgw  +   410d ago
Probably not a good idea, that things ugly as hell.
stuna1  +   410d ago
This comment section has turned into Comedy Central! Lol

I take it the Kinect sensor is the next state over?
No FanS Land  +   410d ago
it's the whole olympic stadium http://www.usageorge.com/Wa...
watching all over the city.
AutoCad  +   410d ago
i want one for my backyard.
Red_Devilz  +   410d ago
"XBox, mow lawn"
turgore  +   410d ago
Xbox, crush neighbour's house !
Hicken  +   410d ago
You want one FOR your back yard, or AS you backyard?

Gotta admit, it'd make a badass base for the kids to play in.
AutoCad  +   410d ago
ya lol
mistertwoturbo  +   410d ago
Don't know about you guys, but that's my new apartment.
kewlkat007  +   410d ago
You get to play and test the console on the inside..
Red_Devilz  +   410d ago
You mean Giant-er. The actual XB1 is already giant.
PFFT  +   410d ago
No it isnt. Have you even seen the actual console?? Its no bigger than the POS3.
BG11579  +   410d ago
With a Xbone like that, you can expect mass surveillance from the NSA in Montreal. How the Canadian government allowed that!?
turgore  +   410d ago
Thats not the xbone, that is it's power supply.
GreenRanger  +   410d ago
Are Microsoft going to ban Montreal now?
Ezz2013  +   410d ago
you are really evil
thanks to you
my body is full of bruises
because every time i read your comments
i keep fell of my chair laughing
Relientk77  +   410d ago
I enjoy your comments

kewlkat007  +   410d ago
Can't tell, is it connected to network?..
GraveLord  +   410d ago
Microsoft not doing the Xbox One any favors with this one.
stuna1  +   410d ago
I guess Montreal needs to prepare for rolling blackouts!
MysticStrummer  +   410d ago
The fire department is on high alert.
NewAgeisHere  +   410d ago
When you're weaker..make yourself look bigger and more threatening than you actually are.....Xbox PR strategy:)
MysticStrummer  +   410d ago
It is very Freudian.
menel4  +   410d ago
Where's the power brick ?
DCfan  +   410d ago
Something's missing... its the power brick.
NateCole  +   410d ago
This one surely should run games at 1080p/60fps.
MysticStrummer  +   410d ago
As long as there were no day/night cycles.
123pol  +   410d ago
Don't connect it online or you will get banned.. dont get why they are shipping consoles this early..
Mister_G  +   410d ago
Won't fit in my living room ;)
GreenRanger  +   410d ago
Some people could mistake that thing for a building.

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tigertron  +   410d ago
Wow, that thing is bigger than I expected.

Well, actually it isn't.
stuna1  +   410d ago
Now I know where all my bandwidth has been going!
If this was on YouTube. I would be expecting a rick roll
ELpork  +   410d ago
That's no moon...
GamerXGATT  +   410d ago
Isn't this an old story? I read about this happening already, and finally it was a Dead Rising 3 promotion, zombies came out from the inside with demo units...
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