Diablo 3 for PS4 has exclusive features, runs at 1080p

In addition to DualShock 4 touchpad features, Blizzard will introduce new social features like Adventure Kills for upcoming next-gen version; no comment on Xbox One version.

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user74029311596d ago

superior version confirmed.

PraxxtorCruel1596d ago

Already on current gen. I mean who's excited for this lol?

GarrusVakarian1596d ago


Uhhhm....i am. I purposely held out on buying it on current gen to get it for PS4.

Agent20091596d ago

I'd be thoroughly disgruntled if the next generation consoles, whether that's PS4 or XONE, wouldn't be able to run Diablo III in 1080p60. I'm actually startled that such titles as Assassin's Creed IV, WATCH_DOGS, Destiny or The Evil Within are set to run in 30 FPS.

PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt1596d ago


I'm getting this day one i held off for the ps4 version.. can't wait baby

adorie1596d ago

Those games are so much more demanding than Diablo 3.

AceofStaves1596d ago

@Praxxtor - I am. I didn't buy the PS3 version and opted to wait for the PS4 version instead.

Hellsvacancy1596d ago

I've held of playing Diablo 3 on my PS3, same went for Metro, much rather play them on the PS4 when I get one

I'll have even more games to play then

medman1596d ago

Microsoft continues to take it in the teeth. And it's only going to get worse once Sony's stellar lineup of first party devs start revealing more of what they are working on.

hakeem09961595d ago

I want to get it for my XBOXONE since it's clearly a timed exclusive but i might get it for my PS4 if the XBOXONE version comes out after Titanfall.

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i quit playing for my ps3 when i heard bout the incoming ps4 version. its an awesome game and i want the best expierience. im funny like that. want it all or nothin at all, shit bugs me

Agent20091596d ago

The PS4 version was announced simultaneously with the PS3 version. Why did you even start playing the current-gen version? Just wondering. You have a blocked access to Wikipedia?


nah man i didnt research it or read any articles on n4g, just seen some for ps3 headlines a couple of months ago. and no i dont fool with wikipedia smartass

xPhearR3dx1596d ago

Your PS3 character transfers over to the PS4 version. So it won't hurt to continue playing.

Delive1596d ago

That's what I'm doing. Have been playing on the ps3 to get to inferno and 60. When I get the ps4 version, I'll transfer and continue. So much replay value.

Mrgolden791596d ago

I want it alllllllll....or noooothing at allllll

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duli141596d ago

For now it seems like the only next gen version.

GraveLord1596d ago

All multiplats will be superior actually but I don't mind these type of articles that keep reminding people about it :D

TheTwelve1596d ago

I'm playing the PS3 version and I'm still buying the PS4 version, @praxxtorCruel

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DEEBO1596d ago

Some choose to brush off the ps4's capability's while others welcome them.
good job blizzard.

GiggMan1596d ago (Edited 1596d ago )

I agree with you. People are going on this resolution isn't everything kick but I would love everything to be at least 1080p.

Years ago when I decided to get an HDTV I could have chose a no name, black friday, barebones $350 720pTV. I wanted full HD, 1080p, 3D, Wifi etc. That's the type of content I want and I'm glad some companies (Blizzard included) are not going to settle for nothing less.

MidnytRain1596d ago

LOL, a $170 card can max this game out @60fps and 2560 x 1600 resolution. "Capabilities..."

Lboogieskells1596d ago

Yeah that's about 2/5 the price of the whole console. now price the rest of computer for us. I'll wait.....

MidnytRain1596d ago (Edited 1596d ago )


You think because I'm telling the truth I don't play on consoles? Okay, buddy. ;)

The point isn't comparing the the price to the machine, the fact that a cheap, LOW end card from years ago can run this at HIGHER than 60fps AND 1600p means this is no technical feat, lol. You could build a machine with that card for maybe a hundred more bucks than a console (~560), but with that kind of performance leap, you're buying a PS5/Xbox TWO, heheh

adorie1596d ago (Edited 1596d ago )

Do you still have your ps3 slim?

NnT32911596d ago

Im sure ps4 can run D3 at 1600p too but whats the point since most people have a 1080p tv

HappyWithOneBubble1595d ago

You get disagrees cause we already know what PC can do but we don't care. If you want to talk about PC stuff go to PC articles.

MidnytRain1595d ago


No, they don't know what the PC can do, otherwise people here wouldn't act enthused that some simplistic game can run full HD at 60 fps. I'm HELPING you guys! AND I have cookies! ;)

Narutone661595d ago

I play it on the PC, but the superior version is clearly on the console. So your point is moot.

MidnytRain1595d ago


Moot to what? What you said has nothing to do with the capabilities of hardware.

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_QQ_1596d ago (Edited 1596d ago )

"good job activision" fixed. its all about the money.

majiebeast1596d ago (Edited 1596d ago )

"The most prominent of which is a new Adventure Kills system, which Berger described as "by far the most fun." Through this new system, when a player is killed by a monster, there is chance that the monster will level up and jump into a friend's game.

The first player's friend will be prompted with a message saying "Matthew's bane is stalking you," at which time the monster--described as elite and with special abilities--will appear on his screen. If the second player defeats the monster, the first player will receive a message saying their death has been avenged and the second player will receive loot.

If the second player is killed, the monster will grow even stronger and will stalk one of his friends, continuing the cycle, though it is not clear just how powerful the enemy can become."

Thats really cool. Im in limbo if im gonna jump to PS4 or keep my old D3 char on pc with lvl 80 paragon.

FullmetalRoyale1596d ago

Do you mean your lvl 80 is on PC? Because if it's on PS3 your character(s) will transfer.

I haven't bought D3 yet, but I plan on getting it on PS4. I actually played the demo on PS3 last night and was surprised by how much fun I had on my own. I will get D3 strictly for co-op play on PS4!

I'm definitely looking forward to a release date!

thehitman1596d ago

PS4 version will come w/ expansion... I may actually consider buying it not sure lol.

MadMen1596d ago

Although I could careless about this game, when i see 1080P I am satisfied to be considering PS4 as the default system that I will purchase most 3rd party games for.

Here is the deal, there is NO excuse for Advanced consoles to not be on par with the industry standard televisions.

1080P 60FPS anything less is last gen to me. Those who are comfy with that, keep your PS3 and 360.

Those who stand with me, unite.

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