1UP Reviews: Warriors Orochi - Hack! Slash! Hack! Slash! Our Review

1UP writes: "Koei's Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors games are incredibly formulaic. If you've played one, you know that each version: a) pitches you, a powerful warrior, against hundreds -- if not thousands -- of generally stupid A.I. opponents; b) contains loads of glorified historical figures; and c) could possibly wear out your controller due to all the button-mashing. Series newcomer Warriors Orochi -- this one on the PSP -- sticks to the same love-it-or-hate-it model, with a few new features that make the experience more enjoyable for longtime Warriors lovers.

Chances are, you find the Warriors games' combat system either extremely addictive or incredibly boring. Orochi won't change your mind either way, but the additions add some new wrinkles. The biggest one: the ability to take multiple characters into each battle and switch between them on the fly. New characters unlock throughout the game, allowing you to tweak your three-man team roster between missions. Each character falls into Power, Technique, and Speed-based classes, each with different attacks; unfortunately, the only major difference between them is the Speed characters' aerial vault, which allows them to move across the map faster. While it's disappointing that the classes aren't wildly varied, two extra health bars (and the change of scenery with your attack animations) make a noticeable difference when grinding through 1,000 enemies."

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