One reason to get a PS4 or Xbox One: The sports games

Cynics say wait to buy a next-gen game console. But new versions of games like FIFA 14, Madden NFL 25, and NBA 2K14 may give you a reason to upgrade.

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xPhearR3dx1262d ago

I'll pass on that reason. NBA 2K14 looks stunning, but chances are I'll never play it. Annual sports games don't really interest me.

I'm a good old fashion RPG guy. Or any game that's open world usually sparks my interest.

FPSRUSSIA1262d ago

i agree with you i am not a sport gaming person my self i am more interested in other games.

redknight801262d ago

I am a huge sucker for FIFA since I am a football nut, but oh man I can't wait for a solid RPG to release on PS4. I am dying with anticipation over the very probable Ni No Kuni sequel, I would assume that would land on PS4.

Mosiac771262d ago

There is one main reason only and that is to keep the gaming industry going.

ScepticTankAvenger1262d ago

Totally agree. I was peaking at FIFA 14 a little bit, but it would be a waste of $60 on my behalf. I'd barely touch it.

SaiyanFury1262d ago

Agreed, I will eventually be getting a PS4 at some point. Yes the sports games look good, no doubt, but I'm going to wait until some good RPGs come along and really give me a reason to buy the system.

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HighResHero1262d ago (Edited 1262d ago )

I don't really play sports games either and buying an annual release might never happen for me but I've had fun playing local multplayer.

OrangePowerz1262d ago

Sports games would be the last reason to buy a next gen console for me.

MysticStrummer1262d ago

I haven't bought a sports game since Madden 05, unless you count Gran Turismo, Skate, Dirt and SSX as sports games. None of the games mentioned in this article interest me.

Jagsrock1262d ago

If you are getting it for sports I'd wait till next year cause the current lineup of "next gen" titles are not going to be any kind of leap. Even 2k which looks great graphically will have limited improvements to gameplay.

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