Call Of Duty Ghosts Benchmark Performance

HardwarePal : COD Ghosts benchmarks have finally come out. I doubt there is another game so unoptimized. Mouse acceleration is one of the biggest issues not to mention old school graphic detail.Interesting cpu and gpu usage as well as strange frametimes.

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Khajiit861658d ago

Dice could make a better game ina couple months work lol. Truth is they probably could.

Shadonic1658d ago

I find it funny how the worst looking game for current gen and next gen is still used the most for graphical comparisons. It's just stupid.

NarooN1658d ago

Can CoD just fucking die already? Jeez, Ghosts is the worst one in the series apparently, how is this even possible?

Plagasx1658d ago

Game runs like pure poo even on high end systems...

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