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10 Ways Nintendo Can Step It Up

"The Wii U and 3DS have some amazing titles this Holiday, but what else can Nintendo do to compete with next-gen?" (3DS, Nintendo, Wii U)

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bullymangLer  +   626d ago
what else can Nintendo do to compete with next-gen?

ha haaa . . why would you want a console war?

like fanboy

if anything sony and micro still need to outdo Metroid Other M immersion and game-changing innovation and a bunch of other games like Mario Galaxies etc etc . . . until then Nintendo is king < fact

the truth will hurt many fanpies.
DCfan  +   626d ago
What is that??
NukaCola  +   626d ago
Wii U full true Pokemon game. Full HD, online battles, real time updates and endless world yo live in. I would sell everything to support this.
RPGrinder  +   626d ago
How can I take a video seriously, when most of the points are factually incorrect?
Dunban67  +   626d ago
What part of that video was factually incorrect?

It was a very well done video with many excellent points

Nintendo would do well to listen to these and many others
RPG_Lover  +   626d ago
I watched the video and when they said Nintendo makes no new ip? that is way incorrect, especially when you take into account the publishing deals
guitarded77  +   626d ago
I'd like an overarching accomplishment system like Live, PSN and Steam. Haters be damned. I want to platinum/100% Zelda and Metroid.

Buy SEGA? Hell no. That would be bad for gamers in general. SEGA needs to remain independent.
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kalebninja  +   626d ago
but buying sega is seeming more and more likely though
guitarded77  +   626d ago
I didn't click "disagree", but must question how you think it is likely? Each of the big three console manufacturers have exclusive material from 3rd party on their platforms, and most of it is due to payment from either Nintendo, Sony or Microsoft. Some of it is just because their target audience is on the specific platform. SEGA still have properties that do good on Sony platforms, like Yakuza. Anything is possible, but I don't think it's likely. SEGA and Nintendo's relationship is very good right now, but even if SEGA did go up for sale, I don't think Nintendo would invest in it... and if they did, a lot of people would be out of jobs as Nintendo would only push the core franchises, and do a lot of the development with less studios.
kalebninja  +   626d ago
this video was 100% correct i love nintendo just as much if not more than sony but the thing is sony is throwing out the new ip's and there marketing is just amazing! nintendo just needs too see this video and listen to each point and they will be on top again
RPG_Lover  +   626d ago
This video is not correct at all. Those new ip sony is doing? barely any of them sell well. Sony closed 3 studios this gen costing thousands of jobs.

Not to mention the last new ip they funded....beyond.....how was that received by reviewers.

Nintendo is on top because its quality first, new ip second. That is how it should be.

Nintendo actually does new ip that sell, but if they arent made by 1 of 20 Nintendo studios it doesnt count
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kalebninja  +   626d ago
i had an entire essay for this comment but i'll just leave a simple disagree
_QQ_  +   626d ago
make 5 Wiiu exclusive Yoshi games.
live2play  +   626d ago
I agree!!!
I want a yoshi story U
MrCastle  +   626d ago
#1- jump back into bed with RARE.
cpayne93  +   626d ago
Rare ain't what they used to be, so no.
MrCastle  +   626d ago
I'm just living in the glory days of perfect dark and jet force Gemini. A fool can dream can't he?
cpayne93  +   626d ago
You can dream but we gotta face reality man. The days of Goldeneye, Banjo Kazooie, Banjo Tooie, Donkey Kong 64, Conker's Bad Fur Day, Perfect Dark, Diddy Kong Racing, Blast Corps, and jet force gemini are gone...

Man. So many classics on just one system. The n64 was a big part of my childhood.
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iliimaster  +   626d ago
i could see myself getting 100% in zelda they should do that i would love a trophy/achievement system
elhebbo16  +   626d ago
I'd like nintendo to stay the way it is, I already have a PC for most of my gaming needs. I just reeeeaaally want to here about the new Zelda game. come on Nintendo!
nealane  +   626d ago
I agree 100% with the accomplishment system for wii u i have been thinking that they should of had that from launch I'm not sure about them buying sega if they did, that could potential be the end of yakuza on sonys console & any future multi platform sonic games. one thing they missed in the video is the online section of wii u and they should make a zelda based upon the tech demo shown back at e3 maybe they might reveal some info on a possible game with 2014/15 release date at the next e3.
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tweet75  +   626d ago
i know I would buy more digital content from nintendo if they allowed crossplay like sony does on home and portable systems. As well as the ability to log into other systems and play my already purchased content. Also achievments or trophies they add that little extra. Also a Mario 64 remix would be cool with current gen graphics and controls at low price just saying

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