Why you should wait before buying an Xbox One or PS4

Both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will be here in a matter of days -- November 15 for the PS4 and a week later for the Xbox. But that doesn't mean you should rush out and buy one.

Even if you're excited about the next wave of console games, signs are pointing in flashing red neon to wait. You could -- and probably should -- wait until next year to enjoy the fruits that these consoles will hopefully bring.

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GribbleGrunger1654d ago

Buy a PS4 or an X1 and don't take notice of articles like this. The quicker we get next gen moving the quicker the games will improve.

Sephiroushin1654d ago

Yeah people do not realize that if there's no early adopters, publisher won't publish anything because the install base is too slow and they'll just wait until the install base grow up !

MazzingerZ1653d ago (Edited 1653d ago )

Don't worry, site is talking non sense, gamers get consoles at launch just because you wanna asap listen to the music when the console starts, to see the small details they added, you want to unlock a trophie as soon as possible so the timestamp of the trophie reads the launch date, you wanna be there from the beginning and see how games improve, tell in the forums 3-4 years from now:"I was one of the lucky ones that got his/her hands on a launch console"....we want to fill the room with the smell of a fresh new console:)

Someone tell that site: We are not consumers, we are gamers!!

See you guys online soon! Let's stress the servers out at launch date and get SONY's and MSFT network folks sweat out and work extra! LOL

ShutUpDonny1653d ago

That was the problem with the PSVita.

minimur121653d ago

I know full well I should wait, but I don't want to so I won't lol

What's gonna kill me is from the 15th onwards, where I know loads of people will already have it, bit I won't lol

Irishguy951653d ago

I don't get how anyone would possibly want an X1 over a Ps4 at this point.

Track record
Business practice
value for money

All go to Sony this time around, in literally every area. With the only thing 'online' being equal instead of tipping to sony like everything else does

Sitdown1653d ago (Edited 1653d ago )

Perhaps they prefer xbox exclusives over PS4 exclusives. Get it now?

PS Business practices is a matter of opinion, just like value for money.

Irishguy951653d ago (Edited 1653d ago )

PS+ is undeniably better value for money than Xbox live Sitdown. There is just no argument there. I'll only consider anyone who disagree's a fanboy. 3 games a month come with the subscription. Xbox live is only a paywall and nothing more. You get something back for your PS subscription. Do you get something back for Xbox live? No? Just the online subscription? - Therefore there is no argument.

Also Business practices is a matter of opinion. Which company is being consumer friendly in YOUR opinion? I'm sorry but again anyone who believes MS have been more than Sony can only have a questionable opinion here imo

I sincerely question anyone sanity if they disagree that Ps+ is higher value for money than Xlive, or anyone who believes MS Xbox division have been more consumer friendly than Sony's Playstation one.

Xbox exclusives over Ps ones, sure. However again, the track record goes against this. Not because PS exclusives are better(I would say they are equal), but because Sony have the track record for continuously pushing out exclusives. MS have, twice now...left their previous console in the dust with regards to gaming WAY to early. Suddenly the amount of exclusives MS are releasing starts to diminish into 1 or 2 a year. Again it's insane to me. Edit- lets not forget MS suddenly changing the 360's focus half way through this gen, onto kinect and casual gaming. It was rediculous for us people who had already put time and money into our 360's.

I thought MS lineup for the first three months was better than Sonys, but that doesn't seem to be. Of course that is opinion, seeing as I have never particularly liked Dead Rising. SOME people like Ryse(I was looking forward to this, even though I wouldn't be getting an X1, it's a shame really), however reports are that it isn't particularly good. We have forza which is the only sim(kinda) or 'skill' based racer coming out for the next gen systems so far. Drive club is an arcade racer even though it looks awesome, Racers closer to Sims have always been my thing. Titanfall - Xbox 360/PC. It's one game which I thankfully do not have to get an X1 for. Because it looks awesome. What else is there?

Next comes Kinect being forced into the box. MS have shown their own wavering fears on this topic simply by making Ryse a non kinect game. I don't see why this thing has to be mandatory now other than greed. MS have not shown that the thing can be a quality controller for video games. If they did, maybe I would've seen the light. I don't however and MS certainly are not trying to.

I've been called MS fanboy, Sony fanboy etc by both parties. When I speak out against some of the nonsense on this site. Since this site simply has more PS fans on it(as there are more PS fans in general than XBOX these days), i've been speaking against them. Is it annoying to see hypocrites is all

Bathyj1653d ago

Irish, weren't you a big Xbox guy like a month or two ago. Or am I confusing you with someone else. Sorry if i am, I'm not as good at tracking everyone here as some people are. Belkin likes sony right? Just kidding.

If you are just wondering what changed so suddenly. There seem to be a lot of loyal Xbox gamers looking at Sony in a different light lately.

JsonHenry1653d ago

@Bathyj -

I think it isn't so much "loyal" MS fans jumping ship to the PS4 next time around as it is people who just like a product based on its merits.

My ps3 collected dust other than when I played the Uncharted series or FF Tactics that I DLed off of PSN. I played the hell out of my Xbox360 early in the consoles lifecycle because most multiplat games were better optimized on the 360 and even though I had to pay money I felt the 360 had a better online service. (again, this was early through midway through this current gen I am talking about here)

But now that I am looking at the specs, the online connectivity, the features, and the games/quality of the games I am heavily leaning towards the PS4 being my console of choice next generation. It isn't because I am suddenly a sony loyalist. It is because I want the best experience on the best product. And so far I feel that better experience will be on the PS4 this time around. Will that change? I doubt it. But if it does I will switch to the X1.

Don't be a company loyalist. Go where you personally feel you are getting the best bang for your buck and the best experience for your game.

BootyBandit1653d ago (Edited 1653d ago )

"There seem to be a lot of loyal Xbox gamers looking at Sony in a different light lately."

Huge MS fan but I'm switching sides this generation. Still playing on my 360 right now. Just finished GTAV and Batman Arkham Origins. Come this Friday I'm all PS4 from here on out. Don't have any plans of getting an X1 at this time and I don't see that changing in the not too distant future for pretty much most of what Irish said and then some.

MS bailed on me with the XBox and again in favor of Kinect on the 360 the past few years. I do prefer Sony exclusives over MS. That's most of what I purchased on the PS3 the past several years, their exclusives. I got nearly all of the multiplats on the 360. This time around it would've been in reverse but unlike some I don't like the exclusives coming out for the X1 other than Forza 5 and KI. So there is no need to pick up a console for 2 games that appear to be less than previous installments.

Anyone that is a hardcore fan of Forza 5 knows it's a shell of it's former self. Less tracks, less cars, less features (it no longer supports eyefinity / 3 displays at once) and no backwards compatibility with FFB wheels. The wheel they have available for launch doesn't come with a clutch pedal and shifter. I'm not shelling out more money for less.

They are doing the same with Killer Instinct. Less characters and modes than the original had nearly 20 years ago when it was 1st released. It looks like a good game but it screams we need more time. No fighter should have less than 16 character today unless it's an XBL or PSN only game. But it does look good. I will wait for next year when all the characters are released and the game has been tweaked for balance. If I even get an X1 by that time.

Ryse is more or less the same as the Forza and KI. Being rushed out the door having changed directions 3 times since it was announced a few years back. It looks pretty enough but again screams WE NEED MORE TIME. Unstable 30fps with a simplistic engine with old school animations.

MS is rushing their console and games out the door just like they rushed the 360 out the door. Deja vu anyone?

Signed converted MS fan

Sitdown1653d ago (Edited 1653d ago )

All you compared was live vs psn+, there are other components to the systems. I am a big sports person so the NFL partnership is major for me, having Kinect is big for me and my Wife.... and the work out videos are of great value to us if they pan out as they plan. Those are just a few of the things that increase value for me. You don't know what everybody values, so it's foolish for you to write somebody off as a fanboy because they don't hold your same value system.

Concerning Businesses practices... this is the same Sony with the rootkit fiasco, who removed the other os after I purchased my ps3, who sold me a six axis because they said rumble was not needed... when we all knew of their pending lawsuit. Both companies have their flaws, and dark secrets in which some have been exposed..

At the end of the day these are for profit companies, and they are going to do what they can to get my money, and I will knowingly purchase both consoled on day one with this understanding..... difference is, I am not going to pretend like one over the other is a saint... such as you are choosing to do.

Concerning exclusives... if all somebody wants to play is Halo and the usual 3rd part offerings, would it not make sense that they desire an Xbox one over the ps4? Again, just in case it gets lost in translation.... I am getting both, don't own stock in either company, and am not compel to blindly shout any company from the mountain top. I know this might be difficult for you to grasp, not everybody shared your reality, and there are plenty who hope they never do.

TheDivine1653d ago

I got a ps4 ordered but if Ms hadn't announced the online checks back then I might have gotten one. It has a far better dash, os is faster, snappier, better multitasking, better media hub with tv in, better camera with far more features, and better launch games. The only downsides are price and paying for xbl.

Ps4 has a better price, more power, and I already own a ps3 and vita with ps plus so its an ecosystem I'm already invested in which is a huge bonus for me. The only downsides are paying for mp and the os seems lacking so far. There's also no exclusives announced that excite me. Hopefully the remote play pans out, that's a cool feature even if il never use it away from home.

Sucks neither one has BC. If one of them had it it would've pushed me over the fence towards that system. Still il get both eventually. They're both awesome and despite all the small issues fanboys yell about, they're both awesome and far beyond current gen. I also have a Zelda WiiU on the way. Can't wait.

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PSjesus1653d ago

When a new phone hit the market like iPhone with little to non significant update with >600$ price every site tell you should buy this new gadget but when a gaming console release every 8 years and well stay for the next 5-8 years we should wait......what a scumbags jurnalist the whole (you should wait campaign began with that troll Adam sessler)

beerzombie1653d ago

The media are now the biggest trolls out there. They take bribes and play games for free jump on the band wagon to get web hits for money. At least all of the Sony and MS trolls on this site no matter how bad a dumb ass we are we do it for the love of gamming.

Visiblemarc1653d ago

Exactly, man. This kind of crap enrages me. Supposed gamers recommending we essentially starve out the next gen in order not to gamble a few hundred bucks. Listen to people like this and there will never be another console generation. If people like this got taken seriously by a lot of people then I guarantee many of the titles we want would be cancelled. This guy basically wants these new consoles, and the entire industry, to go the way of the Wii U.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, if you consider yourself a gamer, but aren't willing to invest 400-500 bucks into the industry you supposedly love, right when it's needed, then just know that you are actually far more passionate about being a irredeemable cheapskate than you ever were about games.

Give up gaming and go count nickels for kicks. Stop encouraging others to ruin the industry in the name of false pragmatism. The truly "sensible" move isn't always the one that let's you save some pennies, it's the one that gets you what you want. What we all want as gamers is a healthy industry and that starts with our support of it.

jeeves861653d ago


Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo are gaming company giants. They have millions of dollars in R&D at their disposal. I don't owe them anything - and I've already given. I've "invested in the industry" by purchasing previous consoles, accessories and games new. I've advertised for these gaming giants by suggesting them to friends and family, I've defended them - but I suddenly owe them 500 bucks because they just released a new system? Fuck no - and that fact doesn't make me any less of a gamer than you.

You're essentially advocating that whatever MS and Sony do, we owe them. Their next gen system could consist of a couch attachment that drives a piston up the middle of the cushion to screw you every hour of play time and you'd buy it at launch because "the industry needs me now!!"

The author makes a few valid points here, which you completely fail to acknowledge. I'm not buying a system at launch because none of the launch titles excite me - there's just not enough there to justify that kind of money. I'm also concerned about about launch system failures or ironing out the kinks in service. If you're willing to take those risks and be an early adopter, hooray for you. Give yourselves a pat on the back and enjoy your new system. The article is clearly intended for people who are undecided about the purchase.

Sorry if I offended you passionate gamers with my pragmatism, but I'm not shelling out $500 for bragging rights.

Visiblemarc1653d ago

@jeeves86, firstly calm down. Holy crap. No one is trying to steal your lunch.

Secondly, these "giants" are on the verge of financial collapse, in many ways. Launching a console is a risk to the tune of billions. Sure, don't buy every machine but pick a winner and drop a few hundred bucks. It's an investment in your hobby.

If everyone was as "pragmatic" as you, there would -no exaggeration- be no consoles, no games, nothing. Us jerks are the investors that the supposed practical guys are leeching off. Without early adopters consoles go the way of the Dreamcast. The whole industry could go that way too.

So, do what you want, but acknowledge the fact that you're in the role of "exploiter." FACT

No debate there really. If you let other people take the hits for you and then you feast on the spoils you are exploiting them and their efforts and sacrifices. I'm not saying you should be ashamed, that is for you to decide, but at least own it.

jeeves861653d ago

Just because I write a long post doesn't mean that I'm upset. I just disagree with you.

You're calling me exploitative because I wait out a launch period? There are no games that interest me right now. I'm not going to buy the console and let it sit in my entertainment unit. It's not my duty to buy something as soon as it's launched - that's nobody's duty. People will, because they like having things first, maybe the launch titles excite them, but just because I don't go out and buy it first day doesn't mean I'm killing the industry.

Furthermore, none of these companies are on the verge of financial collapse. There are a number of investors who throw a lot of money into the company for stock - if the company's console launch goes well the stock rises and investors get their money back.

You should be ashamed for not knowing that - and ashamed for the ridiculous argument you're trying to pull.

MasterCornholio1653d ago

I've seen to many articles like this already. I agree that there are some risks but I prefer to own a PS4 at launch than 6 months later. Then there comes the gaming droughts, I don't care about them because I have a PS3 with a huge backlog of games with PlayStation plus.

Nexus 7 2012

Campy da Camper1653d ago

Except I'm not really seeing a drought on the horizon. I really feel that sony has a lot of games forthcoming. Not just exclusives but there are a lot of multiplats, too. I mean at launch we have ACBF, Killzone, Knack, Battlefield 4 and Indies. Next year is Infamous, Watchdogs, Destiny, the division, the order 1888 and then we have Naughtydog, media molecule, sony Santa Monica all coming out with games.

I also expect a lot of "1080p" rereleases of this gens games like dark souls 2, the last of us, gtv 5.

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Venox20081654d ago

I know, I know, but I wont :)))

Codey471653d ago

Well I'm buying on launch. *covers eyes, not reading nor listening lalalalalalalalalalalalalalala lalalalalalalala*

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