Friends app/Messages app/SEN not working? Here's your fix.

If you're having a problem accessing your friends application, messages application or the Sony Entertainment Network (including the PSN), we've got your fix.

It'a yet another terms of service update, requiring a bit of extra work.

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KrisButtar1354d ago

Hmmm I can't open this article. What are the new TOS?

remanutd551354d ago

This is wrong, sony needs to find a way to fix this, it shouldnt been this way.

sibbor1354d ago

On my Vita I got a popup dialog promting me that the TOS had been updated. I couldn't read it or accept it, however. Logging into the website fixed my problem.

Tornado1354d ago

i don't know if i am having this problem, but i couldn't use the apps that required me to sign into PSN such as Party, Messages, Friends, TuneIn etc... it keeps signing me out

TrevZ_5141354d ago

whats the fix for this?

AlexanderNevermind1354d ago

Log on to Sony Entertainment Network and accept the TOS

teflontactics1354d ago

You actually have to do it at - I never got a prompt on the SEN website.

AlexanderNevermind1354d ago

@ teflontactics,

Weird, I was prompted to accept the TOS at log on for each of my accounts at SEN. I never went to the PSN.

teflontactics1354d ago

I could only get an error or an "under maintenance" page when attempting to even sign in on the SEN.

Upon logging in at I got the prompt immediately and the log in didn't fail/error like on SEN. The SEN login then worked as well (I used the webstore to buy some DLC right then and there).

TheLastGuardian1353d ago

This was bugging the hell out of me yesterday.

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