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Friends app/Messages app/SEN not working? Here's your fix.

If you're having a problem accessing your friends application, messages application or the Sony Entertainment Network (including the PSN), we've got your fix.

It'a yet another terms of service update, requiring a bit of extra work. (PS Vita)

KrisButtar  +   291d ago
Hmmm I can't open this article. What are the new TOS?
remanutd55  +   291d ago
This is wrong, sony needs to find a way to fix this, it shouldnt been this way.
sibbor  +   291d ago
On my Vita I got a popup dialog promting me that the TOS had been updated. I couldn't read it or accept it, however. Logging into the website fixed my problem.
Tornado  +   291d ago
i don't know if i am having this problem, but i couldn't use the apps that required me to sign into PSN such as Party, Messages, Friends, TuneIn etc... it keeps signing me out
teflontactics  +   291d ago
It sounds like you are.
Tornado  +   291d ago
Yeah it works now~
TrevZ_514  +   291d ago
whats the fix for this?
AlexanderNevermind  +   291d ago
Log on to Sony Entertainment Network and accept the TOS
teflontactics  +   291d ago
You actually have to do it at Playstation.com - I never got a prompt on the SEN website.
AlexanderNevermind  +   291d ago
@ teflontactics,

Weird, I was prompted to accept the TOS at log on for each of my accounts at SEN. I never went to the PSN.
teflontactics  +   291d ago
I could only get an error or an "under maintenance" page when attempting to even sign in on the SEN.

Upon logging in at Playstation.com I got the prompt immediately and the log in didn't fail/error like on SEN. The SEN login then worked as well (I used the webstore to buy some DLC right then and there).
TheLastGuardian  +   291d ago
This was bugging the hell out of me yesterday.
R3DRAIN89  +   290d ago
When it comes to needing help with your ps devices it seems people who dont work for ps know more solutions. Thanks to who post this.

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