1UP Previews: Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit

1UP writes: "Ask Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit producer Yasuhiro Nishimura what fighting games he looked at before starting work on his latest brawler for Namco Bandai and the answer is simple: none. "[Burst Limit] is not a fighting game," he says, "as much as it's a Dragon Ball Z game."

What does that mean? Saiyaman-psychos may understand already, but the uninitiated will see health gauges and two cel-shaded heroes squaring off on either side of the screen and beating the spikey hair out of each other -- it certainly looks like a typical you-know-what. However, once you sit down and get your hands on the game (as we did during a recent visit to Namco Bandai's Tokyo office), the distinction becomes more obvious."

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