Gamedaily: Summer Sports Review

Gamedaily writes: "Although we love playing basketball, none of us consider ourselves NBA caliber players. Sure, we have our moments, those off balance fade-away jump shots that bounce off the iron and swish through the net, but we're not about to quit GameDaily and enter the draft. At the same time, we're good enough that shooting 25 consecutive air balls, sober, is impossible, yet that's what happened when we played Summer Sports for Wii, a game that fails to capture the magic of Wii Sports, and does so in jaw-dropping fashion.

Early on, this game looked sweet. Destineer crafted an attractive tropical getaway called Paradise Island, complete with palm trees, ancient temples and a bunch of attractive guys and gals in beach gear. It even has seven outdoor activities to enjoy with the Wii remote, such as basketball, badminton, volleyball, miniature golf, horseshoes, croquet and lawn darts; Yes, we said lawn darts, those delightful projectiles outlawed across the U.S.A. Heck, to our surprise, Summer Sports plays a mean game of lawn darts and horse shoes, where you factor in wind direction before hurling your dart/horseshoe through the air. For that, this game is good for a few hours."

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