Miss Video Game competition

The four day Miss Video Game competition will be held from June 10 -14 2007 in Montreal, Canada. Yeah, another Canadian gaming event! Why are we telling you about it this early? Registration is due by midnight December 31, 2006. Event organizers say 50 women have already agreed to step into the virtual ring. Allegedly Becky Young of Video Games Live and Faith Naked of The Girl Gamer are ready to lock and load.

The competition will test the players across various game genres. This isn't some wimpy one genre FPS fest, no sir, these ladies have to be good at it all: FPS, RTS, strategy and anything else the organizers come up with -- along with having gamer spirit and attitude.

Invariably a fair amount of you are saying, "But I'm a guy, what do I care?" This is where the sick/fun part comes in. Between Dec. 31 and Jan. 20 the rest of us are allowed to vote on the ladies we want to see in the competition based on personality, creativity and gamer representation. The competitors will be allowed to upload videos, interviews and audio clips during this time to sway our vote.

The pre-competition will determine four finalists and one additional finalist will be picked by the celebrity judges. No word yet on who the judges will be. The finalists will be flown to Montreal next June and battle for three days. The competition will be broadcast across the interwebs. The winner receives $1000 USD, a trip to Mexico and a gaming system. No word yet on whether Miss Video Game gets a tiara.

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