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Submitted by Kydawg 818d ago | preview

I Spent An Afternoon With The Xbox One And It Was Amazing | Business Insider

Say goodbye to that cumbersome battery pack at the back of the controller. It’s gone! You’ll no longer have to worry about clashing your knuckles against the box in the back. Instead, batteries go inside the controller!!! (Xbox One)

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Kingthrash360  +   819d ago | Well said
lol big problem is now slightly smaller....hows bout we get rid of the batteries altogether? or at least make the controller cheaper so to compensate for the battery pack...just wallet rape that people ignore.
NewZealander  +   819d ago | Well said
seriously wallet rape? a battery charger don't cost that much!

i can either use my current thats free, or buy a XB1 battery pack, no biggie.
ZodTheRipper  +   819d ago | Well said
Or Microsoft could go with the time, do something about our environment and just build a controller with a built-in battery.
Can't believe that people are still defending AAA batteries, it's almost 2014 man.
Kingthrash360  +   819d ago | Well said
seriously...wallet rape.
that console is the definition of wallet rape.
$500 machine thats weaker than $400 machine
controller costs same if not more than a certain machine's controller that has battery built in (not to mention built in speaker)
app's behind paywall forcing you to pay ms to use apps you already paid for.
having ads on paid service (gold)
but on the bright side the x1 takes you money instantly, all you have to do is point a 20$ xbl card at the kinect and bam! so convenient.
Panthers  +   818d ago | Well said
LOL this writer is so happy about the batteries going inside the controller? Its freaking 2013. No one buys batteries anymore. Hell, the last time I bought batteries was for a wireless PS2 Logitec controller.

Sony understands how annoying batteries are. None of their controllers have ever needed batteries. And I should not have to go out and buy a rechargeable battery pack.

This was a dealbreaker for me with 360 and it will be with XB1
Khajiit86  +   818d ago
Hopefully the xbox ones baterry packs will last longer. I went thru so many of those things last gen, they just stop working then I always have to be connected. Only had 1 sony battery totally die on me.
stiggs  +   818d ago | Well said

Batteries are a "dealbreaker for you? Get out of here with that hyperbolic nonsense. I bought a package of rechargeable AA batteries for my XBOX 360 about seven years ago. I'm still using them.
cleft5  +   818d ago
It's so funny that this whole discussion has broken down into people yelling at one another do to buying batteries. Microsoft just can't catch a break, even when this article is clearly just some person hyped at having a next-gen console.
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Freedomland  +   818d ago | Well said
Batteries don't matter.
Resolution doesn't matter.
Price doesn't matter.
Lies don't matter.
Power brick doesn't matter.
Paywall for apps doesn't matter.

Seriously what is wrong with you guys this coming generation?
LonChaneyTV  +   818d ago
"I Spent An Afternoon With The Xbox One And It Was Amazing"

"clap, clap" good for you.

In the mist of anti Xbox one propaganda on this site, you may find a couple good ones, a shame.
titletownrelo  +   818d ago
Some people just want another thing to bitch about the XB-ONE, but yeah...having to buy a charger IS really inconvenient. However, M$, you should really lose the batteries, its 2013!
stiggs  +   818d ago | Well said

Batteries - I prefer batteries. I have had too many instances in which I couldn't game on my PS3 because the controller was not charged.
Resolution - The "atrocity" that is resolutiongate will be a forgotten memory once developers get a handle on the system.
Price - $100 is not going to influence my buying decision one way or another. Besides, I'm getting both systems.
Powerbrick - I couldn't care less about an AC adapter.
Lies - Grow up.
Paywall - Moot point as both systems require a paid subscription to be fully functional.
RE_L_MAYER  +   818d ago
Let me guess, you dont eat the crust on pizza either, dont drink old soda either right....its okay you keep waisting your(or you moms money) leave the american dream
mikeslemonade  +   818d ago
Some people have it right. It's another added cost. It was never "I hate batteries so I'm not buying the system", but it's another annoying feature that Microsoft did not address on top of other annoying features that is influencing people not to buy it.

Play and charge kit for the X1 is $24.99 on amazon. That's $25 on top of the $499.99 you are paying. Just another annoying thing you have to worry about also is when you buy your 2nd, 3rd, and 4th controllers too.

While on PS4 you get 3 incentives when you open the box: free music for month, free plus for one month, and $10 towards your next game. Effectively making the PS4 actually 389.99 because you are going to spend that $10 sometime or another.
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LordDhampire  +   818d ago

My tv controller died a year and a half ago....I still have to turn it on and off manually and change the inputs....batterys are a no go for me, especially triple a....I can steal double a from a work flashlight or something but only other controllers have triple a....also they are so expensive and so meniscuse I forget to buy them
mikeslemonade  +   818d ago
It's just corrupt what Microsoft is doing. You know a big chunk of the money comes from their accessories right!?

Hmmm... packing the Kinect with the system to help cover the money they are losing with actual console (that's clever but you are not fooling me). $59.99 on xbl gold compared to $49.99 PS plus. And now excluding an "accessory" that is essential to the long-term use of gaming on the X1. They could have easily just included the battery packs with the controller. But no... each play and charge kit cost $24.99 as of right now.
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LogicStomper  +   818d ago

"Or Microsoft could go with the time, do something about our environment"

How are rechargeable batteries worse than rechargeable batteries? I don't think you even thought your point through at all.

"Can't believe that people are still defending AAA batteries, it's almost 2014 man."

Firstly, it's AA. Secondly, what do you use in your tv,garage remotes? Why does it apply to Xbox controllers but not those?


Sure, lets compare the prices by comparing the console and controller, not the package.

"but on the bright side the x1 takes you money instantly, all you have to do is point a 20$ xbl card at the kinect and bam! so convenient."

Lol, trying to blend to different concepts into one. Here's the thing, if you want to put money on your account you either

a) Purchase via console
b) Purchase via store

So if you choose option b, they're making it more convenient by not forcing you to type in that 25-digit code. Also, by your logic, you must hate credit cards, buying online, buying through console cause apparently you don't like efficiency.


" No one buys batteries anymore. Hell, the last time I bought batteries was for a wireless PS2 Logitec controller. "

Of course not, because you buy one set of rechargables and you're set.


Batteries don't matter because there are things called rechargeables. Seriously, how many times does this need to be mentioned?

Resolution does matter when comparing this-gen to next-gen, but not Xbox One to PS4.

Now who said price doesn't matter? I think you're just trying to make your list as long as you can.

"lies don't matter". Okay, seriously, it's pretty obvious now that you're trolling.

"Power brick doesn't matter."

Finally, back to something that was actually mentioned. It doesn't matter because it sits at the back of your tv and safe-guards the console. It's not like you're going to walking by your tv and happen to 'trip over' something behind your tv...

"Paywall for apps doesn't matter. "

Well this one does matter...If you're planning on buying a next-gen console for only offline use.


"packing the Kinect with the system to help cover the money they are losing with actual console"

Ever thought about the idea that they might want it to be one of Xbox One's stand-out concepts compared to other consoles? They didn't come up with all those kinect ideas just to be ignored.
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gigoran  +   818d ago
Right, because it's not like there isn't a competitor doesn't require you to purchase additional batteries or a charger. Oh wait, there like totally is! How very considerate of that competing company to make a controller that doesn't require any constant or additional payments. What is that wonderful company called again? Sony, that's right.
mikeslemonade  +   818d ago

"Firstly, it's AA. Secondly, what do you use in your tv,garage remotes? Why does it apply to Xbox controllers but not those?"

TV remote lasts for one year, so roughly $1 cost for that. Garage... samething. My xbox 360 I have the play and charge and It certanly doesn't last for more than 2 weeks.

"Batteries don't matter because there are things called rechargeables. Seriously, how many times does this need to be mentioned?"

Yea another extra added cost. So you mean I have buy rechargbles which is like $6 and then a charger which is like $10. Nonetheless I had to buy something extra while the competitor has it packed in with the controller itself. And you have to have one set of rechargeables for each additional controller you buy.

"Resolution does matter when comparing this-gen to next-gen, but not Xbox One to PS4."

Apparently it does... why has it been on the news if it wasn't. Justin Bieber did something and it's on the news. Just because you don't like Justin Bieber doesn't mean it didn't matter. It's called negative PR and it's not good for Microsoft.

"Ever thought about the idea that they might want it to be one of Xbox One's stand-out concepts compared to other consoles? They didn't come up with all those kinect ideas just to be ignored."

And how has that been working for them..? Preorders are reportedly at the 3:1 ratio in favor of PS4. Was it really worth the risk to make the system package more expensive because at the end of the day the customer sees the price tag and if its worth it.


What the heck are you talking about..? PS4 includes the usb cable that connects to the system which simultaneously charges the controller. Yes of course you can buy the additional controller but they aren't nickle and diming you. There's a difference between "nickel and diming" versus pratical for business and good customer service.
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christocolus  +   818d ago

ignore them but on second thought,whats with these guys in every positive xbx article?..does it hurt?.if you dont like one is forcing it on you but kindly do the rest of us a favor and shut the hell up or get out of vocal yet so ignorant and stupidly biased...dont you guys get tired? .
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mikeslemonade  +   818d ago
Don't like it? Then don't read the comments. It's a comment section after all.
LogicStomper  +   818d ago

"TV remote lasts for one year, so roughly $1 cost for that. Garage... samething. My xbox 360 I have the play and charge and It certanly doesn't last for more than 2 weeks."

You're avoiding the point. I'm talking about technology, not how long it lasts. Now if we're so far in the technological age, why do AA,AAA batteries even exist? Point proven.

"It certanly doesn't last for more than 2 weeks."

To add on, let me mention the word again. Rechargeable.

"Yea another extra added cost. So you mean I have buy rechargbles which is like $6 and then a charger which is like $10."

Again, let me mention the word. Rechargeable. You see the AA batteries from last gen? I'll just recharge them for next-gen. So what's this added cost?

"Apparently it does... why has it been on the news if it wasn't."

Find me the news showing that Xbox owners care about the difference between the PS4 and Xbox One. Don't get me wrong, they both look great. So why would it matter which one is better? Sure it would matter if you only cared about graphics, but that's what PC's for.

"And how has that been working for them..? Preorders are reportedly at the 3:1 ratio in favor of PS4. Was it really worth the risk to make the system package more expensive because at the end of the day the customer sees the price tag and if its worth it. "

So what you're saying is that you want both to be exactly the same? What's the point in existing if everything's the same.

"Should I pick the Xbox or the PS4? Both look the same, both have the same computational capabilities, both focus on the same types of games, both have lots of sports apps, but no game apps, both only focus on adding more power. Hmmmm"

" Yes of course you can buy the additional controller but they aren't nickle and diming you."

I was going to mention this, but I thought it would be a very fanboyish thing to bring up. Because some has brought it up though, I will comment on this.

Now here are two quotes written by you, unedited with full clarity of the spirit in the message.

"Yea another extra added cost. So you mean I have buy rechargbles which is like $6 and then a charger which is like $10. Nonetheless I had to buy something extra while the competitor has it packed in with the controller itself."

Second quote with you talking about the usb cables for the Dualshock controller:

" Yes of course you can buy the additional controller but they aren't nickle and diming you. There's a difference between "nickel and diming" versus pratical for business and good customer service."

So, tell me, what's this difference between 'nickel and diming' and 'good customer service'?

Check and, mate.
Ritsujun  +   818d ago
He meant it was amazing getting Xbone180'd.
Hayder  +   818d ago
@Panthers Dude STFU, a dealbreaker!? So if the PS3 had batteries you would be happy to never had played Uncharted, TLOU, GOW, Heavy Rain ect? Gamers play games not consoles stupid fanboy
FamilyGuy  +   818d ago
"Batteries don't matter.
Resolution doesn't matter.
Price doesn't matter.
Lies don't matter.
Power brick doesn't matter.
Paywall for apps doesn't matter.

Seriously what is wrong with you guys this coming generation? "

Man, seeing it all there together really puts an even worse perspective on MS and their Xbox One. There are so many crappy things about it, it's not consumer friendly at all and that's without the DRM they proposed initially.

It's like Xbox fans are addicted or something.
At what point will enough be enough?
When will MS cross the line for you guys?
Does Major Nelson have to literally walk up to an Xbox fan and spit in his face before you realize they're no good?

Add temp banning a loyal and very enthusiastic fans Xbox One to this list Freedomland. Got it early through no fault or deceit of his own, is a Gold subscriber yet banned from playing it online for telling people about how much he liked it.

Seriously, F&@K Microsoft!
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Death  +   818d ago
Here's a crazy thought. Spend $15 more on your second controller and get it bundled with the play and charge kit.

I personally like replaceable battery packs more than replaceable controllers. $10 battery packs vs. $60 controllers sounds like a deal. Not having to sit a couple feet from my plasma while I charge my controller is nice too. Although at that distance not only can I keep warm, but that 50% more power will come in handy since I'll be close enough to count pixels.

lol@the temporary ban bitching. His consoles has been removed from the service since Microsoft isn't allowing retail consoles on until launch.
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andibandit  +   818d ago

Talking about crossing the line maybe you should look into sony's past, cause if those values mean so much to you, you shouldve stopped gaming long ago.
hollabox  +   818d ago
@ stings

Yeah a pack of batteries can last awhile for my Xbox controllers. I actual wish my PS3 controllers had AA batteries. Before I sold my PS3 last week with my PS4 coming this Friday I was down to maybe 4 or 5 hours of gaming on 1 and about 8 hrs on the other controller. Irritating to sit off to the side of my TV using a 2 meter USB cord to charge while gaming. Both controllers were 3 or more years old, but like cell phones battery packs will lose its charge over time, not a matter of opinion but fact.
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bleedsoe9mm  +   818d ago
@zod18 , i don't know how much you used your ps3 but i used mine allot and i hated the ps3 battery solution , battery dies mid game and you have to plug it in with a tiny cord and sit right in front of the tv . xbox was much better just slap in some new rechargeable and keep playing !
FamilyGuy  +   818d ago
@ andibandit

I'd love to see you elaborate on that non-specific statement with some information that puts Sony on MSs level.


You're an addicted shill, the exact type I was talking about. So blind by MSs crappy way of doing things that you've created justification.
1st off: If MS was really concerned with their battery being easily user replaceable they would have included a replaceable rechargeable battery pack in the first place rather than send standard AA batteries.
2nd: The PS3 controller battery last for yeeeeears and even if it were to die you can buy a replacement for $6-$8. The PS3 instuction manual even tells you how to replace it.
3rd: USB extension cables are $1, ONE DOLLAR at any 99cents store. You have no reason to cry about charging it while sitting close. In addition to that the charge last like 30 hours so if it dies it's because you decided not to charge it.

You're full of s*** so it only makes sense that you'd be full of crappy, poorly thought out excuses too.

Such terrible excuses.

50 cent usb extension cable

$3 battery
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battery my ASS
hell even PS3! YES PS3!! had a built-in BATTERIES! and that was 7 YEARS AGO!!! now we are about to enter the doors of the next gen and M$ STILL using AA BATTERIES??! HAHAHAHA!! that better be a freakin' joke!!

holy mother of monkey tits
AndrewLB  +   818d ago
I hope they offer a version that's USB only like the current 360 USB controller because it works perfectly in Windows for playing emulators and the occasional Console Port where they did a horrible job on adaptation to keyboard/mouse control.

I wouldn't spend the money on the "Play & Charge kit" considering I just read that it only charges while in standby mode.

I would rather use good quality "precharged" AA batteries like Sanyo Eneloop which are 2000mAH or 2400mAH compared to Duracell Coppertop non-rechargeable AA batteries which are about 2200mAH. Plus modern precharged batteries don't degrade like old school rechargeable batters do.
andrewsqual  +   818d ago
@stiggs Notice that the things you have to IGNORE are not something that PS4 owners will have to at all. That is the problem in itself.
Let me guess, the "optional" wireless network adapter that 97% of the word purchased didn't bother you (and I'm saying you still bought it of course) or the whole DRM thing would be another atrocity you would have shrugged off like nothing?

Sometimes I feel bad that people like you are still buying the console after so many smart Xbox fans jumped ship to PS4 but at the same time made the console you are getting a much better one.
boneso82  +   818d ago
You do all know that the DS4 charges when the console is switched off so you won't have to worry about it not being charged when you turn it on to play? Just sayin to all the Xbox battery pack lovers who keep moaning about having to sit 3 feet from their plasma tv because the DS3 is running low on juice.
mikegeezy69  +   817d ago

um. perfectly said lol!
NewZealander  +   819d ago
i was waiting for you to go full troll ;) that wasn't hard now was it.

people like you are so blinded by brand loyalty that even the most insignificant thing such as batteries has to become bad news, and all good news is either BS lies PR spin.

and for me personally external batteries is preferable, i have a ps3 and no i never had any issue with the batteries, but if by chance i did im happy knowing i can swap them out rather then have to send the control back to sony.

and WTF you don't pay twice for apps, where did you get that nonsense from?

anyone who pays for gold knows exactly how good it is, its a premium service and packed with features, hell i turn on my ps3 and im like wheres the apps!

also the good thing about living in a small place like NZ...pretty much ZERO ads!
Kingthrash360  +   819d ago
sorry sir i'm no "troll" or brand loyalist.
to clear this up its time for....THE LIST

1. i dont know you but i know you never had to swap batteies out of a ds3...but i ask you, how many times have you had to either change aa batts or actually BUY a new battery pack? your wallet knows

2. you DO pay twice for apps my misinformed friend...say for instance, netflix. you pay 7.99 a month for netflix service. thing is you have to have gold in order to use if your gold expires you will not be able to watch netflix regardless if you paid for netflix already. this goes for all apps paid or free.

3. gold is good the service is ok but we are talking about a new generation now but even in the current gen ps+ killed gold just new game after new gave you online mp and ads...psn was free this new gen you need ps+ for online mp but thats the only paywall...apps are not locked recording is not locked. oh and the ps4 with + comes with free games at launch gold...well it comes with ads, thats something
oh and can you clarify "pretty much ZERO"?..because thats sounds like it has ad's.
its you who are the fanboy my friend all i stated were facts you are twisting your argument with words like "pretty much" and arguments about never having to change the ps3 battery pack and somehow ignored the fact that you had to pay for a 360 one. and soon a xbox1 batt pack.
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justiceot  +   818d ago
Please don't ignore the DS3's inconveniences. I play far away from my ps3 and it's simply not possible for me to charge it while playing, given the length of the usb cable. Instead, I have to rely on my 2nd controller and charge the 1st one while playing with the 2nd. Rechargeable AA batteries is definitely a better option for me. "Swap and go" rather than getting a new controller.
Utalkin2me  +   818d ago

That seriously mad no sense. You would rather swap batteries then grabbing a new controller. Both would be about the same inconvenience. My ds3 last about anywhere from 10-12 hours, how long do you game?

Btw you can buy a USB extension for a few dollars...
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cp123005  +   818d ago
had 2 ps3 controller batteries go bad. one has to be permanently plugged in and the other had to throw away because it won't work no matter what. also noticed both batteries were starting to fail before they permanently broke. (charge didn't last as long)
LogicStomper  +   818d ago

"i dont know you but i know you never had to swap batteies out of a ds3...but i ask you, how many times have you had to either change aa batts or actually BUY a new battery pack? your wallet knows "

Well, I had to change the batteries as many times as you had to pull out the recharge cable. How many times I had to buy a new battery pack? Once, ever heard of rechargeable batteries? Cause it sounds like Sony kids have never heard of them.

Your second point is valid, but doesn't apply to me cause I only use my console to game.

"gold...well it comes with ads, thats something"

Mhmm because ads are very bad. I definitely don't want to see that 50% off all borderlands 2 DLC ad on the dashboard or the free game either.


"its you who are the fanboy my friend "

That's hilarious now! Do you even know what a fanboy is? It's one who is overly loyal to one thing while trashing others over opinions and views, not facts.

Now let's see where New Zealander has trash-talked about the PS4... Hmm I don't seem to see any.
Now let's look at you... Well, your entire comment reeks of it. The jokes on you kid.

Also, I confirm that there are significantly less ads here in NZ compared to US. I googled dashboard pics of the US version and yeah, we have it good here.
NewZealander  +   818d ago
kingthrash i have bought one XB360 battery pack since 2006...and i have used the same rechargeable AA batteries in between, my wallet has not been raped, but if you feel the financial burden then maybe you should ask for a pay raise.

as for paying twice for apps ok fair call i have never used netflix, but true apps eg ign gamespot etc are free to use with gold, you are twisting things to make it appear all apps are paid for twice.

as for PS+ killing gold thats purely your opinion, i have tried both and i know what i prefer.

pretty much zero means the only ads we have here are microsoft ads that relate to the console, co car ads etc.

i own both consoles and appreciate them for the different things they bought to this generation, but one thing i cant stand on here is the idiots that slam a console for something as trivial as batteries, im actually sick to death of seeing the trolls on here nit pick every stupid thing they can just to play down the competition.
Sci0n  +   818d ago
Zero Adds and Zero TV features that the X1 is boasting about with cable, NFL, and USA only services. Get Xboned!
andrewsqual  +   818d ago
From working in retail for 6 years and knowing lots of happy PS3 customers/friends, I do not recall a single person sending away a controller to Sony. I still have my launch one. WTF are you going on about? The Xbox One has to last another 5-8 years. Will people stop saying things like 2013 is acceptable for batteries, 2013 is when the damn thing is launching.

Actually they will do the same thing like with 360. They will wait 4-5 years and release an even more expensive controller with the battery built-in and you will all lap it up like the 360 controller with the "functional" d-pad.
kenmid  +   818d ago
lol, the Sony troll are here and they are mad.
#1.3 (Edited 818d ago ) | Agree(29) | Disagree(35) | Report | Reply
Kingthrash360  +   818d ago
im no troll but im sure even trolls are not mad at anything...really whats there to be mad about? no bulge at the bottom of never had this prob...smh xbots have zero logic.

but i may be wrong...please inform me what sony has done with the ps4 that would make any gamer mad?..other than being sold out. being too powerful? ps+? built in controller batt? 1080p? 399.99? no drm? remote play? no app paywalls? better multiplats? better exclusives? better design? no brick? gaikie? 30-50% more power? optional camera? indies? i really cant see a problem.
#1.3.1 (Edited 818d ago ) | Agree(27) | Disagree(28) | Report
BX81  +   818d ago
@Kingthrash, you mad bro!
Kingthrash360  +   818d ago
i guess im mad...i feel good but for somereason yall sayin im of what. really of what. if ms want to charge for battery pack and yall willing to buy then go ahead...smh its just its 2014 and for people to except this type of man forget it ps4 out in a few days too happy to feel sorry for early x1 adopters right now on bros enjoy your new console ps4 or x1...
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kenmid  +   818d ago
@kinthrash you are troll... Let me explain this to you, you came on a Xbox article where the guy really enjoy his experience with the Xbone. But you have have to bring up stupid ridiculous things like a battery pack on the controller. That's call trolling. It's not about price, drm, or 1080p its about you trying to be first to bring down this article.

Edit: And i'm not talking about Sony gamers i'm talking about Sony Troll like yourself
#1.3.4 (Edited 818d ago ) | Agree(18) | Disagree(17) | Report
cp123005  +   818d ago
@King COD: Ghosts is having framerate issues on ps4 but are still pushing 1080p. xbox dropped 1080p but has a special upscaler to get around this problem but ps4 will still have framerate issues because sony is stupid and stubborn and does nothing but lie to their customers yet the sony sheeple eat it up.
Kingthrash360  +   818d ago
ohhhh so me stating a opinion is trollng now?
i thought if i said something like "hahahaha ps4 dont need batteries!! this guy is stupid buying a x1 when ps4 is better"
i understand that early x1 adopters feel like opinions are trolling but they are jus opinions. not once in my first or second commet did i say ps4....not once in the history of me have i said xbone or xbox1p or something a troll will do. smh so to see ms fans get so upset at criticism of batteries in controllers in 2014. by your logic anyone wh disagrees with anything said about x1 is a troll...smh
4Sh0w  +   818d ago | Well said
king not only are you a troll but you're the worst kind who thinks he can just say "its my opinion" and wow thats it, NO way can he be trolling. You just don't get it.

#1 you came to an article where a guy was giving his impression on games, kinect, tv, multitasking, etc, etc which he concluded with
"So what did I think of the Xbox One?
I loved it."
and the best you could do is go full retard rant about batteries and worst you only think the right way to do batteries is HOW SONY DOES IT which many perfectly sane people rather have batteries so they dont risk have to send the controller in if something goes wrong. Neither situation is perfect but even if I preferred sonys way its such a minor thing that I would not ever consider in my console purchase.

#2 You are a well known xbox hater given your post history, so basicly it works like this: no one other than sonyfanboys take anything you say as creditable, the instant I see certain names I assume OK what BS is he spouting about now, you could say the same about me or any xbox fanboy in a ps thread but the difference is I try to remain balanced because I want a ps4 I just have to wait until I have the money so I don't go to ps4 threads just to troll, you on the other hand hate microsoft so really theres no need for you to be here, your opinion is born out of complete and utter brand loyalty and so its worthless to anyone interested in xbox.

#3 When you troll as you do nothing changes, it just makes xbox fans not like ps fanboys more and same goes for when xbox fanboys troll ps threads. Being critical with common sense based comments is not trolling, I actually like negative opinions or something I like when its clear that person aims to be helpful but when all you ever do is bash sny and every little thing against one side and promote every thing on the other side it becomes obvious you have an agenda. Also constantly following something you have already mad3 clear you dislike is in fact trolling. Its like if I own a bar and you didnt like how I run it or the beverages but you hang outside everyday telling people who like it not to go in, why not let my bar fail on its own if its so bad= you dont because you are a hater.

Tip: start a new account, behave like a rational human and your opinion will be appreciated, otherwise you are just speaking to the like minded sonyfanboys, you might get more bubbles but your opinion like all fanboy opinions will remain irrelevant.
#1.3.7 (Edited 818d ago ) | Agree(17) | Disagree(12) | Report
DEAD-DEVIL-DISCO  +   818d ago
playstation fanboys are only trying to make the x1 buyers realize they are getting the short end of the stick, thats all man. kind of like i know obama is one of the worst presidents that ever lived. the proof is there. but dumbasses think he's the best. its annoying as all hell. but you just gotta shut up and quit tryin sometimes. enjoy your xbox investment i guess
LogicStomper  +   818d ago

"im no troll but im sure even trolls are not mad at anything...really whats there to be mad about?"

Not mad? Sounds like you're getting a bit defensive to me. Look, here you are in a Xbox article trying to come up with points on why the Xbox is bad. Mhmm, definitely not defensive nor mad.



And i'm here to get you to realise that 'better' is subjective in this case. What may be better for you, might not be better for me. So yeah, I'm going to enjoy my Xbox investment and you enjoy yours.
#1.3.9 (Edited 818d ago ) | Agree(11) | Disagree(6) | Report
seedaripper1973  +   818d ago
For anybody who didn't bother to read the article, it was a female gamer, not a 'guy'
u got owned  +   818d ago
so its set in stone Kingthrash360 is one of the biggest trolls there is.
BBBirdistheWord  +   818d ago
@ kenmid & 4show


What a sad state of affairs.
A story pops up of a gamer enjoying her first hand experience with the XboxOne and like clockwork the trolls show up and complain about batteries.

I mean honestly?
Complaining about batteries?
Is this a new low for the PS4 trolls on this site?

This is getting really sad and pathetic.
I hope the community on here improves, because I really dont want to identify with the ps4 crowd if it continues like this.
It's just embarrassing.
#1.3.12 (Edited 818d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(0) | Report
boneso82  +   818d ago
It's just insanity that people are saying that having to purchase and replace batteries or buy extra battery packs from MS for their controller to work is somehow better than the controller having a built in rechargeable battery. I don't get the logic? I really don't, its fucking ridiculous fanboyism at its best.

Buying extra stuff and going through more effort is now apparently better than getting the equivalent for free and no effort. INSANE!!!
MichaelLito79  +   818d ago
Here comes kingthrash again trolling at his worst. Dude get over it the system is awesome.
Shuyin  +   818d ago
phatzo  +   818d ago
Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II  +   818d ago
I dont beleive the guy at all seems like a flamebait article, i could make an article saying i spent a few hours with the wii-u and its the greatest thing in the world...but i wouldnt bother cause it would be flamebait and i would obviously be joking.
MorePowerOfGreen  +   818d ago
You seen that as flame bait? Are Sony fans mentally SANE!???

A woman is previewing this. You guys are no longer reading what you're trolling over? It's like you see what other trolls are saying and based on their anger level, you guys go all out without the whole picture or far from it.

I don't know why this news has caught PS fans off gaurd MSFT has been saying what XBOX ONE was about for months. You simply started to believe your own damage control spin and lies over the past months.

I will be looking forward to playing the most graphically impressive games ever on consoles, confirmed by media and the most advanced features and services.
#1.5.1 (Edited 818d ago ) | Agree(15) | Disagree(17) | Report
u got owned  +   818d ago

what did I just read... I feel like my IQ just went down :/
MASTER_RAIDEN  +   818d ago
cant believe im seeing disagrees on your comment when it makes complete sense.
Omegasyde  +   818d ago
I don't think it's wallet rape, but definately doesn't justify the start price when the PS controller is sam price with rechargable controller and nightlight/touchpad.

MS fans should demand a price change in the controller. You guys are getting jipped.
#1.7 (Edited 818d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
_FantasmA_  +   818d ago
And everyone though I was being a fanboy when I said the 360 was actually more expensive than the $600 PS3 in the long run. Batteries, battery packs, bigger hard drive, replacement headsets, replacement game consoles, WiFi adapter, HD DVD add on, etc were all needed to keep your 360 working and to make it compete with the premium PS3 that already had everything in the box at $600. I spent over 1000 on my 2 Xboxes like and idiot. $600 was actually a bargain for a PS3 with a PS2 inside it.
jessupj  +   818d ago
It's good to see someone enjoying their new next gen console.

She has different priorities and preferences to me when it comes to gaming and that's perfectly fine. Even though she knows there's a big power gap between the xbone and the PS4, she's having a healthy attitude about it and not getting defensive or being in denial about it. She know's she's going to have fun regardless of the resolution.

I personally would like the cheaper console that is more able to handle a bigger resolution, but also smarter A.I., longer draw distances, more complex physics, etc.

I'm concerned with better visuals, but I'm also very passionate about bigger and better game engines and the PS4 is the one that's going to be able to go a lot further in both those areas because it's the extra power.

I hope other future xbone owners can possess a healthy attitude like the author of this article and accept that they're going to have fun regardless of the significant power gap.
#1.9 (Edited 818d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(10) | Report | Reply
QuickdrawMcgraw  +   818d ago
I bet when he spent the afternoon with the Xbox1 he was able to listen to his music.Maybe I am beating a dead horse,but it still blows me away that I can't listen to my tunes on the PS4.I am a Sony gamer and to find out that my new PS4 will do less then my PS3 as a home hub for my entertainment blows me away.I am hoping the more I complain about this maybe Sony will listen.
b777conehead  +   818d ago
it was a she not a he. get over the music thing listen to a I pod are other music players
u got owned  +   818d ago
I bet you didn't even read the article since you are calling her a "he"
Games_R_Us  +   817d ago
Power is everything to som gamers but not everyone.
bigfish  +   818d ago
I stopped reading after this sentence- "One of the problems I’ve always had with the Xbox 360 controller (as a female gamer) is that the controller always felt a little too bulky in my small girly hands"
jakehammer  +   818d ago
The 360's controller didn't eat through batteries, and I'm an avid gamer. It's nice that Sony fans are the nitpicking fags of this generation. I'm buying both systems. Just because you're too poor to enjoy games on both, you don't need to put down the console YOU AREN'T EVEN BUYING. Is this kindergarten again? Face it. Sony got destroyed last generation. Who cares? Go have sex with a woman.
xavierbigdaddy1972  +   818d ago
You might want to try harder on who got destroyed. Last i saw xbox is in last. Place
jakehammer  +   818d ago
Sony was way behind in the 7th generation
H0RSE  +   818d ago
The fact that the X1 controller uses batteries, just offers another option for players. You can spin it as a "disadvantage," but ultimately it's just one more option for players that Sony doesn't offer, and yes, a lot of people not only use batteries still, but prefer them. Disagree all you like, AA batteries present their own advantages over a rechargeable pack.

The only case here where I could see a valid argument against AA batteries, would be if they were the only way to use the controller, and we all know that isn't the case. If you want to use a rechargeable pack, the option is there. If you want a wired controller, the option is there. If you want to use AA batteries, the option is there.

Granted, the recharge kit cost an extra $25 while Sony's controller has it built in, but then again, Sony isn't offering any other options, and the pack is built into the controller, meaning removing/replacing it requires unscrewing the back of the controller (it wasn't designed to be removed by the user) while the X1's battery slot is easily accessible for both AA's and the pack.
#1.13 (Edited 818d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
xavierbigdaddy1972  +   818d ago
It called lithium batteries. No evolution replacement for batteries. Never had to unscrew nothing on none of my controllers. Works just fine
b777conehead  +   818d ago
sony dose not need any other options you plug the controller in charge it then play it .you do not have to spend any extra money for batterys are for charge kit. I have had ps3 since 2006 controller still going strong.
H0RSE  +   818d ago
That point that you personally have not had problems with the pack, does not magically void the fact that lithium batteries lose charge and die. There are even people in these comments who mention that their packs lost charge and/or died. Why do you think they sell PS3 battery replacements?

You talk about simply plugging it in and playing it - this is actually where AA batteries have an advantage over packs. If you need to charge the pack, you have to sacrifice wireless functionality. AA batteries do not have this downfall - you just pop them out and replace them, without having to be tethered to a cord. There is also no waiting for it to charge - it is instantaneous.

I personally do not use batteries or wireless controllers. I game on my monitor, so I have no need for wireless functionality - I also don't like to deal with having to recharge/replace anything, so this isn't about me "defending" something due to personal preference, but simply seeing the merit in something, regardless if I use it or not. Objectivity would really help your argument.

And it isn't meant as an "evolution replacement" for lithium batteries - as I stated, it is simply another option, which many actually prefer.
#1.13.3 (Edited 818d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(0) | Report
Tzuno  +   818d ago
Dude is plug and play on Pc not to mention that is the most superior controller out there on market.
steve30x  +   818d ago
How do you expect the controller to work if it doesn't have any batteries in it? Will it work from magic fairy dust?
bornsinner  +   818d ago
i know it can be costly but having a non removable would be a pain in the long run...think about when the ps4 controller needs charging or wears out, you'll be wiring it up most of the time. being able to switch from different recharge packs was something i did to keep my 360 wireless...

on ebay you could grab recharge packs for £2 with the usb charge, i'm sure there there will be plenty of 3rd party ones & they worked great as the official ones
Crypt0117  +   818d ago
So this what you got from the article. Batteries. Look I want the convienence of swapping out batteries on the fly and not having a 9 ft cord running through my living room, especially when family or friends are around. Of course MS could have gone with an internal battery but they were thinking about an overall social experience probably.
otherZinc  +   818d ago
M$ did the right thing with a battery pack:

At least when the battery pack no longer works, you don't have to spend $60 on a new controller like we did with the PS3!

Jusy spend $19.99 on a recharge kit.

Also, M$ didn't charge us a higher price for the 40 additional improvements they've made to the comptroller.
Halochampian  +   818d ago
Eneloop Batteries are your best friend. Amazing rechargeable that last for what seems like forever.
Games_R_Us  +   817d ago
Wow this is the best battery debate I have ever seen! Maybe Sony and MS should have gone solar instead? ;)
condemmedman  +   818d ago
the hate will come no matter what.
maximus1985  +   818d ago
and the justifiers will come no matter what
condemmedman  +   818d ago
justifying what? owning a console? man you got problems.
Derajcan2  +   818d ago
Rechargeable batteries, heard of them? One time buy for a pack of four or more and your set for life, don't try to turn this article into bad news for batteries
maximus1985  +   818d ago
ive also heard of built in
BBBirdistheWord  +   818d ago
@ maximus

I have a 360 controller with batteries and a ps3 dualshock with built in pack.

Every time my 360 controller runs out of juice i simply put another set of rechargeable batteries in, which I always have charged.

Every time my ps3 dualshock runs out of juice i have to plug the silly cord in and sit close to the tv while it charges. I also hope the batteries inside the controller last me a long time, because I really don't want to replace the whole controller just for the battery pack inside.

Got to say I prefer AA batteries and I have tried both.

The Aphone received heavy criticism for non user replaceable batteries. Yet, somehow non user replaceable batteries on the ps4 is deemed to be a good thing? How odd!

Only on N4g!
#1.21.2 (Edited 818d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report
justSumDood  +   818d ago
"I spent an afternoon with the Xbox One, and it was amazing"

Well, i spent the night with one and now i have crabs.
badkolo  +   818d ago
they are mad because they only have killzone to play at launch, not much else to do with that ps4, so they gotta troll in every x1 thread, since the x1 just has so much going for it. they yap and yap 50% more powerful yet ryse graphically crushes anything they have at launch, i feel pity for them.
i rather be able to swap out batteries just in case, then with one built ion and having it die on me. i like options, to king above me, they promised a all gaming machine yet there isnt anything to play at launch, they said tis the most powerful gaming machine yet ryse crushes anything they have graphicaly yet you swallow anything sony squirts in your face . its such a gaming machine that it does nothing but play killzone at launch, i wont even mention knack, that is such crap it isnt funny
#2 (Edited 818d ago ) | Agree(31) | Disagree(49) | Report | Reply
gobluesamg  +   818d ago
All u have to to swap out a dual shock battery is order one on eBay and loosen some screws you goon. Ryse looks good but plays like trash. How exciting!
xDHAV0K24x  +   818d ago
j/w...U played it?
Trekster_Gamer  +   818d ago
Sounds like real pain vs just tossing some new batteries in or putting on a charger...

Ryse blows away kz...
Troll elsewhere...
DigitalRaptor  +   818d ago
@ Trekster

In what way does Ryse "blow away Killzone"?

Is it the fact that Killzone runs at 1080p/60fps in multiplayer and 30-60fps variable in campaign mode?

Is it that fact that Killzone has much smoother and fast-paced gameplay and has open-world style level design?

Is it that fact that Killzone has received positive feedback about its gameplay, and Ryse has been previewed as having the poor and janky and boring gameplay we've all been telling you about for months?

Is it the fact that Killzone has an awesome, customizable and polished multiplayer environment - with all weapons unlocked from the start - and free downloadable maps. And Ryse's multiplayer looks and plays like a polished turd, with micro-transactions?

Is it the fact Is it the fact that Ryse has a poor forgettable story, and Killzone has a great story that investigates Helghast ideology and mirrors the tensions of history's Cold War?

Or is it just the fact that Ryse has better facial animations on its character models? I think that's it,,, right?
#2.1.3 (Edited 818d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(4) | Report
gobluesamg  +   818d ago
Yeah well Ive had 3 dualshocks for many years and havent had a battery fail yet. How am I trolling. All gameplay Ive seen has Ryse looking very one dimensional. Kolo can talk sh@t but I cant? OK dude.
I_AM_ CANADIAN_1989  +   818d ago
And you're just talking nonsense because you're sad and distraught that you don't even have a launch FPS game lol. All you guys got is upscaled 360 games cause that's exactly what they are.
WeAreLegion  +   818d ago
If you hate fanboys, don't retaliate by being a fanboy. You're making the problem worse.
ABeastNamedTariq  +   818d ago
Jeedai Infidel  +   818d ago
For your own safety, and the safety of others, do not feed the trolls!
4Sh0w  +   818d ago
Agreed Legion but it gets overwhelming I try to remain balanced but goddam this should be a really positive thread based on the article itself but the first haters just turned it into sh*t.
PickAShoe  +   818d ago
It's a TRAP!
KonsoruMasuta  +   818d ago
Ryse doesn't do anything. According to game informe, it's as fun as dialing phone numbers.

Forza only has 200 cars and 14 tracks with no day and night cycles. It's bare bones.

DR3 is having trouble keeping 30 fps, even at 720p.

Yeah, those X1 games are really something special.
#2.4 (Edited 818d ago ) | Agree(22) | Disagree(13) | Report | Reply
condemmedman  +   818d ago
your just repeating things you've heard not every one will like ryse but I've heard good things about it as well as bad, why is it every Xbox story you lot come flocking to knock it down. how old are you?
titletownrelo  +   818d ago
"yet ryse graphically crushes anything they have"

RYSE = 720p

Killzone Shadowfall = 1080p
DriveClub = 1080p
BlackLight Retribution = 1080p
Infamous: Second Son = 1080p
Need For Speed = 1080p
Knack = 1080p
WarFrame = 1080p
Deep Down = 1080p

I'm sorry, you were saying?...
KonsoruMasuta  +   818d ago
Shhhh..... These bots need a reason to justify spending $100 more on the weaker console.
ziggurcat  +   818d ago
Pretty sure Ryse is 900p... Or did they lower the resolution?
starchild  +   818d ago
Yes, because resolution defines how good a game's graphics are. Herp derp.

I can play the original Deus Ex at 1440p. Does that make it a better looking game than all the games you mentioned?

Besides, Ryse is 900p. You apparently can't even be honest about it.
Trekster_Gamer  +   818d ago
Oh the ignorance... Tell me you fool if pong was 1080p then would it also be better?

Well maybe better than killzone..

1080p does not make a game look good.
What are you 5??

Trolls and sonybots disagree and reply below...
ziggurcat  +   818d ago
@ trekster:

you're the fool if you continue to think that a 720p game upscaled to 1080p is the same as/better than the exact same game at native 1080p. take red dead redemption on X360/PS3 for example - while both are upscaled, the PS3 version's native resolution is lower than the X360's native resolution. and because the PS3 version is upscaled from a lower resolution, it looks blurrier, and therefore does not look as good as the X360 version.

the same principle applies to any game on xbone that is native 720p. when it is upscaled to 1080p, it will look blurrier than if it was native 1080p. native 1080p will *always* be better than native 720p no mater how you try to spin/slice it...

and yes, pong in 1080p would look a lot better than pong in its original resolution (whatever the resolution of 70's TVs were...)
DigitalRaptor  +   818d ago
@ Trekster

Despite the ripe denial in this place, 1080p makes a game look better than 720p. It's not opinion, it's basic computational science. If you've been gaming on PC, you'll know that a 1080p image is noticeably better than a 720p image. It doesn't make a game itself worse, but it vindicates what we've been saying about PS4 for months - and only those most loyal and invested will deny the facts that have been openly present for a while now.

Not long ago we had Xbox fanboys saying the XB1 was capable of 4K gaming, whilst PS4 wasn't. Earlier than that we had minor resolution differences between PS3 and 360 games and that was blown up and placed as a selling point for the 360. Now, it suddenly and conveniently doesn't matter? Now it's all about the non-gaming parts of a gaming console that makes the XB1 a better console? Wow.

Gamers will play what they want, fair enough, but don't hate on Sony fans for dealing Xbots what they've had coming for years. The hypocrisy and ripe bullsh*t is in the air and we are here to remind you of your double standards. PS4 is a gaming machine first and foremost, whereas, you cannot say the same about the XB1, You can't!
#2.5.6 (Edited 818d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(3) | Report
kingPoS  +   818d ago
Wait a minute the PS4 only has Killzone SF & Knack as launch titles? Since when! I though DC Universe, Warframe and Contrast were confirmed for the PS4's debut. Are you implying that that every launch title on the XBO is a blockbuster... if so, you might of been misled.

Gateway MT6706 2008
#2.6 (Edited 818d ago ) | Agree(12) | Disagree(8) | Report | Reply
starchild  +   818d ago
Those games don't count. I can play them on my PC.
DigitalRaptor  +   818d ago
"Those games don't count. I can play them on my PC"

Do you understand what a lineup is? If we are talking about games that are exclusive you might have a point, but we're not. Your point is intentionally supporting a troll, who is saying that there is only Killzone to play at launch, when I know, and you know, and he (obviously) knows there is far more to play than KZSF.
ziggurcat  +   818d ago
@ badkolo:

Don't be a hypocrite because you're in every PS4/Sony article trolling.

Also, PS4 has more launch titles, but nice try...
Omegasyde  +   818d ago
To replace the ION battery you remove 7-8 screws and disconnect battery and reconnect new one.

It takes less than 5 minutes and ONLY have to be done after 2-3 years (if that, I still have a SIXAXIS controller with no rumble that I can play for hours which is over 6 years old).
jessupj  +   818d ago
Yes, because launch games are the only games we're going to be playing for the entire generation, instead of accounting for less than 1% of the games I'm going to play. Oh wait...

And I'm going to have plenty of exclusives to play at launch on the PS4. And you know what? Sony is actually going to be continuing to release quality exclusives for the entire gen.

Remind me again which company released a pathetically low amount of AAA exclusives and not a single new IP in the last few years and will mostly likely do the same for the xbone? I forget.

I'm not going to be a fanboy and say "Killzone: SF crushes everything on xbone", but I will say while Ryse does look good, KZ looks better and from the previews we've seen the gameplay is a lot better as well.

And let's not forget the vastly superior multiplats I'll be enjoying THIS ENTIRE GENERATION. COD is already pushing 125% more pixels on the PS4. And I can only see the gap widening when game engines become a lot more complex.

You mention Sony squirting, but you're clearly voluntary bending over and spreading you legs for a certain company while smiling and giving them money the whole time.

For all the level headed future xbone owners this is not aimed at you and please forgive my immaturity but I can't help but feed this pathetic troll. For you, badkolo, and all the other MS apologists... enjoy your inferior multiplats.
#2.9 (Edited 818d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Games_R_Us  +   817d ago
COD sucks, even in 1080p/60fps!
xavierbigdaddy1972  +   818d ago
Wow, babkolo. You really are simple minded
I_AM_ CANADIAN_1989   818d ago | Bad language | show | Replies(4)
W3R3W00F  +   818d ago
Looks sleek, but I'm not gonna judge a book by its cover. Especially after what Microsoft has pulled.

The big prize still goes to the PS4 and Sony. For being awesome. For actually caring about gamers before backlashes have to happen.
#4 (Edited 818d ago ) | Agree(10) | Disagree(12) | Report | Reply
starchild  +   818d ago
Caring about
kingPoS  +   818d ago
That's why I'd play them on the PS4. I don't own a gaming PC just a well cared for laptop from 2008.

If it ain't broke, don't be fixen to replace it.
Or: Personal preference is personal preference even if it's old as #**k.
Or: So long as it plays 720p mkv's and has a decent web browser I'm good.

Take your pick.

Gateway MT6706 2008
#4.1.1 (Edited 818d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(3) | Report
DCfan  +   818d ago
gosh, PC master race at its finest.
Go play a shitty indie game, or better yet, go kickstart it.
BX81  +   818d ago
Lol, look at all these people mad over batteries. Get a rechargeable battery pack and call it a day. If that cost too much for you stop crying and go some where else with that noise.
IcicleTrepan  +   818d ago
Seriously. I bought one charge pack for my 360 and it still works fine years later. I like that I can swap regular batteries in if I have to. It's a perfectly acceptable modular design and there's no reason for anyone to bitch over it.

Of all the things to complain about, this is really making a mountain out of a mole hill. If they want to complain about the Xbox One, there are other areas that can be validly criticized, however when they start by attacking the battery pack they just come off as petty and whiny - and nobody will take them seriously.
T2  +   818d ago
Sooo u never wondered why they never just put that play n charge kit INSIDE the xbox controller ? Cuz I sure as hell did ...
Omegasyde  +   818d ago

Yea but compare prices with the PS4 controller. If anything the Xbox controller should be way cheaper since it has no touchpad and no ION battery.

That's my argument, its not about the preference but that the controller does less for the same price.

If it was 10$/10% cheaper, than really no one should complain.

Not trying to troll, but that's BS.
shivvy24  +   818d ago
I checked out the display console at my store, it actually looks way better than I thought, really clean and nice, the youtube vids don't do it justice and makes it look like a vcr lol.
cyhm3112  +   818d ago
don't forget the harddisk you have to buy from MS!! They don't let you install your own harddisk like PS4!! Cause they want to rip you off with higher priced ones!!! DOn't fall into this trap. Also you can't use the old drive wheels for x360. I can't mention so many reasons for not buying xbones
n4gamingm  +   818d ago
haha what are you talking about? they're not making internal hard drives for xbox one you have to buy a external of any brand kinda the same for ps4 i think its better this way for both consoles.
IcicleTrepan  +   818d ago
get a grip.
kayoss  +   818d ago
You bring up a good point. If X1 hard drive fail what do you do? Send it back to ms? That would be a pain in th arse if you ask me.
But I do like the fact that you can plug an external hdd to the X1. I also like that you can hook the ps4 to the x1.
#7.3 (Edited 818d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
DanielGearSolid  +   818d ago
I thought the battery thing was sarcasm..
She really wasnt kidding. How whiny, the battery pack wasnt bothersome at all
Ace_Pheonix  +   818d ago
I thought it was sarcasm in the sense that this article about batteries in a controller could have been written really negatively, seeing as how ridiculously stupid it is to have to put batteries in a controller, yet it's being written as a positive for the XBONE, and is really one of the only positive things I've seen for it. So it's best positive news is actually a negative. Huh. Sounds about right.
_QQ_  +   818d ago
LMAO at all these fanboys in the comments, they can't handle someone enjoying their system of choice. It hurts them to see someone have a good time with xboxone so sad...
HappyWithOneBubble  +   818d ago
As I read through the comments above me I just realized something. We are all lonely with no life. Sad.
Jeedai Infidel  +   818d ago
LOL, yeah it's almost 8:30 pm on a Saturday night, and here I am arguing with what appears to be teenagers.
azshorty2003  +   818d ago
Yep. No comments on the actual article or how, I dont wanna say bad, but definitely aimed at people who know nothing about the Xbox One up to this point.

Instead are arguments about batteries, resolution, good/crappy games. There really will never be peace. Maybe one the launches happen it'll at least shut sine of this up for a while. But probably not. It'll only make it worse.
Letros  +   818d ago
Got my Day One edition preordered, I'm a PC gamer, but this tech is too slick to pass up!
#11 (Edited 818d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(7) | Report | Reply
urwifeminder  +   818d ago
Will pick up a wired one for pc when released looks slick looking forward to getting hands on day one.
Max-Zorin  +   818d ago
Y'all argue too much. Regardless of what system you get, have fun gaming. If someone have a problem with what system you choose, give them the middle finger and move on.
Jeedai Infidel  +   818d ago
It's a very strange world we live in. It's not enough to state one's opinion about their preference, they have to grind people until they have their same opinion. Gaming is the new politics, so add that to the list of topics to stay away from in bars/pubs.
Mithan  +   818d ago
I will take batteries over a charge pack anytime.
BX81  +   818d ago
Wow really? Are you talking about rechargeable or regular batteries. I have a battery pack but I prefer rechargeable batteries. I easily have 25 rechargeable a lol. You have to between systems and toys.
Yankeesfan239  +   818d ago
I am an owner of both consoles already have them both paid off and I love how sony has the built in battery just like DS 3 and i still don't know why Microsoft didn't put in an internal battery pack. Hopefully they make the battery pack internal in a year or so just like sony does. But there's one con to that what happens if the battery inside ends up dieting permanently then how would we charge the controllers? would we have to take them apart and put in a whole new battery or would we be able to send them in to Microsoft/sony and have them do it for no charge or a small charge? instead of having to buy a whole brand new controller also having the battery pack external is a way for microsoft to make money because they know many of us would be willing to spend the $25 for the play n charge kit making it an $85 controller compared to sony's $60 controller thats a $25 difference
Mithan  +   818d ago
It doesn't matter. I just hated the PS3's no-pack idea.

I bought a second controller to keep around just for the odd time my first one died on me. It was stupid really.

At least with my 360 I could swap out the batteries any time (rechargable or regular batteries).
Hicken  +   818d ago
ziggurcat  +   818d ago
I'd like to know who actually knocked their knuckles against the battery pack on the x360 controller... Because it's never happened to me or anyone else I know.
Jeedai Infidel  +   818d ago
Those would be some big, scary hands, lol. The only thing that touches the pack are my two middle fingers' nails.
Johnsonparts23  +   818d ago
Lol batteries? What year is this?
Jeedai Infidel  +   818d ago
What do you use for your T.V. remote?

And it's 2013, in case you just now woke up from a coma, I didn't want to leave out that possibility.
Shakengandulf  +   818d ago
Dont wont to get involved in this but lets not forget the difference between a tv remote and a gaming controller, one that gets used hours on end and one thats used for changing channels.
Ive had the same batteries in my tv remote since i bought my tv, almost three years ago.
My ps3 controllers gets charged every two days, sometimes when im gaming or watching a movie, music whatever but it has never been a hassel either way.

If the battery ever does die, it can still be replaced because obviously these aren't some super rare batteries, dont need a whole new controller for a simple battery replacement.
Nothing wrong with Rechargable batteries for the 360/one controller because its most likely the best option for you.. It aint you guys fault, its mircosofts. Im sure if the xbox one controller had the ps3/4 style in built battery it would still be a plus, no?
WeAreLegion  +   818d ago
Your TV remote only needs batteries like once a year. Huge difference.
alexkoepp  +   818d ago
Replacing a $5 battery pack beats replacing a $50 controller when the battery can no longer hold a charge. And it's nice to just grab a fresh battery and do a quick swap rather than having to tether yourself to the system while the battery recharges
MrPops  +   818d ago
Your never tethered to the ps3 when re charging. I have 3 ds3. One im using one on charge and one fully charged ready to go. I just cycle through them. Easy. Just imagine if the newest iphone or galaxy came out but they took AA or AAA battery's that you had to swap out when flat.yeah wouldnt be very popular. And comparing to tv remote is not right to very different things.But each to there own with regards to the controllers.
starchild  +   818d ago
By the same controllers with analogue sticks? What year is this?

Well, it's 2013 and dual analogue sticks are still serving us just fine.

An item's utility isn't defined by how long it has been around. Don't fix what isn't broken...and all that.
Johnsonparts23  +   811d ago
But it is broke, that's why no modern electronics use batteries lol unless again, we're talking about a TV remote. For a system that's supposedly on the cutting edge it seems funny that it uses batteries.
C-Thunder  +   818d ago
Did anyone read the article. The battery thing sucks, but she also glosses over an issue they were having trying to snap while playing forza....sounds a lot like the rumored problems with snap may have some meat to them.
Robdeagle  +   818d ago
Obviously none of you have kids.

Well I do and everything they own takes batteries. AA, AAA, D, 9v I have tons of batteries that I have purchased this year, all rechargeable.

Yes going into 2014 batteries are still as popular as they ever were.

Honestly I would rather have the batteries as I can change those when they die as appose to having to buy a new controller, but I'm sure there is a work around for that.
#18 (Edited 818d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
Omegasyde  +   818d ago
First off you can change the ION battery on the dualshocks.

Second the controllers cost the same but one is rechargeable with no extra purchase necessary. If the Xbox1 controller was cheaper, then no argument necessary.

If the battery dies in a dualshock, you unscrew 6-7 screws and swap out with new battery NOT a new CONTROLLER. It takes less than 5 minutes.
xDHAV0K24x  +   818d ago
Yeah cuz thats convenient...
Robdeagle  +   818d ago
That's why I said "I'm sure there is a work around for that" meaning I'm sure there is a way to swap PS controller batteries.

Also the X1 controller takes a micro USB cord to charge and make it a 100% wired controller, and if you have ever had an Android phone or most cameras or most any electronic device these days then you already have the cable you need to plug n play.

And if you don't have one you can get one for less than $5 on Amazon.

Yes they cost the same and this may be just my opinion but I feel an Xbox controller will out live a PS controller based on the battery method used and average consumers not willing to go through the trouble of figuring out how to change a PS controllers battery, therefore making the Xbox controller cheaper in the long run.

I still have a controller from 07 as well as a battery pack from 07 granite the battery pack is on its last limb but $10 for a battery pack that has lasted about 6 years sounds like a good deal to me.

I'm just speaking based on my experiences with the 2.
D-riders  +   818d ago
I spent my afternoon playing x bone and it wasn't impressive. Controller is much smaller, graphics don't scream next gen more or less look like the Xbox One can now run games like last of us. I'm just hoping that their is a graphical difference between ps4 and Xbox One cause if not I don't know why I'm picking one up day 1
ElementX  +   818d ago
If it was so bad why did you spend an afternoon playing? I know I wouldn't want to waste time on something that "wasn't impressive". You had fun, admit it
#19.1 (Edited 818d ago ) | Agree(9) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
xDHAV0K24x  +   818d ago
It would ruin his rep with the SDF
PS4isKing_82  +   818d ago
@D riders I tried it today too and I loved it. Forza 5 looked incredible and the controller felt amazing as well. Deff buying it once more are available after launch.
TomahawkX   818d ago | Off topic | show | Replies(1)
PS4isKing_82  +   818d ago
I just tried the Xbox one out today too. And I'm absolutely in love with it. They had forza 5 and killer instinct at my local Microsoft store. The graphics and sounds were amazing and the new controller felt very good with the new impulse triggers. I think most ppl talking shit about it is because they simply haven't tried it yet. The controller feels wonderful in the hands and is much smaller than you think in person. Now I want an Xbox one as much as my ps4.
metus   818d ago | Off topic | show | Replies(1)
metus  +   818d ago
Yeah first timer
N311V  +   818d ago
What I find curious is that this article is from Business Insider Australia. I thought none of the TV integration via a cable box was available in Australia (at least at launch). Also she speaks of Hulu Plus and Netflix, neither of which are available to Australians.
Omegasyde  +   818d ago

Why the $%#$%^#$ would write about services not available in Australia?
N311V  +   818d ago
It all felt a little odd to me. Firstly Business Insider is a very strange place to see an article about consoles then author starts talking about all the features I know as an Australian are not available to me. I wonder if the MS reps gave her a free console? And did she approach them for the demo? Weird.
nashedpotatosbro  +   818d ago
are you people so dumb you dont recognize the engineering it takes to run a console? and it runs on batteries even though it has plug. have cracked open an f***ing xbox lately?
nashedpotatosbro  +   818d ago
everything has to have batteries to run! everything. unless you invent some other wierd technical crap that isnt that reliable and is a sry excuse for a console
windblowsagain  +   818d ago
I agree about the controller.

As for price of controllers.

All of them are too expensive imo.

Take the PS3 Controller in the uk. £39.99.

I find it strange they can drop the price of the hardware many times, but controllers still cost the same.

Probably cost £7 to make one.

Should be £25.

As for the xbox one. You know what your getting. If that's your thing. All power to you. Can't be bothered trying to argue with people about it anymore. It's their life.
YodaCracker  +   818d ago
If you have such a serious problem with batteries, then grab a USB cable and plug the Xbox One controller into the console. Voila! You never need batteries again! The XB1 controller instantly becomes a wired controller when you plug it in with a USB cable.
#28 (Edited 818d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
quenomamen  +   818d ago
Cool story on the batteries bro, now hows bout them games ?
pacosanchez88  +   818d ago
lol u didnt read the article did you.
iistuii  +   818d ago
Wow, moaning about batteries now. What next. When you Sony trolls get your PS4's how exactly will you turn on you tv to play it if you won't buy anything that needs batteries. I'm sure your Sony Bravia tv has a remote with batteries, did you complain to Sony about that.
Idba  +   818d ago
Tiny 1cm long batteries that last a year vs two AA batteries that last a cuple of hours.
MCTJim  +   818d ago
Agreed!! Lets take positive press about the X1 and turn it around and says I'm not buying the system because it still uses AA batteries. Seriously? All the remotes in most peoples houses use AA or AAA batteries. I think it was wise of MS not to make it integrated into the controller. I had the worst luck with the plug in charge I went and bought Lithium ones and have been using them in my PX5's and my investment of 10 bucks I ever did.
#30.2 (Edited 818d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
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