Xbox One Games Already Being Played: "112 Player Playing Killer Instinct, 36 Forza 5 And More"

GP: The user who got early access to Xbox One via Target Store has revealed some amazing details regarding the console and its games. The most recent screenshot shared by this user showcased handful of gamers are already playing Xbox One games.

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neocores1595d ago

Not gamers playing are devs and testers who are playing i would not be surprise to see this system get banned. The street date has yet to be lifted so they could also take legal action against this guy

UnrealThreats1595d ago

Are you stupid? He could get system banned, but if he can prove he payed for the unit, they cant sue him for playing it early. Its not like he jacked a system from target and bolted.

Snookies121595d ago

The "Are you stupid?" part was not necessary. Although yes, you are right. No legal action can be taken against someone who has paid for their system legally. It is the seller's fault, not the buyer.

MorePowerOfGreen1595d ago

He purchased it from a retailer and they messed up and sentXB1 to him early. Not much MSFT can do but remove some of his media where they can.

Hicken1595d ago

... wow. After reading one of your comments, I don't have the urge to drown a sack of puppies.

What's going on here????

neocores1595d ago

Lol go read the NDA about early system leaked if he gets it early its fine. but when u share it with everyone they have the right to bann the system and take more action if they want.

PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt1595d ago

i hope the PS4 has a feature like this one where it tells you the top games

ELpork1595d ago

I don't know that I'd qualify gamestop management "People who work in the industry". They're getting systems early, friend of mine already has a PS4. She's not been banned or sued.

If there was a huge rash of a single retailer selling these things, or an employee get's caught selling one early sure. But They do send them out ahead of launch to some people. Not to mention the people that'll get it early from Amazon or wherever.