Ripten DS Review: The World Ends With You

Ripten writes: "Westerners should count themselves lucky that the World Ends With You managed to make it out of Japan. As recently as five years ago, Square-Enix's quirky RPG starring a typically angst-y teenage protagonist playing a bizarre game in the middle of Shibuya might have been deemed too bizarre for western audiences. And who knows, they might have been right. But times change, and it looks like we're the better for it.

You take on the role of Neku as he wakes up in the middle of Shibuya's Hachiko Crossing with a timer ticking down on his hand and no memory. Anybody who has ever passed through Tokyo will have to smile at this point, as Square-Enix has faithfully replicated every nook and cranny of the famous district."

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PS360WII3862d ago

"With its solid art direction, outstanding soundtrack and creative gameplay mechanics, TWEWY ends up being a surprisingly addiictive game that is an enjoyable departure from the majority of RPGS out there"

best line there and fully agree