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Submitted by awkwardhamster 823d ago | interview

Zoo Tycoon Xbox One Preview Interview

Microsoft developer Jorg Neumann previews the new Xbox One Zoo Tycoon game in this exclusive interview. (Jorg Neumann, Microsoft, Tag Invalid, Xbox One, Zoo Tycoon)

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Bigpappy  +   823d ago
These guy did a bunch of interviews. Good work. This is how you should get your hits. Flame wars are useless.
jagiii  +   823d ago
Zoo Tycoon is a cool game for Xbox One.
GusBricker  +   823d ago
Getting this for my wife and boys. They love the zoo.
falviousuk  +   823d ago
Getting this for myself, it may look pretty, but there is a decent sim at the heart of it
Hartsy  +   822d ago
Another 1080p game to add to the list :D looks amazing! :D I wonder if they will let you release lions and go crazy in this one :P
gamer7804  +   822d ago
Very excited to get this one, the instant pause and do something else feature will come in very handy as well as snap mode with this one.
arjman  +   822d ago
So can we assume this is never coming to PC?

You know, the platform that made this game possible?
gamer7804  +   815d ago
This is a different company making this game, and with the features it has, it probably won't come to the pc, at least in its current form. The xbox 360 version could possibly make its way to pc, as it is a simplified version of this one, without kinect and multiplayer, and smaller zoos. Pc's could handle 2/3 of those things but not kinect.

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