Ryse: Son Of Rome Xbox One Preview Interview 2

Crytek developer PJ Estevez discusses the Xbox One action game Ryse: Son of Rome in this exclusive interview.

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jagiii1660d ago

This game has improved vastly since E3.

DeadRabbits1660d ago ShowReplies(1)
THamm1660d ago

Had the game's graphical style been like the beginning cgi, it would have been beautiful. Although the new scenes in the forest and whatnot does show they might've added more to the story.

Mike134nl1660d ago (Edited 1660d ago )

Definitely improved, watched the live stream on twitch they definitely listened to the complaint (button prompts) showing and explaining the depth of combat including the experience tree and possible powers/attributes.
Also very impressed when it became apparent that there is or at least seems to be no cgi in between the transitions.
The environment in the game and the combat happening all around looks gorgeous. I did find it strange that after some skirmishes soldiers who were standing in one frame ready to fight were suddenly on the ground or on their knees being exhausted...
Also seems convenient too have stacks of spears lying on so many locations.

lifeisgamesok1660d ago

Graphics, gameplay and story all look good

n4gamingm1660d ago

I really do think they something good here and if the reviews do well when it release it might become a sequel.