Kombo Review: Broken Mirrors Don't Stop Warhawk From Continuing to Soar

Kombo writes: "Operation Broken Mirror is the recent efforts to deliver continued support of Warhawk by Incognito Entertainment. After the success of the Omega Dawn downloadable content, Broken Mirror copies some of the same formula to this new add-on.

The two new big-ticket features of Broken Mirror are the APC and the map Vaporfield Glacier. The APC is seemingly boring in real-world function, but the team at Incognito has cranked up the usefulness of this transport at least 10 fold. Not only can you shuttle troops across the map, it functions as a mini-base where you can shoot out of the holes in the top and even respawn.

If the APC is taking too many bullets, you can drop the E-Pod which makes enemy fire bounce off the shell like rubber balls, but your guns will still shoot out of the E-Pod. It isn't that different to the Halo 3 bubble shield, for comparison. Rev the engine and charge through lightly armored vehicles that won't stand a chance against the APC's girth."

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gamesR4fun3887d ago (Edited 3887d ago )

sounds like a dork

8.5 a fair score sure but what it should of been a flying vehicle says who?!
Too pricey sure my wallets not happy bout getting raped but then 20 or 30 hours in and my APC is the central key to winning us the game again I cant say I mind the 8 bucks so much. Heck my first Warhawk charge kill was worth it lol.

ps the holes on the top of the APC are called hatches stop watching starwars and pick up a decent war novel... Maybe a little Tom Clancy...