Prepare for Ultimate Evil on Playstation 4

From the hallowed halls of BlizzCon® 2013, Blizzard are excited to reveal that Acts I-V will be wrapped together into one incredible and action-packed adventure when Diablo® III: Ultimate Evil Edition™ arrives on the PlayStation® 4!

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MAULxx1500d ago

Freakin awesome! I'm glad I waited to buy this game.
Release date for PS4?

BoriboyShoGUN1499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )

Yes sir!!! glad I held out for this one, :D I just really didnt want to cheat myself graphics wise.

ArchangelMike1499d ago

Yup, I knew it too as soon as they announced a PS4 version. Glad I waited, now they just have announce a release date. Hmmm... guess I'm going to have to get a second PS4 controller now...

FamilyGuy1499d ago

Yeah I'm here for the release date too.

MRMagoo1231500d ago

Wow I cant wait, i have the ps3 version and pc so i might trade the ps3 one in and get this.

supraking9511500d ago

sweet!!!! more diablo fun. So is Xbone getting this expansion? Will it be 720p?

spaceg0st1500d ago

Diablo3 is a Ps4 exclusive

IcicleTrepan1500d ago

I highly doubt that. It's on PS3 and 360 already.. If it's on 360 I am sure it's coming to Xbox One.

spaceg0st1500d ago

hmm, my bad. Obviously heard incorrectly

BoriboyShoGUN1499d ago

Well its on the 360, but there has been absolutely no news on any version coming to Xbox One. If it does release on Xbox One I'm assuming it will be sometime after the PS4 version.

MasterCornholio1499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )

Its probably a timed exclusive due to the longer development time that they will have with the Xbox One version.

I mean why didn't they demo the Xbox One version at Blizzcon?

Nexus 7 2013

FamilyGuy1499d ago

Sony convinced Blizzard to put Diablo on consoles, they're the ones the schmoozed them so they get first dibs. Not an exclusive game but there is some PS Exclusive stuff.
Also, only PS4 version has been mentioned, it's on 360 but they haven't mentioned anything about X1 yet.

Sony isn't bragging about it being a "next gen exclusive" so it's either timed or taking longer to develop the X1 version.

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Killjoy30001500d ago

If they don't have an upgrade deal for those who have bought it on PS3, I'm going to be infuriated. If they have the nerve to make you buy the same game THREE times in a row, then wow. Two times, I get it. Different experiences. But they better have some type of discount, especially because I bought the PS3 version digitally. It's tethered to everybody's account, so there is no excuses.

Heisenburger1500d ago

Why do you deserve anything? I'm sorry friend, but you deserve the product(s) that you spent money on(which you got) and nothing more.

Now it certainly would be nice of them to offer some sort of upgrade discount. But you are definitely acting like you deserve it, which is plain silly.
I bought a 2014 Honda. They better not have the nerve to try and make me buy the 2015 model, or else imma be infuriated!! #kidsthesedays

I for one haven't purchased Diablo III. I will purchase the PlayStation 4 version.

FunAndGun1499d ago

They also announced it would be on the PS4 awhile ago, so its not like it was a surprise.

BoriboyShoGUN1499d ago

I saw on Facebook earlier today that you will be able to import your PS3 characters so they might have an upgrade option.

ArchangelMike1499d ago

Entitled much? You should have just waited like the rest of us. But yeah, they have a character transfere system. I don't think it'll be an upgare though. You might be able to upgrade from Diablo III PS3 to Diablo III PS4. but I highly doubt that you would be able to upgrade Diablo III PS3 to Diablo III:Ultimante Evil Edition on PS4.

Those are two different products. On two different systems. Plus, Blizzard know how to make a profit you know!

Killjoy30001499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )

Ok, blockheads, let me run through a couple things. Not only was this game re-released on current gen consoles at FULL PRICE A WHOLE YEAR LATER (with no extra content, at that) but this game is released by one of the most well funded, no, THE most well funded publisher on the planet. So it astounds me that you people would just take another 60 right up the tail pipe. You're telling me a discount of 30, 20, even 10 BUCKS isn't justified after THREE RELEASES of a TWO YEAR OLD GAME? That costs them literally nothing to produce??

Cars are completely different, bud. This is just ridiculous, and you're the industry's problem. You act as if they're bleeding money.

Let's not forget about the DRM and real money auction house either. They way you guys are adamantly defending getting charged more, I'd think you're all clones of Bobby Kotick yourselves.

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