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PS4 VS. XBOX One: Console Specs

From RAM to CPUs, IGN runs down the tech that's powering the games of the next-generation. Which console is best for you? (PS4, Xbox One)

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inf3cted1  +   534d ago
Specs? What specs? They didnt talk about the throughput, bandwith, clock speed, etc...
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Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II  +   534d ago
I would like to run this by some people incase they dont know or forgot..

PS2: Was able to do 1080i in single races in GT4 which is more or less 720p

Original Xbox: Was capable and could do 720p
XBOX360: 720P 98% of the time
Xbone: 720P Mostly so far....

Quite the evolution in hardware there MS.
Eonjay  +   534d ago
How can this video be called a spec comparison?
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inf3cted1  +   534d ago
Thats not a spec comparison, thats just you bashing the xbox.
DialgaMarine  +   534d ago
@inf3cted I always find it humorous when listing a fact is called bashing. XBone games, with the exception of Forza 5 and a bunch of XBLA titles, are all sub 1080p. The system is still running resolutions that previous systems were doing years ago. It's looking less and less like a genuine next gen console everyday because of it.
Eonjay  +   534d ago
Are they embarrassed to talk about the real specs.
We all understand that most games will be on both platforms. So be honest and tell us which system will play those games better.

We visit their site because we like to play games.
I don't give a damn about talking to my TV. Which system will give me better games?
sinjonezp  +   534d ago

You bring up some interesting points. The dreamcast even offered the ability to upscale grahics through a dvi port if I'm correct (rgb?) And games like soul calibur looked incredible. Even after 7 years, we cannot get games to be native 1080p. and this not to just bash the x1 . some games will not be 1080p on the ps4. When I look at how the ps2, a dinosaur of a system, was able to do 1080i, it just bothers me that games like dead rising does 70p 30fps. As gamers we should all be generally concerned.People who dislike this should spend 500 on an Atari 2600. I know...douche baggery ..forgive me
Beastforlifenoob  +   534d ago
1080i is not "more or less 720p"
1080i is "more or less" 1080p, 1080i and p are nearly the same.
johndoe11211  +   533d ago

You forgot to add "sponsored by microsoft" after the link.
Magicite  +   533d ago
What to say, Pathetic! :D
Gaming101  +   533d ago
1080i is not "more or less 720p". It pushes 1080 pixels interlaced. 1080p is progressive scan, it's a different way of displaying pixels that takes more processing power, thus only higher end hardware can run it ie. PS4.
bleedsoe9mm  +   534d ago
Most people care about what it does not how it does it , feels like the conversation over the past week has been hijacked by high end pc spec whores . I'm glad the media is keeping us focused on what is important , not minor differences in hardware .
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Hicken  +   534d ago
Where do you get your information? What survey told you how many people care about what?

Good job of downplaying the spec differences as "minor" so the XB1 doesn't look as bad. Sad to say, though, it looks bad anyway.
mistertwoturbo  +   534d ago
Lol minor difference in hardware? This is by far one of the biggest gaps in hardware history.
bleedsoe9mm  +   534d ago
look crazy fanboys , if you want to argue that purchasing a ps4 over an xbox one makes sense because of the $40 difference in price (when you make them feature comparable by adding in the eye camera) you've got a very good point . but the resolution over game play is a bad argument , and using allot of made up numbers (until these retail consoles get out and can be independently tested) is just plain stupid .
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RyuCloudStrife  +   534d ago
So you agree that PS4 is better hardware and then try to say X1 has better gameplay? Are you kidding me?
bleedsoe9mm  +   534d ago
@RyuCloudStrife who said the xbox one is better , certainly not me , just that the bashing on that point is meaningless
Hicken  +   534d ago
Your brain's not working right. It can't be.

What gameplay is being sacrificed in the PS4 version of games for graphics? Just name me ONE gameplay feature the XB1 version of Battlefield or COD has that the PS4 version is lacking.


I don't understand how you MS fanboys can keep trying to turn this into an either/or debate, when the argument is that you get BOTH with the PS4, and only the gameplay on XB1.

As for made up numbers... I'm gonna go to the three stores nearest my house tomorrow, get the preorder numbers- cuz I'm on good terms with all the store managers- and post those numbers, along with the store number and phone number tomorrow.

Then you can check for yourself to see if they're made up or not. I know you won't, but unlike you Xbox fanboys, I come with quantifiable stuff, or at least enough sound reasoning to make a solid argument.

If bashing is meaningless, then it's even more meaningless that you and others keep trying to deny the damn truth that's right there in front of you. And it's annoying as hell that you keep trying to tell others that what you say is, instead, true.
TheDev  +   534d ago
That video:
"The cloud... more detailed environments..."


It can do things to support games indirectly, but not improve graphics.
After all these months I thought everyone on Earth knew that. Especially game journalists. Oh wait...

Only thing I learned from this video is that the XOne has 1 extra usb 3 port.

Oh! quick Q for you guys: will both run DirectX11.2? Most likely. I should just google it.

EDIT: 11.1 for XOne and 11.2 for PS4. Odd since MS is making DX11.
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MadSientist89  +   534d ago
sony fanboys have been trashing xbox since the reveal.. even after the 180 sony bots flock to any negative news on xbox and nitpcik everything.. then you have idiots that think GT6 looks better than forza 5.. like wow O.O
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DigitalRaptor  +   534d ago
GT6 looks stunning, but let's face it. Forza 5 also looks stunning although it's not a huge leap from Forza 4. And let's talk about that downgrade in terms of content and features that Forza is known for. GT6 is a better value proposition and looks like a better game, so to some people it might look better.


It just makes me wonder, what Turn 10 must've sacrificed to get it looking and running like it does. Either that, or it's been rushed out for launch and they're selling you an incomplete game.
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llMurcielagoll  +   534d ago
Thus speaks the PC guy.
Chaostar  +   534d ago
Typical sugar coated semi-information mixed with popular opinion fluff from IGN.

Seems more like an idiots guide than anything truly informative.
Bigpappy  +   534d ago
It is for the average person not the tech savvy. This is exactly what they will see in flier at the stores and retail online sites.

Everything they said is true by the way.
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Chaostar  +   534d ago
Then they shouldn't really have called it a "console specs" video, since they didn't really go into many specifics.
RevXM  +   533d ago
Like the DDR5!
Its GDDR5.

And this video blew, If I were a moron Id think the Xbox one was better with the external HDD support coming, all the fancy I/O and wizardry cloud technology. Surely seemed like this video was trying to make the ONE look very good.
xXxSeTTriPxXx  +   534d ago
That ad money hard at work.
SpinalRemains138  +   534d ago
Yeah this was as useful as a poopy flavored lollipop.
Naga  +   534d ago
I'm giving you a bubble because you used the word "poopy".
JediDiah  +   534d ago
Let's get ready to rumble!
ps4lifesucka   534d ago | Spam
RandomDude655  +   534d ago
"We'd like to say one system is clearly more powerful than the other ,but it doesn't work like that"

Ummm....yes it does. This is apples to apples this gen, and Sony has 500 gigaflops more of apples.
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nerdeu  +   534d ago
I just invented a new name:

-Foxtrot  +   534d ago
Change...can anyone spare some change

MRMagoo123  +   534d ago
Agree 100% they just dont want to say it, i dont know how more obvious it could be tho so i dont think them confirming what we all already know would help.

PS4 IS the most powerful console thats how it works, same hardware better specs its that simple.

IGN are getting called out on the comments lol sucked in to them for sitting on the fence.They should just tell it how it is, i cant imagine it would change xbone fanboys minds if they told the truth and said the ps4 was more powerful.
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WMANUW  +   534d ago
Wtf? specs? is it a spot?I am disappointed......
minty-hippo  +   534d ago
I'm just glad third-party devs weren't required to downgrade the PS4 versions for parity, as evident by Cod Ghosts and Battlefield 4. The gap will close a bit over time, and either way I'm excited for next gen! http://stream1.gifsoup.com/...
Hercules189  +   534d ago
Maybe I might need to go to specsavers but I cant tell a difference between the two versions of BF4, and COD Ghosts it doesnt matter if it runs in 4K it would still look crap compared to games like Ryse, so there you have it folks, sometimes having more graphical effects is more important than some stupid number that nobody can count on their tv.
mkis007  +   534d ago
It's not about the resolution, it's about why they can make the resolution higher. In the end the ceiling is higher on ps4.
MRMagoo123  +   534d ago
i agree with everything except "The gap will close a bit over time" because as far as i have heard the gap will widen when games become more ram and gpu heavy, the ESram will be a huge bottleneck when they start making better and better games along with the weaker gpu , the ps4 will just get better and the xbone will be at a stand still.
xXxSeTTriPxXx  +   534d ago
Yeah I saw a video that describe this in detail, something about compute making the gap lager.
mistertwoturbo  +   534d ago
The gap is going to widen. Once developers start really getting into larger textures, gpu compute, and heavy shader effects.
GoodnessGreatness  +   534d ago
Oh c'mon we already know that PS4 has superior hardware.
DanDan7  +   534d ago
IGN are XBone fan boys, you'll never see them admit the XB1 is inferior to PS4.
BattleTorn  +   534d ago
I'm an Xbox fan, I found that to be painfully obvious
Trekster_Gamer  +   534d ago
Wàaaaaaaa! Lmao...
All of the sonydrones crying...

Ryse... Forza still blow away Sony launch titles.
DigitalRaptor  +   534d ago
In terms of gameplay and content? Want to check that out?

Ryse has piss poor gameplay (honestly worse than I expected from Crytek), and Forza 5 has drastically removed content by comparison to previous Forza games. http://www.youtube.com/watc...

But yeah... launch games... where all the long-term comparisons will be made. To add, Killzone looks incredible by next gen standards and plays great and has the content you'd expect from an FPS.
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chrissx  +   534d ago
After like 5yrs into next gen Ps4 games especially exclusives will make xbone look like a 360
SpinalRemains138  +   534d ago
The Bone not need PS4, nor 5 years to do that.

jocomat9  +   534d ago
@4:23 Its GDDR5 ram for ps4 not DDR5?

Funny how they avoided getting into the details of the hardware to avoid the xbone looking weaker.

Look at it. It looks like their the same system according to their "highlights".

They really are xbox fanboys. Pathetic smh
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osamede1  +   534d ago
pointless video i love the xbox one but.... ps4 raw specs >>> xbox one >>>>>>> ti 84 > wiiU
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imt558  +   534d ago
Really pointless video.

God damn IGN, it's GDDR5 RAM, not DDR5 which doesn't exist.

IGN : yes, we loved to say that one system is clearly more powerfull than the other, but nope, that does not work like that.

YES, IT DOES! PS4 is cleary more powerfull, IGN!!! You have no idea about specs.

IGN : ...the XO is capable of using cloud computing to help manage game resources, which basically means we might be seen more detailed game worlds...

UNKLE  +   534d ago
Funny to see PS fanboys and xbox fanboys tearing each other...

Can't you see all!?

PS2 and PS3 difference was huge
example:gow2 and gow3
now watch PS3 and PS4 the difference isn't too much you can't see new physics.DX11 is better yes and 1080p but NOT HUGE difference like was...not to mention the 900p games for PS4 and games not running on the highest settings...
today a same price pc can run BF4/AC4 on maximum settings with 55-60 fps 1080p.And AMD mantle is not supported by consoles witch is a very very odd strategy.
And devs can use PS4 all power any time so you not gonna see updated graphics on PS4 like was old console PS1/PS2/PS3.
example:uncharted-uncharted3. ..PS2:MGS2-MGS3

IF you PS4 fanboys say this is next gen then you all an idiot man...

I was a heavy console gamer and now im dissapointed in all "NEXT-GEN" console.
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quenomamen  +   533d ago
You got some valid points, but you have to admit one of these Next Gen consoles is more disappointing than the other.
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GodGinrai  +   533d ago
Am I the only one that expects this to be a shorter cycle? I dont see wiiu lasting 5 years , so nintendo will surley launch another in that time.The technical edge the PS4 games will have over X1 in 5 years will be massive. So I expect A new MS console in 6 years. next gen looks like a clean kill for sony. And I am saying that as somebody that is buying an X1 at launch. But after all we have seen over the last few months, any Xbox owner that does not intend to buy a PS4 as a secondary console in the least, is in for an uncertain ride as an xbox only gamer.
quenomamen  +   533d ago
Ahhh IGN, always ready to cash a check.
AKS  +   533d ago
Interesting how they feel hardware differences aren't really that important but having a camera is apparently vital. You'll "have" to play $60 for that? Or, how about I don't pay anything because I'm not terribly interested in having an internet-connected camera in my living room right now?
jacksjus  +   533d ago
I think the XBone is the better looking system to me, albeit the weaker system. I'm just not feeling the PS4's design. I actually prefer the PS3 Slims design.
DivineAssault  +   533d ago
No need for comparisons anymore.. We all know which console is best for core gamers

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