The Orange Box: This Is Exactly Why We Need a Patch

onAXIS: "If you are wondering why we keep on posting these series belonging to The Orange Box petition, it is because we are fed up of going into a server in Team Fortress 2 and find moving weapons or weapons stuck in the walls. Or going in to get disconnected hundreds of times. Or playing Portal and getting killed only to wait 30 seconds to respawn. Or playing Half-Life 2 and dying due to that crappy frame-rate. Or once again playing Team Fortress 2 to realize we don't have all the features we should. Watch this new video from the petition above, and you'll realize why EA is slacking, and we need a patching."

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ruibing3883d ago

I'd rather there be a petition to ban EA from ever handling a PS3 port ever again.

sonarus3883d ago

sigh. Just don't buy the game. Most of us knew the port was crap before purchasing you could have just said no.

prunchess3883d ago

Where is this petition! I want to sign it now!

omni_atlas3883d ago

Another reason why....EA SUCKS.

gEnKiE3883d ago

Wow, I have never seen any of that stuff happen playing online. If it did, then I would just quit the game.

gEnKiE3883d ago

Just waiting for someone to say, "That must be the PS3 version......"

cp683883d ago

EA are ruining everything...enough is enough!!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.