Planet Xbox 360: Condemned 2: Bloodshot Review

Planet Xbox 360 writes: "Sega's 2008 release of Condemned 2: Bloodshot – or as what I like to call it, Bum Fight Simulator 2 – is a sequel to one of the better Xbox 360 launch titles of 2005. Bringing forth thrills and chills, Monolith created an entertaining title in Condemned: Criminal Origins that turned out to be a sleeper hit. With a creepy conclusion to the original's storyline, it's time to dwell deep into one of the better murder-mystery investigation titles on the consoles.

Offering a very similar formula that made up the original, Condemned 2 stays true to the implementation of only a few guns as weapons (at least for the first half of the game), rather relying on miscellaneous items found throughout the level such as a lead pipe, toilet seat and a broadsword. Yeah, that's right, a broadsword: the kind that King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table would bring into battle. That's not to say everything has remained the same, because who would want to play a game without improvements? Monolith did listen to the criticisms of the first and tried to work in more crime scene investigations with comparing blood samples, checking for fingerprints or foot marks, and several other aspects where you must unravel the secrets that Condemned 2 hides."

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