Xbox One Will Not Play 3-D Blu-Ray at Launch

The Xbox One is Microsoft's first game console to have a built-in Blu-ray player. But if you're among the small portion of the population who's interested in playing back 3D Blu-rays on their game consoles, you won't be able to do it on the Xbox One -- at least initially.

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GentlemenRUs1501d ago (Edited 1501d ago )

Ah well, They can't get everything right right?

Even though I hate XBOX, They could at least enjoy Blu-Ray movies in 3D, I have nothing against that.

Zuperman1501d ago

lol.. Omg Why is it called THE "ONE" If it can't do "ONE" thing right!

1501d ago
OrangePowerz1501d ago

Timo you do realize that the X1 can't do anything without the day one update right?

nerdeu1501d ago


Because it's called "XBOX ONE ... MORE CHANGE"

1500d ago
n4rc1500d ago


But there is a blatantly obvious and necessary reason for the x1 needing the update.. The changes everyone just had to have, and now are complaning about the patch that makes it happen..

Its certainly a more reasonablr question to ask why sony (not a stranger to BD are they?) Didnt include bd support from thr get go.. They werent forced to start over less then 6 months ago

UltimateMaster1500d ago

Multi-media console?
Get a PS3. It's the best.

CD/DVD/Blu-Ray & 3D.
Free Media Apps.
It does your MP3, AAC music and DNLA.

It does everything.

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Blaze9291500d ago

lets not pretend Hollywood is even making 3D movies yet alone the game industry making 3D games.

GreenRanger1501d ago

The 150 people who wasted their money on 3D TVs will just have to wait for the update that enables 3D Blu-Ray playback.

chito1016d1501d ago

Me too. I bought avatar in 3rd the same day I got my TV and blue ray and it was amazing. Can't go back after watching that

Anon19741501d ago (Edited 1501d ago )

I haven't bought in yet as it hasn't been in my budget, but I fully intend to purchase a 3d projector when my current home theater projector lamp needs to be replaced. I've tried watching Pacific Rim in 2d, but it's just not the same. I'm still sorry I've missed out on some of the 3d games out there. I understand that even though the graphics were notched down a touch, the 3d in Uncharted 3 was absolutely stunning and totally worth while.

Scatpants1501d ago

I felt that the 3d in uncharted made the resolution too blurry and gave me a headache. The best game for 3D on PS3 in my opinion is Wipeout. On PC my favorite games in 3D are Trine 2 which is coming on PS4 and I will buy again just because the 3D looks so awesome, and Skyrim also looked really good.
Really looking forward to seeing AC4 in 3D. That's probably the first thing I'm going to check out when I hook up my PS4.

GrandTheftZamboni1500d ago


Super Stardust looks AMAZING in 3D. If you haven't tried it, you must.

yanikins1111500d ago

Me too....

Really, at this point, hating on 3D because it was "forced" on us is like hating 1080P, or Dolby 5.1

Stop being ignant....

Volkama1500d ago

Home 3d movies are nice. Avengers looks fantastic.

3d games are even better. I play almost everything in 3d if possible (except competive fps, as aiming crosshairs can be... off).

Anon19741500d ago

@Scatpants. Do you often get headaches from 3D or was it just that one title? The reviewers I read were all raving about Uncharted's 3d. I know headaches from 3d viewing isn't considered normal and the American Optometrist Association issued a warning about 3d that headaches from 3d may be a sign of an undiagnosed vision problem, that it's not normal to get headaches from 3d viewing.

Just a heads up that if you're having this happen regularly you should probably mention it to your doctor.

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Baka-akaB1501d ago (Edited 1501d ago )

Arent you guys tired with that crap ? Most new tv sets comes with 3d included by default .

It already there and staying

Pogmathoin1501d ago

Yeah 3D TV's have 3D by default these days...i have noticed that...

OrangePowerz1501d ago

I have a 3D TV and enjoy watching movies in 3D or play games if they are well done.

n4rc1500d ago (Edited 1500d ago )

Haha.. Nice one

I viewed it as a passing fad from the beginning.. Zero interest in 3d

But granted.. My vision is weaker in one eye slightly so that messes up 3d viewing a bit..

rainslacker1500d ago

Wouldn't those 150 people already have a Sony Blu-Ray player that can already play 3D Blu-Rays? I mean those players only cost like $60 bucks now.

yanikins1111500d ago

By "wasted", you mean "got a better tv than you"?

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joseph11111501d ago

I am excited about this but I am worried about the vertigo.. I purchased the Sony 3D video viewer and it gave me major vertigo....

joseph11111501d ago

Omg! You people have no clue what you are missing...3D movies and games are amazing!!! I have a collection of movies and can't wait for the next generation!!

Scatpants1501d ago

I agree. Looking forward to Ac4 in 3D on my 60" tv

forcefullpower1501d ago

Uncharted in 3d in pretty cool. I do find games much better than movies for 3d

MatrixxGT1501d ago

Who cares? 3D is, was, probably always will be a fad. It comes and goes and why I never bought into it. Only thing that changes is the tech and when new tech is applied to 3d imaging it comes out swinging and then slowly goes away to come back in another 10 years.
Secondly, just seems like another blatant attempt to make x1 look worse than it already is. What's next? PS4 won't play 8 track at launch?

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