Podcast Beyond, Episode 41 - Talking with the legendary Solid Snake. For real.

The time has finally come. Your loyal team, Chris, Greg, Jeff and Ryan, sit down and talk with David Hayter -- the incredible voice of Solid Snake and skilled screenplay writer. The team asks David a host of questions and we throw a whole bunch of your questions his way as well. If there's one Podcast Beyond episode to listen to, this is it. There are lots of surprises hidden throughout, so don't miss it. This is Beyond.

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NDN_Shadow3884d ago

The interview with David Hayter begins at the 12 minute mark.

AlterEgo3884d ago

so I'll just assume (thru context clues of course)

that the mentioned "Ryan"'s last name isn't Payton.

Can anybody confirm this?

NDN_Shadow3884d ago (Edited 3884d ago )

Yeah, that's Ryan Clements of IGN's Playstation Team.

AlterEgo3884d ago

cool, gave you a bubble

rucky3884d ago

I like the couples kissing part. Surprising good podcast I dont usually listen to these things but this one was worth the time.

EaziG3884d ago

i've been listening to these podcasts for some time now, and this one made me laugh so much.
I love the story of the couple kissing.
Imagine if the kissing guy happened to be a metal gear fan, and suddenly having Solid Snake sitting behind him telling him off.
ha ha, excellent

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