PlayStation 3 on the Ropes in the United States

Microsoft has grown a great business around the Xbox. It has Sony's (nyse: SNE - news - people ) PlayStation 3 on the ropes in the United States, and among today's generation of 20-somethings, Microsoft is better known for blockbuster games like "Halo 3" and "Gears of War" than its bruising late 1990s anti-trust case. Moreover, the online gaming service Microsoft has built around the console promises to reshape the game business as Nintendo (other-otc: NTDOY.PK - news - people ) and Sony scramble to counter it.

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sonarus3882d ago

LOL i really had to search for the ps3 on the ropes comment in that article.

MikeGdaGod3882d ago

this whole article was about MS and the xbox. it barely mentioned the ps3.

iceman28853882d ago

bubbles for dropping the "that's what she said!"


DRUDOG3882d ago

Nothing like getting your gaming news from Forbes. You would think a magazine based in facts like "numbers" would have done a little better job of finding the pulse of the gaming community.

Even if I only enjoyed playing on a 360, I would never describe the current situation as MS having Sony (or Nintendo) on the ropes in the US. Especially after being outsold this year and over the life of the PS3 worldwide since launch.

The ironic part of this article after being suckered in by the totally misleading title, is that it's just pointing out that MS as a business is in a bit of a decline.

VaeVictus3882d ago

this thread screams fanboy flamebait. Whoever named it as such should be ashamed of themselves.

The article barely mentions the PS3 and is 99.999999999999999999999999998 % about M$.

sodacan3882d ago

Im not trying to , but I have to say this, the first few sentences it says "among today's generation of 20-somethings, Microsoft is better know for blockbuster like "Halo3" and "Gears of War"... So I just want to ask...

Anything else?
Not to mention Halo3 is garbage. lol carbon copy of Halo2.

sonarus3882d ago

Yea the poster is being childish. The title is in no way representative of the article and that is definitely against n4g guidelines

hey hey hey3882d ago

mm ive just joined this site and as a ps3 owners and lover of both consoles ive noticed that ps3owerns on this site are attacking 360 owners in every article ,does this site have a mod ?

Real Gambler3882d ago (Edited 3882d ago )

Don't forget that a misleading title is great for them. Brings on the fan, which is good for the web site. So they will look somewhere else, after all, why using the title of the article, when you can dig waaaay down, rip the only negative comment about another console, and use it as a title!.

So who cares if the article is about Microsoft not doing well, with shares going down, and loosing billions in the gaming business, all you need is 10 words against the PS3 in a 2000 words article, and hop, here's the perfect misleading title!

prunchess3882d ago (Edited 3882d ago )

With this kind of financial analysis from Forbes, is it any wonder world financial markets are in the state they are in! A very blinkered article trying to put a positive spin on a floated american company.

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Fruit Loops3882d ago

but Sony has this year locked up. So i think it wont be on the ropes any longer, especially after GTAIV comes out.

Clinton5143882d ago

Spin titles to news. Good way of skewing the article to fit your agenda.

Breakfast3882d ago

It doesnt even matter...this isnt gonna sway anyones opinion...we'll maybe the advertisers on the sites.

Boink3882d ago

are spun and posted and abused by fanboys on this site from both sides. let's not point fingers here.

yesah3882d ago

while i hate to admit it, its true the US is 360 territory......for now.

XB-T3882d ago

Uhmm not really as PS3 also outsells the 360 in NA.

yesah3882d ago

i know, but the install base for 360 is bigger in NA. It seems almost everybody i know has a 360. Its unfortunate.

MikeGdaGod3882d ago (Edited 3882d ago )

i had a 360, i don't anymore.
my cousin had a 360, he doesn't anymore.
three of my buddies had 360s, they don't anymore.

we all have ps3s. and i feel like we were kinda forced to make the switch because of shotty hardware.

@ nutjuice

yeah we all got rid of ours too.

but don't get me wrong, i would've bought a ps3 anyway. i just wish i could've enjoyed my 360 longer. unfortunately i don't have patience with expensive (at the time i bought one they were $400+), unreliable electronics. that's not a good combo.

nutjuice3882d ago

you can add me to the list as well. I had 2 360s. Well I only bought the one, but it broke and they sent me another one, but then that one broke also. I sold that third one the day I got it from them so I'm not really counting that third one.

DRUDOG3882d ago (Edited 3882d ago )

You can add two more to the list with a couple of my friends who rode out the 360 until multiple deaths caused small uprisings in their homes. Both now own PS3's instead.

Edit: @jwatt, thanks for the nice vid.

nutjuice3882d ago

that's a really cool video you posted. Some games in there I have never seen footage for.

yanikins1113882d ago (Edited 3882d ago )

Hurry up and make a new one. Top Sh!T mate.

PS3 Story nearly makes me cry. Damnit....

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