Remembering past video game console launches

For younger gamers, the release of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 this month will quite possibly be their first console launch.

Think back and try to imagine what it might be like to be a kid right now with the Xbox One and the PS4 looming, and set to be released in only a few weeks.

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Stuart811473d ago

I was there day one for the Xbox 360 launch. It felt so awesome. What was really amazing in hindsight was that, that console lasted 3 years before it suffered a RROD

Hicken1473d ago

Given that it seems about half suffered that defect within a year's time, that's amazing, indeed.

chito1016d1473d ago

This is my first launch day purchasing a system. 1 week left!!

Stuart811473d ago

Enjoy it, its a unique experience. Especially if you go to a midnight launch or an early opening

qu1ckset1473d ago

I have one preordered from GameStop that I will get on the 15th , but I'm going to line up at futureshop to get a midnight release ps4 because I don't wanna wait till Friday afternoon, will just sell my second ps4 , I can't wait!

chito1016d1473d ago

Yeah ill be in line that day. It's been cold here in San Francisco but having my console ASAP is a must. I have lined up for shoes before but hopefully this experience is a little more civil and enjoyable

theXtReMe11473d ago

I've experienced every console launch since the Atari 2600. The PS4 launch ranks up there with some of the best. I don't know why, but it has given me that kid at Christmas feeling again. Something I have experienced in many years. Only a week away.

JediDiah1473d ago

I got first Xbox with Halo. Xbox 360 w/Perfect Dark. Xbox One w/Dead Rising 3 & KI! WOOT!!

1473d ago
itisallaboutps1473d ago

This launch will be different because we can all experience it throught pre orders in a larger scale, thanks to amazon that grew in this gaming gen. Nothing beats that camping outside and having that little thought behind your back that you might not get one but the great amazing feeling you get when you do

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