PS4 Protection Plan Priced, Detailed

Hardcore Gamer: PlayStation Protection Plan buyers will receive two years of coverage for their PS4, which includes claim processing available 7 days a week, no out-of-pocket expenses for qualified claims, a pre-paid shipping box and PlayStation certified technicians and genuine PlayStation parts.

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admiralvic1659d ago

Not a terrible deal. I might get it in the off chance the PS4 has a YLOD like problem.

AgentSmithPS41659d ago

Does this plan cover 'yellow' LIGHTNING of death and if so does it require you to send in your surge protector etc? I had a battery backup/surge protector and my Xbox 360 (and modem) was still destroyed by lightning that struck very close by.

They say you should have a very high AMP rated whole house surge protector and a very fast/etc plug in type to stop any overflow damage.

Can you wait almost a year to buy this plan or do you have to get it right away?

rainslacker1659d ago

They had something like it for the Vita as I recall. I think you could buy it up to a year after you registered the system, or 2 years if you got the 2 year plan. They even had a separate plan for accidental damage.

I'd rather get an in store one where they would just replace it if it breaks, but it may be more expensive. Generally I don't even bother buying this stuff though. Accidental is nice for portable stuff, but most electronics don't break within a year, and if they do break they break within the warranty period. It's a matter of odds, and companies make bank on these extended warranties.

Dark_Overlord1659d ago

In the UK its covered by a 2 year minimum guarantee (actually up to 6 if you're willing to fight it in court), however all manufacturers and retailers conveniently forget that part of the law :/

Vitalogy1659d ago

Same in Portugal. Doesn't matter what you're buying the store has to provide a 2 year guarantee.

Not a long time ago apple was giving only 1 year guarantee in Portugal, trying to force you to buy the extra 3 years, but someone had problems with a product with the first year gone and the case went to court (if I'm not mistaken) and apple was forced to apply the 2 year as its in the Portuguese law and so after that they already announce the 2 year guarantee.

Aggesan1659d ago

Guarantee and claiming consumer law is not the same thing.

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90Supra1659d ago

Probably a stupid question.....(I've never bought an extended warranty)......but does this mean that there would be an additional 2 years added on top of the 1yr manufacturers warranty, which comes with the system automatically, making it a total of 3 years?

Statix1659d ago

I'd like to know this to.

I'd also like to know if I could pay for this using my PSN store credit, because I have a good amount of credit in my account.

admiralvic1659d ago

You get this in addition to the time included with the device. So if you get a year, then this doesn't go into effect till the day your year ends.

Applejack1659d ago

Don't worry, it's an addition to the one year warranty already on the PS4, so it would be a total of 3 years.

stuna11659d ago (Edited 1659d ago )

Yes you'll get a total of three years total! The manufacture warranty is usually the first to expire, then that's when the extended warranty kicks in.

Also some places will allow you to stack warranties, prime example would be Best Buys.

cell9891659d ago

no the 2 year protection plan is active from the moment you purchase your PS4, it doesnt add the 1 year manufacturer warranty. Im telling you this because Ive gone through this scenario before. Thats why its worthless and a ripoff to buy a 1 year protection plan lol since the device already comes with a one year PP. Some retailers sell these policies to uneducated customers and its such a ripoff. At 2 years its a good deal cause you get and extra year of protection, but you wont get 3.

PimpDaddy1659d ago

I just went and read the article. It states this at the bottom.

"This comes in additional to a 1-year limited warranty out of the box."

cell9891658d ago

Like Godchild said, its best to actually confirm directly with Sony, to avoid any surprises

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Godchild10201659d ago (Edited 1659d ago )

Just call Sony and find out. They would be the best people to ask. I recently found out I didn't need the receipt for my PS3, if I need it to get it replaced and that's because Sony started keeping track of serial numbers and registration of the console through my PSN account.

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LordDhampire1659d ago

yeah Ill pass, my launch ps3 just died this year, and its been in a tiny corner with no airflow

Im confident that thing thing will last me until my next console

LOGICWINS1659d ago

I've never needed to buy an extended warranty for any of my Playstations. My PS1 never broke. I sent it to my cousin overseas after I got a PS2.

My PS2's fan broke, but Sony fixed it for FREE(never bought a warranty for it).

I got my PS3 in 2007 and it still works fine to this day.

The PS4 is more power efficient/reliable than the PS3

I think you can feel comfortable not buying an extended warranty.

1OddWorld1659d ago

I still have my day 1 60gig Fatboy PS3 runs perfectly. I don't even hear noise from the HD {which is the original 60gig} or BD. Sony knows how to build a product that lasts, but as a consumer you have to know how to take care of it.

rainslacker1659d ago

More often than not, extended warranties are not needed. It's nice to have should you be unlucky enough to have something that breaks down early, but realistically, if you brought an extended warranty for every piece of electronics you buy, you would end up being able to buy even more electronics.

Depending on the fault, you should be able to find someone who can repair it cheaper or the same price as this warranty costs. When I did PS2 repairs, it cost about $50 to get an extended warranty through retailers. The laser was the most common problem, and I could repair it for $30-60 depending on if it needed to be replaced or just adjusted. Some things you may even be able to repair yourself, like power supply, laser assembly, hard drives, etc with just the cost of parts if you take the time to look it up on the internet.

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