Amazon’s last-minute pre-order bonuses for PS4 launch games

Customers looking to pick up the PS4 next-generation system during launch have one last chance to take advantage of the pre-order bonuses for several video games.

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Enemy1593d ago

Resogun and Killzone: Shadow Fall next Friday. I'm gonna need protective eyeglasses, man!

What's Killzone: Shadow Fall's "Spotlight Move"?

admiralvic1593d ago

It sounds like a move that makes your kills and their deaths more apparent. Or perhaps a taunt.

Lunarassassin1592d ago

I don't know if you played Far Cry 3, but at the end of that the 3 best players of the winning team executed or freed the enemys best player.
"Spotlight move" is a selection of different ways to kill them rather than everyone just stabbing them in the chest.

cyclindk1593d ago

Good thing all these offers are retroactive, don't have to bother cancelling and reordering the games.

cyclindk1593d ago

For Amazon anyway, sorry I didn't clarify.

secretcode1593d ago

*stares at his copy of Killzone on his desk*

*sigh* Well... too late now.

Agent_00_Revan1593d ago

Was just thinking the same thing. Picked it up at GS last week. But what I'm thinking is, order from Amazon, when it arrives, that that copy with my receipt and return it at GS. And still get the code from Amazon. Win-Win.

LoveSpuds1593d ago

Bloomin' American's always get cool stuff's not fair I tells ya! :)

It is going to be torture watching all the content of you guys playing PS4 while we have to wait for another 2 weeks. You lucky, lucky, lucky, LUCKY buggers!

cyclindk1593d ago (Edited 1593d ago )

We just lover testing products for the rest of the world first, and yes, you are welcome.

Perhaps if you are fortunate enough, your country may someday be annexed by the American Imperial Kingdom of... the.. galaxy.


LoveSpuds1593d ago

LOL, thanks for all your efforts make sure you do a thorough job on testing that system for me :)

cyclindk1593d ago

Yes captain my captain.

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