PS3 3rd-gen Heatsink Unveiled

"Furukawa Electric Co Ltd exhibited a new heat sink for the PlayStation 3 (PS3), a game console developed by Sony Computer Entertainment Inc (SCE), at Techno-Frontier 2008. The exhibition took place from April 16 to 18, 2008, at Makuhari Messe in Chiba Prefecture, Japan. "

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Max Power3885d ago

that they are lowering the cost on a lot of the parts with in the PS3, just making the prospect of a price cut sooner rather than later.

ruibing3885d ago

It's always reassuring to see a company that specializes in hardware electronics make optimizations to their system. I have never had a breath-holding moment with a Sony product ever.

deeznuts3885d ago

Cases of overheating - meh.
This news - meh

JoelR3885d ago

So the orginal heatsinks were overkill? never a bad thing.

"Furthermore, copper heat pipes, which were used in the first- and second-generation heat sinks, are no longer used in the third-generation product. Five and two copper pipes were used in the first- and second-generation products, respectively. Furukawa Electric realized enough heat-radiation performance without using a heat pipe, the company said. "

JoelR3885d ago

uhm... what did you disagree with?

Cwalat3885d ago

smaller lighter more effective coolers... is that what this is about ?

darkshiz3885d ago

It's more about the PS3 is getting cheaper with cheaper to manufacture Heatsink.

Price drop holiday season anybody?

joydestroy3885d ago

yeah, i was gonna say wow. cheaper PS3 soon...?

Bonsai12143885d ago

the heat pipes were a large part of why the system was so heavy. but it also worked like a charm to whisk away heat. 60gb ftw

DJ3885d ago

Even by 2009, I will be shocked. Well, first I wonder what the hell it would look like. But it would be easily sold at $299 (which is the price it needs to be in '09, not '08), and it would allow Sony to stick with just one SKU (finally!).

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