Activision Boss says EA is Soul-Stealing opposite of Activision

Bobby Kotick, CEO of Activision, confirms in an interview with Portfolio what we've suspected for years-Electronic Arts runs on the power of human souls! Maybe we're reading it wrong, but Kotick definitely said that EA "did a very good job of taking the soul out of a lot of the studios it acquired." Hey, even EA boss John Riccitiello kind of agrees, pointing out at DICE this year that older acquisitions like Bullfrog, Origin and Westwood were examples of the publisher blowing it and that taking away developer autonomy is "a profound mistake."

Kotick says the soul-harvesting machine doesn't fly at Activision, which has "built a model that celebrates entrepreneurial, opportunistic, independent values" and a new Tony Hawk game every fucking year. And they have free bagels on Mondays!

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ngg123453857d ago

Two of the greatest pc developers of all time? They are making superman games, and medal of honor games now.

ngg123453857d ago

Pandemic is now making a movie based batman game, and hopefully they won't screw up pandemic.

Charlie26883857d ago

Please don't mention what happened to Westwood...cuz tears star coming out T.T

games4fun3857d ago

westwood and the others? why would you say that i still cant believe they're gone to this day, and people wonder what happened to pc gaming its pretty obvious, EA killed the pc stars

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joydestroy3857d ago

agreed. don't even need to read the article.

EastCoastSB3857d ago

Activision is only slightly better than EA. At least Activision doesn't rape gamers with microtransactions.

games4fun3857d ago

its why i wont be buying dice's new game when it comes out its sad really

jackdoe3857d ago

Activision is getting there with all the Guitar Hero downloads and CoD 4 map pack.

JD_Shadow3857d ago

Wow! So...not a single company is allowed to make downloadable content for their games?

Wow, we better warn EA, Microsoft, Sony, Rockstar, Harmonix, Konami, Sega, and just about EVERY FRIGGIN GAME COMPANY IN EXISTENCE that somehow making DLC means you're milking anything.

Leathersoup3857d ago

Activision is just as "evil" a corporation as is EA and the way they're treating the Guitar Hero franchise is embarrassing.

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Rob4Vendetta3857d ago

At least we know industry leaders feel like us gamers do...we hate EA because the least the do is try to make good games...they just care about ripping off people and making money...f*ck em

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