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Submitted by karamsoul 826d ago | news

Try the Xbox One Right Now at Microsoft Stores

Geron Roper from SpawnFirst reports: "75 Microsoft Stores across North America have received their playable demo units of the Xbox One console, just in time to try it before picking up your own. On show is Forza 5, the premier racing simulator for Microsoft consoles, and the next generation." (Tag Invalid, Xbox One)

DeadRabbits  +   826d ago
Very risky if M$ is banning anyone touching an xbone at the moment!
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kreate  +   826d ago
Yea. Since some users are saying any console is a beta console if its before the release date, I wonder if these demo consoles are also beta and u get banned for it?
noloyalties  +   826d ago
Quit trying so hard.
MatrixxGT  +   826d ago
Least the best looking game is on there. I love forza but that one game just isn't outweighing the cons of x1 to me right now.
grimmweisse  +   826d ago
There are Microsoft stores?
eferreira  +   826d ago
good idea to keep the people busy while they're lining up for the zune lol jk
obelix01  +   826d ago
I saw a X1 demo at Wallmart the other day. This console really ISN'T as big as some would have you believe. It looked to be about the same size as the original 360. There was a horde of people standing around & you couldn't play it only stare at it which was disappointing for me.
bligmerk  +   826d ago
This is old, you missed all the articles about the non-playable XBone kiosks. The dummy case is smaller than the retail case. All this dummy kiosk is doing is playing a looping movie. And MS couldn't even use a real XBone for that, they are using a PC packaged in an XBone case. BTW, creds to the guy that named this the sizzler reel, the meat behind the 'bone.
Hazmat13  +   826d ago
i heard that the target i work at has a X1 just sitting back there. i think its just for show and won't be turned on. so yeah, just thought id share that. ima go back to my coffee.
obelix01  +   826d ago
Yeah the X1 is just sitting there in a glass box.
Slappy McGee  +   826d ago
I got to play Xbox One at the MS store in Atlanta (Buckhead Mall). The controller felt "different" to me. I think it was the different angle you have to hold it at than the 360 ccontroller. It's the same layout I'm used to but the way it sits in my hands made it feel more like the way you would hold a ps3 controller.

Forza looked nice and I got my butt kicked in Killer Instinct (the controller feel was throwing me off). Crimson Dragon wasn't fun at all to me. It was a constant fight to move the reticule at enemies and to aim the dragon. I was really looking to that one too, oh well.
Slappy McGee  +   826d ago
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Lwhit6  +   826d ago
Why the hell would I want to try the Xbox One out.

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