Try the Xbox One Right Now at Microsoft Stores

Geron Roper from SpawnFirst reports: "75 Microsoft Stores across North America have received their playable demo units of the Xbox One console, just in time to try it before picking up your own. On show is Forza 5, the premier racing simulator for Microsoft consoles, and the next generation."

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DeadRabbits1473d ago (Edited 1473d ago )

Very risky if M$ is banning anyone touching an xbone at the moment!

kreate1472d ago

Yea. Since some users are saying any console is a beta console if its before the release date, I wonder if these demo consoles are also beta and u get banned for it?

MatrixxGT1473d ago

Least the best looking game is on there. I love forza but that one game just isn't outweighing the cons of x1 to me right now.

grimmweisse1473d ago

There are Microsoft stores?

eferreira1473d ago

good idea to keep the people busy while they're lining up for the zune lol jk

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