5 Games That Taught Me I'm A Psychopath

A walk through of the 5 bloodiest, madness induced games yet played. Along with features that make these games the gory gems that they are.

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Lord_Sloth1623d ago

I didn't need to game to tell me I was a psycho. I knew it all along!

Upbeat1623d ago

gta for sure, makes me want to knock people down when im out driving. USE YOUR INDICATOR !! T-BONED !

justSumDood1623d ago

Good read, funny stuff.

I love the nod to Destroy all humans (a franchise ive felt is long overdue for a next-gen sequel) and the comment "Alien life better hope i dont get a spaceship, because i go straight for the butt. Every time."

Referring to Gta "Anyone who turns on GTA becomes a one-man wrecking crew..."
My stepfather, 60 years of age, played a gta for the first time ever last month when i introduced him to gta5. Hes a car nut. First thing he did was grab a hummer to familiarize himself with the driving controls. Took him about 5 mins. He immidiately went on a killing spree (that made me pause at him in wonder), running down any unfortunate npc who happened across his path.
Frightening and hilarious at the same time because he was giggling like a schoolgirl, something i thought id never see from him =)