How Xbox One Will Reinvent the Living Room

Gamespot: Kinect, open my eyes.

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Dragonborn3121627d ago

Yes, in terms of what the article brings up. Did you read the article?

xHeavYx1627d ago

I read the article, and it seems it was written by MS PR department. They even use the words "Kinect" and "non-invasive" together

Lord_Sloth1627d ago

Pretty sure no matter what they do the living room will still be the same place it was before, just with a system I can turn off when my brother's playing it while I'm in the kitchen.

XB1_PS41626d ago


If there's an article that's too positive about Microsoft, it's PR?

Or is it just the manner that it's written?

I'm genuinely curious.

Pogmathoin1626d ago

Xheavy, so why do you bother coming on these articles? What do you expect to get from your 'I despise MS' comments that you basically say every single time, under the guise of a 'well though out' comment as you claim... Do you wake up in the morning do you think of MS? When you kiss someone, what is in your mind. Please tell me, for someone who has no interest in X1, why are you trolling every single MS article? Please share with all of us.... Thanks....

Lwhit61626d ago

I say no because I don't game in my living room. I game in my bedroom where I can go on lengthy hard core sessions. I don't have a TV subscription, so the pass-through is useless to me. I hate messing with Kinect and I hate controlling anything with Kinect. I also hate being connected to everything all the time. I don't want to Skype with people through Kinect and I don't want to have other people be constantly updated of what I'm doing while I game (as showcased in Microsofts new video).

I want to game. Sit in my chair, escape from the world, and game. Not all this crap Microsoft says I should do.

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Game-ur1627d ago

Gabe Newell said that nothing is more accurate and responsive than direct physical input and I agree with him.

Dragonborn3121627d ago (Edited 1627d ago )

The article focuses more on how the Xbox One allows you to seamlessly switch between gaming and entertainment apps then using the Kinect motion detector to go through the menus.

DeadRabbits1626d ago

Is M$ touting the xbone as camp interior designer now?

MysticStrummer1626d ago

"what Xbox One owners will get isn't available anywhere else."

Not true. There are already smart TVs that do what this article talks about.

Boody-Bandit1626d ago (Edited 1626d ago )

I have a few smart TV's and my newest one (Samsung) has motion and voice commands. I used those features all of about a few times. The only time I use them now is if a friend drops over that hasn't seen it yet.

Like with gaming nothing beats having buttons to input the action more accurately.

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MorePowerOfGreen1627d ago

Isn't there some news from the console you are getting to read somewhere? I should take folks tracking and trolling XB1 news word, over media praising it with video backing up what they say, seeing with my own eyes?

DigitalRaptor1627d ago (Edited 1627d ago )

I'm a bit wary of voice commands, based on the recent reports, but looks like the OS is silky smooth and I've got to commend them for that.

However, I don't see how a lesser focus on gaming is anything positive going forward, for this industry. We're seeing fans going crazy over the non-gaming aspects and supporting a console that wasn't designed with gaming as a priority. The Xbone was designed as a media box first and a game player second - Kinect and media focus did that. There's no truly deep focus on gaming for the Bone - It's not the core of the console, it's an offshoot, it's just one aspect they are sharing with TV and apps equally, which is quite disturbing if you think about it. Make no mistake, there was a reason MS came on stage with an overwhelming focus on a certain number of key aspects:

Never in my time as a gamer have I seen a fanbase deflect a company's lesser focus on gaming as of that somehow makes a stronger gaming platform. Never have I seen them deflect a company's intentional "broad entertainment" design over a console that was designed for gaming and gamers at its core, first and foremost. Sure, this thing looks innovative in areas of non-gaming, but if gamers are actually getting excited about this as a direction for gaming console, then there are simply no words.

I've always said Microsoft are breeding a different type of gamer by trying to own the living room, reaching a broader audience, and diluting the culture of a what makes a gaming console, and i think it still holds true even after these many months. I find it weird, how the thing Xbone is getting most praise for, is the aspect of the console that is not even related to gaming.

kewlkat0071626d ago (Edited 1626d ago )

Nice post and agree with your perception of what people may be praising (currently) about the Xbox One.

I think most that play games and have an interest in the Xbox One will get to see games in action from the media, stores, reviews and can make a purchase decision in due time, if they haven't done so already.

With all the leaks that are out these days and most of them(currently) have been about the UI integration and how the kinect functions, I mean it is a big part of Xbox One's future. To say that it is the most praise attraction of the Xbox One is a little misleading. The hardcore gamer by this point know what they are getting from the PS4 and Xbox One when it comes to games. The closer we come to launch, the more we are seeing what the Xbox One can do in real-time PR and leaks.

Everybody by now knows the Xbox name/brand has been pushed as a gaming console the last 10 years. Just because the Xbox One is being pushed to do more doesn't take anything away from that fact that it plays games. These days, why does it matter what you do first when you sit down in front of your tv? All in one entertainment box that offer Games,Movies, TV...etc

-A mobile telephone used to only make calls. Should manufacturers and technology companies never should of merge a telephone with mini-computer like capabilities with what we see/have as a smart phone these days?

-Should we have never put a HDD in a console or a Cablebox for DVR functions?

-Why should we have a separate box for everything?

Nothing wrong with merging the hardware as technology gets better. It is never a slam dunk as well but as long as you keep those interested in that box (whatever that may be) coming back for the same reasons they purchased it in the first place then it's worth the gamble.

Yes, I'm excited to say "Xbox On" when I come home and sit down on my couch. If I choose to game then I game if not, I'll just watch TV, or maybe skype..etc

christocolus1626d ago

another amazing article on kinect..nice

solidworm1626d ago

Might get one down the line to watch boring ass Tv programs and keep the ps4 for...GAMES.

meatnormous1626d ago

I work for directv and there has been Zero news when it comes to compatibility. You would think that being so close to launch, providers would know something. Friend over at time warner has no knowledge if its compatible as well with their stb. I do know if a customer hooks up a third party device to a directv receiver and screws it up, the customer will have to pay to get it fixed protection plan or not. Just keep that in mind.

mhunterjr1626d ago (Edited 1626d ago )

There is a video on the Verge that shows how to set the Xbox to control your STB. It asks you for your zip code, then lists all of the providers in your area. This list was in ABC order, and there were so many options that some were offscreen and needed to be scrolled to.

Anyway, Comcast, DirectTV, and Dish Network were all supported, along with several more obscure providers. You can be pretty confident TimeWarner was further down the list.. After all, compatibility isn't complicated, it's just using an IR signal, like a universal remote.

Here's the link

Also, there's no way an HDMI connection will screw up the receiver. Instead of going STB to TV, it's going STB to Xbox.

meatnormous1625d ago

You wouldn't believe the service calls we roll on though. I literally do 1 service call a week to change the input on the tv to the right input. Thats 50.00 for use to something that takes seconds to do. If there is a way to screw something up, people will find a way.

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