Why the Closure of Diablo III’s Auction House Will Be Its Saving Grace

CCC Says: "It’s safe to say that Diablo III had some big shoes to fill when it finally hit the scene last year. Twelve years after its release, there’s still a dedicated fan base mopping up showers of loot in the dungeons and swamps of Diablo II. For years, its many fans had been waiting for a sequel that would deliver on all fronts—a product boasting Blizzard’s usual polish and benefiting from the significant technological advances that these past many years have afforded. And Blizzard made good on those expectations… sort of."

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Lord_Sloth1657d ago

I'll never understand how other people getting good equipment without grinding for it effects my grinding/experience.

Erdrick1657d ago

drop rates are tied to different servers - so if a lot of people in your area are grinding or not grinding, it impacts your drop rates.

Lord_Sloth1657d ago

So if less people are grinding does it make the drop rates higher or lower?