Overlord Raising Hell: PS3 Edition Screenshots and Trailer

Overlord places you as the heir to the legacy of an Evil Overlord. In the vein of Dungeon Keeper and Evil Genius you get to play the part of the ruthless and evil Lord who crushes the world in his iron grip. Like Steve Jobs.

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Charlie26883859d ago

If you are a PS3 owner and had doubt about this game i've been playing it for a while now (360 version) and I highly recommend it its BRUTALLY fun! :D

sonarus3859d ago

i think i played the demo can't remember might be thinking of a different game.
Anyways seemed mega lame

Charlie26883859d ago (Edited 3859d ago )

one thing to consider is that the game looks goofy and at first it might feel awkward (I felt that way just by looking at the cover or the intro) but after a while the awkward goofiness changed to charm (and the gameplay became addictive)

the important thing to remember is that the game doest take itself very seriously and its filled with humorous references (mostly VERY black humor) and that if you are into RPG/RTS/Adventure you will like is also openworld for some people that might not know

legendkilla3859d ago

i thought it was pretty fun! i downloaded the demo for my 360.. is there any new features with the PS3 version?

Charlie26883858d ago

as far as we know the PS3 version will include all the downloadable content for the 360 plus some graphical improvements but no much else has been revealed or what the actual improvements are -_-

but anyway I recommend it :)

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Varsarus3859d ago

is this a port of the 360 version?

yesah3859d ago

why the fvck is it taking so long? i thought it was the 360s game+the DLC

Robearboy3858d ago

A good game and a welcomed addation to the ps3 catalogue

beavis4play3858d ago

this is the one game i wanted that was on 360. looking forward to picking it up, but i won't be getting it till i finish MGS4.

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