Xbox 360 sales up 68% for first quarter

Videogaming247 writes:

According to this AFP report, Microsoft's reported first quarter financials that show the company's Xbox division's sales have risen sharply year-on-year.

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sammy_mantra3885d ago (Edited 3885d ago )

sales have dropped compared to last year

MS sold 298k ,270k and 270k last JAN,FEB and MARCH in USA in 2007

They sold 230k, 259k and 265k this JAN,FEB and MARCH in 2008

so is there a rise??

That 19 million is the shipment figures

sales in eu is ----you know very well

so you do the math.

Has it risen or fallen

deeznuts3885d ago

Jeez, do these guys ever go to read the earnings report? Some of these bloggers/writers are so freaking dumb it baffles me. Or its easy for me to read this stuff (since I read financial reports for work). From MS' earnings

"Entertainment and Devices revenue for the quarter grew 68% over the comparable period last year driven by robust demand for Xbox 360 consoles. Cumulative console sales surpassed 19 million during the quarter, up 74% from a year ago. Server and Tools revenue growth of 18% added to its string of consecutive double-digit revenue growth quarters, which now stands at 23."

So, revenue for the whole department is up 68% from last year. This includes everything, not just the 360 console sales. E&D at MS is fairly large, including Zune etc. I believe. Too late and lazy to go look it up. Now, if you read the second part, it sales total cumulate sales have increased 74% from one year ago. which means they did not double their total worldwide sales from a year a go. They sold 74% of whatever they had this time last year.

deeznuts3885d ago

Ok, did some more digging. This is from their earnings report from last quarter:

"Microsoft rolled out new consumer focused offerings during the quarter such as Windows Home Server, new versions of the Zune media player and the next generation of Windows Live Online Services. Exiting the calendar year, the life to date sales of Xbox 360 consoles reached 17.7 million units, representing a 70% increase from the prior year."

With 17.7M last quarter, we can assume a couple things. First, they sold at least 1.3M, that would make it 19M. Second, we can assume they sold up to 2.3M units, that would make it 19.999999M. I am going further, I think if they went above 19.5 they would have said it like last quarter, instead of just saying "exceeded 19 million."

So I will assume it is closer to 19 million, but definitely above 19M and below 19.5 (closer to 19 for me). So I will go out on a limb and say, MS sold between 1.3M and 1.8M for the quarter.If they sold 1.9M, I would think they would have said "cumulative total lifetime sales exceeded 19.5M"

See how easy that was, took me 5 effing minutes. Lazy websites.

toughNAME3885d ago (Edited 3885d ago )

I got nothing...ugh this is why I never comment on sales articles

sonarus3885d ago

lol u still got a disagree just for tryin

Nevers3884d ago the time I was reading these. Oh wait I'm gonna disagree with myself cuz in the time it took to type this I'm sure you got one or two more "disagrees"

TrevorPhillips3885d ago

you think the sales will get any higher?

lalilulelo3885d ago

are you being sarcastic?


sammy_mantra3885d ago

MS sold 230k x360s in JAN

they sold 298K last JAN

MS sold 230k and 260k this FEB and MARCH in USA

they sold 290k and 270K last FEB and MARCH

Typical MS ..they are reporting their shipment figures

2/3million x360s are sitting on one likes/purchases them

BLaZiN PRopHeT3885d ago


How many accounts do you have?

the sales are up because they shipped more in the last 3 months of this year than they did last year.

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BIoodmask3885d ago (Edited 3885d ago )

The hardware has gotten cheaper and also the games library has increased = more hardware and software sold. The casual crowd most likely isn't willing to pay $350+ for a console.

PopEmUp3885d ago

prepared to pay a console that gonna flame your house right?

gEnKiE3885d ago

Didn't they have a shortage? How can they have an increase if apparently they've been selling less the last couple months?

BIoodmask3885d ago

You do realize there is a small chance that any electronic device can cause a fire, don't you? No more stove, toaster oven, etc. I guess we should all live in caves just to be safe.

And if you are referring to the faulty harware. I highly doubt the GPU coming dislodged from the CPU is grounds for a fire. Not to mention there are various appliances that get much hotter than a console.

Template3885d ago

It took until March of last year for retailers to sell through the massive stacks of unsold 360s that Microsoft stuffed the channels to make their silly PR bogus claim of '10 million sold'.

The fact that Microsoft is only able to claim a 68 percent rise from last year where they were effectively not shipping any new console to retailers for months...

BLaZiN PRopHeT3885d ago

they shipped 500k last years and 1.3 million this year. they lost over 300 million last year and made 89 million this year? so hows that a bad thing? oh yes they also had supply problems.

jaja14343885d ago

^^^ because some people can't help but hate something they don't own. *shrug*

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