Dead Rising 3's Co-op Is Ridiculously Fun Nonsense

A video showing Co-op in Dead rising 3.

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Dragonborn3121626d ago

Awesome! This is the game that I am most excited to play in terms of the games available at launch. It just looks like so much fun. All those zombies make me giddy haha.

BattleTorn1626d ago

Call me crazy, but I'm almost as excited for Ryse, as I am for DR3

Dragonborn3121626d ago

I am also very excited for Ryse. I got DR3, Ryse, F5, and AC4 pre-ordered :)

aCasualGamer1626d ago

F***k console war. Yeah, so what this game isn't 1080p 60fps. It looks great... and most importantly FUN! Something alot of games today lack. I'm glad atleast some games come out for nextgen with COOP enabled. Does it have splitscreen COOP aswell?

Don't get into console wars folks, it's just stupid. Pick whatever GAMES you like... and the choice of console is much easier than some blind loyalty to console companies.

Yes, we should expect graphical and visual update... that's a given. But the most important thing is to push for a machine with zero failure and zero glitches that can destroy the experience.

I would rather play a 480p 30FPS game if i knew the experience would be nextgen, over a 1080p 60FPS game that gave me the same experience as current gen. When people start thinking like this, we will understand how mindbogglingly stupid we've been in interpreting the new specs of the next gen consoles.

4Sh0w1626d ago (Edited 1626d ago )

Wow, haha X1 is killing it, great UI and some freakin cool ass games to start next gen. Seriously PR, drm, res, whatever but you'll notice where it really counts, the tangible things like great games, entertainment and a console that does a lot of useful things Xbox One is leading next gen.

JokesOnYou1626d ago (Edited 1626d ago )

Correct. DR3 is just one of the many reasons the X1 is looking like a great console to own at launch, but envy is a ugly emotion which is exactly why the haters look in the other direction, "its sooo big", "it didn't pass fcc", "it uses batteries", "spybox", "yield issues", "no games just tv", "why isn't every game 1080p like Knack" lol, "bu bu bu what if the servers go down", -yeah cause xbl goes down all the time, "OMG it needs a day 1 update", blah, blah, blah any direction other than the things that matter. X1 is out in the wild, look at how much Microsoft is CONFIDENTLY SHOWING OFF, great news everywhere about X1, but the jealous among us will only grandstand and try to find anything negative they can to complain about ask yourself why do they care about a console they themselves have said repeatedly they don't want? lol It's no coincidence its the SAME folks who hated 360 pretending to be non biased gamers here to help all us poor souls who don't know better. lmfao, their efforts are so transparent, while folks satisfied with their purchase see no need to troll the competition.

theoneb1626d ago

@jokes I have no clue how you have so many bubbles without your account being boosted. You complain about "haters" when people are just stating facts about MS and the Xbox One. You are without a doubt the king of jokes. Playing victim all the while stirring the pot with your "haters" comments.

Instead of acknowledging the facts you speak around them and pretend they don't exist. Adding more fuel to the fire because everyone isn't being paid to promote MS, which I hope you are, or so blindly loyal to a company providing an inferior yet more expensive product.

JokesOnYou1626d ago (Edited 1626d ago )

theoneb, classic "bubble comment" as if I care....said so many times now I gladly invite anyone who disagrees with me(sonyfanboys mostly) to downvote me and take them all, if I wake up tomorrow with 1 that would be enough and I'd NEVER complain, bubbles for me just encourage people to go off topic rather than give a valid response...they aren't money and I could care less about a n4g popularity contest. lol, my life isn't that empty that I need to count bubbles or worry about others bubble count. As for your opinion, I don't give a damm, what you think and I'm hardly a victim, never pretended to be and sure as hell don't ask for no sympathy. NO but what I will do is say whats on my mind and when X1 is trolled daily I don't hear cries from you preaching for calm. No its always when a xbox fans who are sick of the hate speaks up THEN Saints like you come out the woodwork but I'm not buying your freedom fighter status, I just think something I said struck a nerve.

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PraxxtorCruel1626d ago (Edited 1626d ago )

Mindless fun...I love it!!!

_QQ_1626d ago

Great for xboxone fans.

FPSRUSSIA1626d ago

Great co-op single player game i would buy it if i was getting xbox one.

andibandit1626d ago

i hope they remove that "your blabla must have her pills at 7oclock" that they had in dr2

Drewminati1626d ago

yea they removed it.. no time. repeat mission if needed

Studio-YaMi1626d ago (Edited 1626d ago )

They did !? and you can repeat the missions too ???

I so damn envy the people getting the XboxOne,this having Co-Op just sealed the deal for considering this game.

If my bro is getting the XboxOne,I'll be playing this game with him non-stop! :D

CrossingEden1626d ago

They removed it in the normal mode, but there's a classic mode that includes the timer.

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