Xbox One low-res gameplay video from EA for Need for Speed: Rivals

EA just shared a low-res video to showcase the Xbox One version of Need for Speed Rivals

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HelpfulGamer1775d ago

hmm...where's the resolution setting in the game options...

StifflerK1775d ago (Edited 1775d ago )

Here - this is a better video:

Kevin O'leary interview + X1 gameplay (watch from 2.10 onwards) - he says both X1 and PS4 versions are native 1080p - also says X1 version has visual parity with PC version.

Neonridr1775d ago

he didn't say that the X1 version has visual parity with the PC version, he said that the visual parity is "pretty much" there. Ultimately the PC version will look the best, but he's saying the X1 (and most likely the PS4) version looks pretty darn close.

Still a good thing, the game looks beautiful.

Idba1775d ago (Edited 1775d ago )

You've got it the wrong way around :)

And he says there is "some" parity with the PC version.

badkolo1775d ago (Edited 1775d ago )

actually hes correct, the original dev said one is more powerful then the other and is on par with pc high settings, and in this interview he uses the x1 to compare it to the pc, so x1 looks better . use ryse for example, put aside if you like the gameplay or not. bad gameplay has nothing to do with graphics, right now ryse looks better then any launch game for the ps4. which says what? that x1 is pushiong out visuals in their exclusives that look better then what we are seeing on the ps4.

cyhm31121775d ago

He said the PS4 version is on par with the PC version.

Baka-akaB1775d ago (Edited 1775d ago )

This is ridiculous the ps4 got KZ and the XB1 got Ryse . Both are from two remotely too different genres to compare and fanboys of each side will always boast superiority for either .

It's only launch anyway

limewax1775d ago (Edited 1775d ago )


All I see is you pushing more crap than microsofts PR team. Ryse may look good to you, to me it looks like uninspired drivel with a setting that doesn't take much power to pull off. Plenty of bland backgrounds and littered with last gen animations.

It's subjective and an opinion either way, but Ryse is not the best looking game since it is debateable.

However you try to spin it though this game will look better on PS4. It's more powerful, period. You guys have had this explained to you a million times and it also is an undeniable fact. One console is the most powerful by a wide margin and we all know which one it is. Stop trying to justify your purchase to everyone else with a load of bull and just enjoy your system.

Idba1775d ago

@badkolo He is at a XBONE event for fucks sake, what do you think he would say and they've alreadyu said the PS4 has got better visuals and ryse doesnt look better than Killzone or Infamous.

u got owned1775d ago

Guys let be honest if any version sis closer to PC is going to be PS4 version

badkolo1775d ago

in that video he says the x1 is on par with pc high settings, ending the debate of what the dev said last month that one is better then the other and will achieve pc parity, that video now proves that they were refering to the x1 all along. fun times

Destrania1775d ago (Edited 1775d ago )


Well said and I completely agree. People keep thinking the cut-scenes of Ryse match the real-time gameplay btw, and it is VERY obvious it doesn't. There's a lot of 'ehh' feeling to it in so many aspects. Animations, AI, textures, frame-rate, sluggishness, stale backgrounds, etc. I guess I don't see games through fanboy goggles like some other people do though.

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neocores1775d ago

Lol fanboy trying to make the xbone look good lol

DoubleM701775d ago

The video was about Rivals being on Xbox1. 1080p native, so is that a negative on this web site?

PFFT1775d ago

I always knew it was the XB1 to have visual parity with the PC. Shuhei must be feeling like a fool right about now.

classic191775d ago

lol ps4 in still the better version they said that weeks ago. ps4 was said to better looking then the pc version.

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Funantic11775d ago

The way the article title is worded it gives the impression that the game itself is in a lower resolution but it's just the video. The actual game is 1080p on Xbox One.

cyhm31121775d ago

haha, their attempt to hide the visual disparity between PS4 and xo by lowering the resolution of this video? Since when have you watched a official video from a gaming company in 480p? That way, you can't tell the difference. haha.

neogeo1775d ago (Edited 1775d ago )

Low res you say? Somebody say low res? hehe

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