Elias Toufexis Talks Deus Ex “It’s a Blessing and a Curse.”

Canadian Journalist Brian Sharon spoke with Elias Toufexis about the success, and challenges that came with his memorable performance as Adam Jensen in Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

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SaveFerris1685d ago

Elias Toufexis "I never asked for this".

BrianSharon1685d ago

That is hilarious! You are the second funniest person I've found on the internet. The title of the funniest belongs to someone who commented that "the cake is a lie" on a Portal forum. I was dying of laughter.

Pintheshadows1685d ago

Congratulations. Your sense of humour has withered and died. I shall send you a certificate so you will never forget this momentous day.

SeraphimBlade1685d ago

It's like memes get repeated by definition or something! (seriously though, this joke actually works in context, and the line is nowhere near cake levels)