Baixaki Games- Grand Theft Auto V Review

Durval Ramos writes:- GTA V is far from a perfect game, but it makes up for its flaws with mastery and causes any problems are forgotten before all else. Failures will exist, but, as the essence of the series, the secret is in knowing how to present the error and, above all, to learn to laugh about it. You throw open the wrong.

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ZBlacktt1689d ago

Submitted by Ezio2048.....again.

Game is SO not a 10.

FlunkinMonkey1689d ago (Edited 1689d ago )

85/100 max.. sometimes i really do think it's just 360 owners sucking it off because they've had so little to play for literally years.

O.V.E.R R.A.T.E.D.

With all this repetition of posting 10/10 and 100/100's, I would say someone is desperate for this to get GOTY *cough* Ezio2048 *cough*

Pintheshadows1689d ago

If you are using a percentage system no game EVER should get a perfect score. That is just ridiculous.

A2X_1689d ago

Not perfect but still a great game. A 9 imo.

ZBlacktt1689d ago

yes, most will agree with that. The single player is really good. The online was a mess and now just boring.

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